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Organo Gold Coffee Scam or not?

organo gold scam
organo gold scam

Organo gold is an MLM company started by Bernardo Chua. Although this company is based the U.S.A. the founder is not new to the Philippines.
Bernardo Chua teamed up with Shane Morand his co-founder and Holton Buggs their vice president, a veteran MLM executive and a black American. Possibly the reason why Organo Gold is popular mainly with the American Blacks. Another name worth mentioning is Josephine Roxas, the Philippines's Country manager of Oregano Gold.

The company exploits one of the worlds most consumed beverages and traded commodity which is coffee. They claim to make coffee healthy by adding Ganoderma (reishi mushroom) into the coffee mix. An ingredient that have been used for over a thousand years in traditional Chinese medicine. 

Compensation plan

Summarizing the compensation plan there are 7 ways to earn:

1. selling organo gold products to retail costumers and earn profits of up to 100%. Paid daily and/or weekly. 
2.  sell OG promotional product and earn immediately from $20-$150
3. build your downline one on the left and one on the right. potential earnings for you is $50,000. Paid weekly
4. Bonus from products ordered and re orders of your downlines 9 levels deep. Paid monthy
5. earn a percentage of the Unilevel Bonus earned by your Personally Sponsored Distributors, up to 4 levels deep. 
6. Become an OG Leader. You can earn additional bonuses as deep as four generations of qualified sapphire distributors and above.
7.The ultimate reward. qualify in sharing 3% of Total Worldwide Unilevel commissionable volume


As you can see from the summary, the compensation plan is very lucrative. And personally for me I would raise a red flag half way just because of that. 
But what really makes me give it a one full red flag are the numbers 3 to 7 in the compensation plan. Where would they get the money to generously compensate all those useless layers 4 to 9 levels deep? There is no other source I see, it would either be the costly fee paid to join or an overpriced product, and possibly both. Another thing that would make me think the products would be priced ridiculously high is the packaging they use. 
Although I am not really sure of this, I posted a picture below and its for you to decide if a substantial portion of the product price is paid for the package it comes with. 

To me it looks like it is a carton of an expensive bottle of wine. 

For a more detailed compensation plan 

If you did visit the detailed compensation plan in pdf file format, I don't want you to miss the Income disclosure written in a faded ink at the foot of pages 5 onwards. I do not know why this is written in a way that it could be ignored when it is one of the most important detail for people to consider when making a decision. But just in case you did miss that, here it is below, bold and clear

Income Disclosure: We estimate that, in Canada, the average plan participant
will earn between $200.00 and $300.00 per year.

Does $200 -$300  per year income still looks attractive to you? Well, this is the reality! The chances of you being successful and earn tens of thousands of dollars is only 2%, about 1 in every 48 people. This is worst than betting all you got on one of 38 numbers in an American Roulette casino game.


Company Issues

For a good background check of a company one must know all issues the company is facing. One of well known issues involving Organo Gold is the accusations of Jay Noland, a co-founder of Oregano Gold who got terminated from the company. Here is a list of his accusations: 
1) The Lawsuit 
2) Breach of Integrity 
3) Deceptive Trade Practices 
4) Lies and Back-Stabbing 
5) Multiple Business Centers owned by the People at the TOP 
6) How the company was put together
7) How some people are not getting their checks and/or products on time 
Interestingly alarming audio calls made by Jay Noland about these allegations are available for everyone to hear. Visit:( Also, a Class Action Lawsuit is planned to be launched by a group of cheated distributors against Organo Gold. If you are one of those victims you can contact the group in this email

Be it clear that these allegations are not yet proven so it will not be a basis of judgement against Organo Gold. However, I feel that the public has the right to know and that this will be an essential consideration for their decision if this company is right for them.

Why I think Organo Gold will fail in the Philippines

Filipinos love coffee like Americans do and it has been around in the Philippines for a long time. Saying that, there is a huge demand for coffee here, but so is the fierce competition.
Will Organo Gold stand out from the competition? Is ganoderma coffee mix unique to Organo Gold? My answer is a big NO, there is nothing unique to Organo coffee that other competitors do not have. I am proud to say my coffee brand is a lot better than organo gold.
Jimm's coffee better than organo gold
Jimm's coffee better than organo gold

This coffee brand is available in retail outlets and not involved in a MLM scheme. I would predict Organo gold products will be no match in terms of competitive price against Jimm's coffee.

Jimms coffee have more healthy herbs than organo gold
Jimms coffee have more healthy herbs than organo gold

 If Organo gold is advertising their coffee as healthy just because of Ganoderma addition, take a look at this picture on the right. See how many more herbs aside from Ganoderma are in Jimms coffee.

I hope I have shown you enough and hopefully it is clear to you why I believe organo gold products will not likely prosper here in the Philippines. If they argue that you are paying a huge extra just because of the business opportunity that comes with Organo gold then that could be another red flag and is a ground for considering Organo gold as a "product based pyramid scheme". A rule states that for a MLM company to legitimate the product must have a "fair market value".


The article above are my personal views and  is the product of my own research, critical thinking and common sense. I am also no expert in journalism or in any field. I am just an ordinary bloke expressing my own thoughts and opinions. Therefore this can not be used as a professional reference.

If you wish to add points, suggestions, agree or disagree with me your valuable comments below are very welcomed 

Is Organo Gold Coffee Scam or not?

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Tiens Tianshi Philippines Scam or not?

Tiens Tianshi Scam
Tiens Tianshi Scam

Tiens is a China based MLM company in the health an wellness industry. Their product ranges from health food, health care, beauty care and home care. It was founded in 1995 by Mr. Li Jinyuan in Tianjin China. Since then it was spreading like wild fire and now it is operating in a 100 plus countries worldwide including the Philippines. It has a very lucrative compensation plan (see: And as we know in Networking/MLM business model, the more lucrative it is, more of the primary income is coming from building your downline. This is where a MLM company is considered to be a "pyramid scheme" rather than a normal direct selling company.

Along with Tiens's exponential growth are increasing issues of fraud and complaints. They allegedly preyed on people that are poorly educated and in poverty. They know these kind of people are easily manipulated with empty promises and false hopes of becoming rich as what they did in Tibet. (see: ). In addition, Tiens are also raking in issues of bad business practice. An article by Elizabeth MacDonald of Fox news USA entitled Crouching Fraud, Hidden Problems told us that Tiens are involved in reverse mergers.
here is a quote from her article:

"The evil twin to SPACs are the companies that got a lease on life through a reverse merger. Chinese companies like Bodisen Biotech of Xi'an and Tiens Biotech Group USA of Tianjin.
Don t be fooled by their high falutin bio-tech sounding names. Bodisen actually manufactured fertilizer and pesticides, and was subsequently delisted. Tiens sold nutritional supplements. A company calling itself China Natural Gas was a pink sheet, Amex wannabe, but it wasn t a BP (BP: 42.46, -0.55, -1.28%) or an ExxonMobil (XOM: 91.33, -0.41, -0.45%): China Natural Gas ran nine gas stations in Xi'an".

With these kind of reputation I am not surprised that they did not penetrate USA and Canada and closed down their branches there. Now they concentrate more on third world countries where poverty is high and easy preys are abundant.

More observations

I got interested on the man behind all this. Mr. Li Jinyuan. I do not know him and I tried not to make an immediate impression based on the track record of his company and do more research about him. I thought the best way to get info about him is visit Tiens website. (see:
 Fortunately there are lots written material on the website praising him, but as much as they praise him I was disgusted. Starting from the first article about him I did not trust him, personally for me he is a straight-out liar. Here are few of my favorite proofs of his lie taken from Tiens Philippines website. It was the last two paragraph from the first article I saw about Li Jinyuan.

Tiens development is very much attributable to the unwavering support from the Chinese Government, its open policies, associations, friends, staff and especially Tiens’ business partners. Tiens’ journey of development is never without the 1. fulfillment of its social responsibility. Throughout its expansion, TIENS always live up to its principles of "contributing to society by restoring health to mankind." 2. It upholds the values of honesty and trustworthiness; being a responsible corporate citizen, it abides by the law, pays taxes and stimulates the economy, not forgetting contributions to charity, which amounts to more than RMB1.5 billion worldwide as of today.

When you hoist the sails to cross the sea, you will ride the winds and cleave the waves. With an outlook toward the future, TIENS will continue to serve global consumers with outstanding products and service, opportunities for education and career advancement, state-of-the-art business concepts, and improved quality of life. TIENS forms a broad international platform for anyone interested in its charitable causes. 3. I believe that everyone can enjoy a happy, harmonious, healthy and wealthy life.

1. I do not know what they mean by "social responsibility". Everybody knows from what really happened, It was "social destruction".
2. Again an outright lie, what happened in Tibet was the complete opposite.
3. If he is not delusional then he is a complete liar. NOT EVERYONE will make it in MLM, and especially not even the majority. In this type of recruiting business models, facts shows that on average only 2% will make money.

This is just some of the few things I saw in a two short paragraph. In that Tiens website there are more or less 5 pages full of writings about him. Even if it was a sore to the eye I endured reading all of it. I was amazed how could such man dared to claim all these when whats really happening around is the complete opposite.



The piece of writing above is a product of my research, opinions, critical thinking and common sense. However, human as we are, we are not perfect. Furthermore, I am no expert on journalism of any kind, I am just an average bloke. So this will not be used as a professional reference.

If you wish to share, correct, suggest, agree or disagree with me feel free put your valuable comments below.. :)

Is Tiens Tianshi Philippines Scam or not?

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Oriflame Scam or not?

oriflame scam
oriflame scam

Oriflame is an international cosmetics company with a MLM business model. It was founded in Sweden by two brothers and their friend in 1967. This is a big company with over 3.5 million consultants worldwide and with an annual sales of 1.5 billion euros. Oriflame's popularity is mainly in European countries where it started but they are exponentially growing in Asia and Latin Americas. Although they don't operate here in the Philippines for now, they are too big and hugely growing to be ignored. It will not be long for this hype to sweep over here.

Their compensation plan is not disclosed in public and can only be acquired by talking to one of their consultants. Not only that, there have been a lot of complaints in Oriflame India that some terms and conditions are deceitfully undisclosed. Specially on the part where you have to meet a required quota or else you need to pay a penalty. A lot of them felt they have been cheated by the company.
( see:

With Oriflame's niche and size it would be comparable to Mary Kay, but in an unbiased review wise, they are totally different. If you google the word "Oriflame" or even "Oriflame Scam", most of the reviews on the first page result are one sided, that is only promoting Oriflame or just made to support the advertising of their own marketing products like the one by Kelvin Augusta.

Since Oriflame is very good or shall we say can afford to hide their dirty tracks from public. Just read reviews from the similar company like Mary Kay. Then you can have a close similar picture of Oriflame.  (see: )

If you wish to share your knowledge and thoughts, ask a question, agree or disagree with me. Your valuable comments below are welcome.

Is Oriflame Scam or not?

Monday, 24 September 2012

Adszens, Adszensgold scam or not?

adszens scam
adszens scam

Adszens is a PTC (paid to click) website.
The company behind this is


Romela B. Nakamura (possibly a dummy)

Vice President:
Joebert D. Gayo (mastermind)


Office address:
4/F of Save More Pasay, Rotonda, Pasay City, Philippines.

There has been enough raging scam issues for Adszens and majority of those issues are more likely true.


Popular issues

 The most popular scam issue facing adszens is the outright lies on their claims to be affiliated with big companies like google, sulit, metro deal and even facebook. These shameless brand leeching is typical sign of a ponzi scheme, this brought them a good blow to their company like sulit shutting down all of their ads and even accounts of those people advertising adszens. Metro Deal have also denied their connection with adszense. And why would anybody believe they have tie up with Google? Google hates PTC websites, even the big guns of PTC like Clixsense and Neobux are aware of this and stays away from google adsense. They even warn members with adsense on their site that participating in their website violates google adsense's terms and conditions. Just visit their website and there it is, empty banners for sale explains everything.

Another bad issue of adszens is the delayed pay outs to their members. Rumors spread that money may not even be recovered as adszense is going down. In fact if you take time to brows the web its mostly their own members that are bad mouthing adszens. That is a clear indication of people not being happy with the company because of false hopes and empty promises sold to the them.


Other observations

This is a screen shot from adszens FAQ page

Notice that in the last question you can have as many account you can. How can they give unique quality traffic to their advertisers? This is the first PTC site I encountered to allow multiple accounts. It seems all they care about is how much money they will get from accounts sign up fees not quality traffic from their sponsors.
Another curios thing to see in this screen shot is the blank banners for sale. Is the look of a website sponsored by google? I bet their google adsense account are even suspended. And one more thing, the website doesn't look like its from a billion pesos company. Its not even worth 10 thousand pesos. Where is the self proclaimed billionaire Joebert D. Gayo? He started all the lies anyway so we can expect he is not really a billionaire and is now planning an escape route. 


Please read the advise from SEC below

Saturday, 22 September 2012

EPX Body scam or not?

EPX body is a new MLM/Networking company lunched just March this year. Founded by Dan Putnam in Utah USA and now they are here in the Philippines. They have a range of health and wellness products that specializes on weight loss. Namely, EPXbody burn, EPXbody cardio, EPXbody restore, EPXbody nourish, EPXbody detox and EPXbody enhance. At the time of this writing the main product available here in the Philippine is the EPXBody Restore.

Compensation Plan

I would assume that the compensation plan format is the same for the US and Philippines. The only difference is the currency used. If you are from the US or from any other country then this pdf link is for you and if you are from the Philippines you will be more familiar to this link

As I see it, their compensation plan has no much different with a usual MLM/Networking company so it will be redundant if I will discuss more of it.

What I Like

The thing that I like with EPXBody is that they have a strong products. Studies shows that they are effective (see adaptogen). They are even featured in the famous Dr. Oz show. In addition, this is newly launched, and with MLM/Networking, the earlier you join the greater the chances of you making money.

Some questions

There are some things I am not sure and I doubt about EPXBody. First is about their founder Dan Putnam. he is also the President and co founder of another MLM company Xooma Worldwide launched in 2005. That company is still in business today and ironically it also sells health related product in competition with EPXBody. If this is a bad sign or not I don't know but I can not help myself to be curios, why did he launched another company with the same niche? Why not make EPXBody an extension of Xooma? And why is Xooma not openly linked to EPXBody?

It is a common tendency for MLM companies for their products to be overpriced. I don't have a product catalog of EPXBody so I can not possibly give a say if it is overpriced or not, its up to you people to closely watch over it. Another thing to consider is how needed is this product to lose weight? If loosing weight is your reason for joining then this might be a good consideration for you. If you have the money then I think this is nice little boost for you to achieve your ideal weight. However, please remember that this is not a substitute for proper diet and exercise, EPXBody is designed to WORK WITH diet and exercise. So with it alone, it is good as nothing. If you don't have the money then there is nothing wrong if you stick with proper diet and exercise alone.

Their products comes in spray containers that they promote the new mediation route of oral spray. They argue that intra-oral sprays are better than any other medication route as shown in their graph below:
questionable graph of medication route absorption rates
questionable graph of medication route absorption rates

I am sorry to say but this is contrary to what I have learned studying Pharmacology in collage. To make it simple for everyone the principle goes like this. The longer pathway the medication has to travel to the bloodstream the lower the absorption rates. The basic routes are Parenteral, Enteral and Topical, from fastest to slowest in that order.

Parenteral= A route that is directly absorbed or placed into the blood stream, has almost immediate adsorption and effect a a includes subcutaneous and intamuscular injections, the fastest type is IV(intravenous) injection.

Enteral= A medication administration via oral mucosa and gastrointestinal tract. includes oral pills, oral liquids, sublingual and rectal suppositories. The fastest of which is  sublingual as it is directly absorbed by the high capillary network under your tongue into circulation, some even consider sublingual a parenteral route.

Topical=applied to the skin includes creams, ointments and trans-dermal patch

From the knowledge I have and by critical thinking, EPXBody oral spray is classified under enteral route and clearly it is not sublibgual as it is a different entity shown in the graph. Therefore, for me it must be oral and ingested, absorbed by lower GI tract and it is far from what they claim to be better than any other medication route. The only sense I see it is absorbed rapidly is the fact that it is a spray, its surface area is maximized therefore increases rate of absorption. Another logical reason I thought of is that maybe its spray mist can be inhaled and traveled directly into the lungs where they are absorbed into the blood stream. But from the pictures, it looks like they are only finger powered sprays. These kind of sprays do not create mists as fine as those of pressured canister inhalants/puffs like salbutamol for asthmatic patients. I do not know if EPXBody sprays is pressurized or not but if it isn't then the droplets may be too big to be air like that can be absorbed in the lungs. It probably will be too big and heavy to be mixed with your saliva and you can even taste it, then goes down to you lower GI tract to be absorbed.



These article is purely my thoughts and opinions. I am no expert of any field and the facts presented here is a product of my knowledge, common sense and critical thinking. If you don't believe me it is perfectly normal, you are free to do your own research and I even advice you to do so as it is a good practice of due diligence.
Here are some reliable sites worthy of reading in relation to this topic.

If you wish to agree or disagree with me your valuable comments below is more than welcome.. :)

Is EPX Body scam or not?

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The OPN, Sitetalk unaico, iTel global group scam or not?

opn scam
opn scam

OPN Ltd got my attention as it gains popularity here in the Philippines. I visited their site  and read the articles in it. They first discussed about how web 2.0 and social marketing is important and trending nowadays. They also present themselves that they are into social media business. But not only that, what intrigues me is that they are also an MLM company. Although they do not directly used the term MLM or Networking they made mention of business opportunity and direct selling. I researched more about this and I found out they are linked to sitetalk unaico and iTel global group. These connections are heavily bombarded with negative attacks in the web. Some the sites I found are  and this blog discussed in details the companies and persons behind them. Also, I personally don't like that they compare themselves with facebook and attempts to surpass its success. They are nothing like facebook, they are a MLM company while facebook is a pure social media website that is a far more powerful tool than them for growing your business and is most importantly FREE.

While it is true that they are growing exponentially they are mostly targeting developing countries like Bangladesh and India. It makes me think they are avoiding established cyber laws from 1st world countries because they know they will break it. Another thing is I think that poor people in these developing countries are easy prey when the promise of easy money and get rich quick are the bait.

This article is purely my opinion and views if you wish to agree or disagree with me you are very welcome to comment below.. :)

 Is The OPN, Sitetalk unaico, iTel global group scam or not?

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Mary Kay Cosmetics scam or not?

mary kay scam
mary kay scam

This company is privately owned and founded by Mary Kay Ash in 1963 in Texas USA. Mary Kay is one of the largest MLM company in the world operating in many countries including the Philippines. Unfortunately, this company already have left a trail of bad experiences from previous members. Failure rate is as high as 99%. Accusations of misleading recruiting techniques includes deceiving potential recruits of good possibility to earn six figure earnings wherein the facts told us that only 300 out of 600,000 distributors earn that kind of income, that is only a tiny 0.05%. Also in August 2012 issue of Harper's magazine it is branded as a "pyramid scheme".

Despite many bad issues and critics like, Mary Kay is still existing and is continually growing. But why?

Is Mary Kay Cosmetics scam or not?

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Talk Fusion scam or not?

talk fusion scam
talk fusion scam
Surfing the net I came by this website called talk fusion. They are into some kind of video communication products. I was so amazed by it that I explored the website a bit more. I found out their best product is video emailing. Its new to me and it made me very curios. Ive never received or send a video via email before. 
 To get more details I usually go to the FAQ page and this is what I saw:

 This is a screen shot of what I saw in their FAQ page, It describes how their video email works.

I did not expect to see this, they advertise it like its so amazing that it is one of a kind never before existed innovation. I was so disappointed! This is far from what I thought, I expect to watch a video in the emails inbox itself!
I am not a computer geek but how is this different if I did a screen shot of my youtube video, with a play icon on it so it looks like its a real video, and with some HTML trick, I will put hyperlink in that picture linking to my  video, then email it? Recipients will then click on the photo that looks like a video then they will be re directed to my youtube video. Same effect achieved but it did not cost me anything. Correct me if I am wrong but that is how I understand the description. And I think their advertising is a deceit. Alluring people to pay hundreds of dollars when it can be done free.

Then I wondered to myself, why is this product/service overpriced?
Until I found this:
That link leads to a pdf file about their compensation plan.
I said to myself. Aha! that is why...
Its the usual MLM/Networking model of business. The signs and symptoms are there. Browse through the pdf file and you can see luxury cars and luxury vacation to Hawaii. Typical strategy of how MLM attracts people.

I am not a perfect being, I may be wrong and I don't want to play smart or expert so I need some feedback from you.

Is Talk Fusion scam or not?

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Nature's True Cure MLM Company Scam or Not?

Another new company just launched this year 2012. Its not easy finding details about this company. Their website is not well functioning as of the moment. You are stuck in a log in form and all links leads the same page. Maybe you need to log in first for it to function I don't know and its not possible for me to do that. However, I do find this blog  its mainly promotional and I am not sure if it is the official blog of the company. It looks like it is owned by one of their distributors in Cebu City. I managed to get some details from it though like their head office address (Unit 4-F1 4th Floor, 8101 Pearl Plaza, Pearl Drive Ortigas CBD Pasig City 1605, Philippines), products and a detailed compensation plan.


Moringa Exceed- powdered leaves of Malunggay tree (Moringa Oleifera)

Turmeric Exceed- components not enumerated, it claims it is beneficial for many health conditions from Alzheimer disease to cancer.

 Exceed plus- a blend of powdered Turmeric and Moringa leaves in one capsule.

Performaxx- a herbal Viagra for men. Ingredients are Horny Goat Weed, Tongkat Ali, Yellow Vine, Moringa Oleifera (Malunggay leaves) and Bioperin.

My Secret - is the Performaxx equivalent for women. 

 Compensation plan

With this compensation plan, the money mainly flows by recruiting members and only a tiny amount can be earned by selling products. This company is still a newcomer in this kind of business and still few details are known. 

If you have more knowledge about this company I will be valuable if you share it in the comments area. 

And also, your view on this question.

Is Nature's True Cure MLM Company Scam or Not?

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Richter Phil Global scam or not?

Not many of you maybe familiar with this MLM company because they are very new. Its called
Richter Phil Global. 

Company's History

They started with a clinic named Richter Alternative Clinic (RAC) it was established on 14 May 1994 in General Santos City, Philippines with a single proprietorship. They offer outpatient services using alternative modalities such as Hydrotherapy (Colonics), Iris Analysis, Herbs and Food supplements.

In 1998, they  expand their branch in Davao City, A Major City in Mindanao Philippines. By the year 2000, their branches can now be found in Visayas area specifically in Cebu City and in Luzon, Metro Manila.
In the year 2001they claim to be practicing holistic and scientific approaches to treatment. They now use the aid of standard medical laboratory test such as MRI and CT scan. However, They still use alternative controversial exam and monitoring like Live Blood Analysis and Iris Analysis.
And just this year 2012 they lunch the company Richter Phil Global.

Products and services

These are photos taken from one of their advertisement:

check points:
-I have second thoughts with this therapy, if they remove the bad bacteria are they going to retain the good ones? I'm not sure if its good to mess up the normal intestinal flora.
-they talk of these bacterias causing cancer, respiratory illness, headaches, high blood pressure, abdominal pains and digestive problems. what bacterias are these and are these serious claims supported by research?

 check points:
-in steam bath what is catarrh of th upper respiratory tract?
-I agree! vitamin C is an immune system booster but are you sure it is better given intravenously? do any approved research supports that vitamin C cleanses and detoxifies the blood?
-biotens therapy have long been used as pain management but it is not AN ALL AROUND EXTERMINATION OF PAIN.. from what I know its is used only as a form of distraction from pain. it distracts you from your feeling of pain by delivering tiny tingling zaps which feels good rather than concentrating on your pain. In addition, I don't know any study that says it recharges the body and increase your resistance against fatigue and diseases. 

check point:
-what is that bacteria that destroy good blood cells and damage organs? I also don't think electricity chooses what to destroy and its only bacteria. for me its just like heat/fire kills bacteria, but not only that any living thing with high intensity of it they are dead.
- in the description, biozapper helps eliminate destructive bacteria by use of electric current then why is it especially effective for the likes of asthma and allergy? these are generally not bacterial.

 check point:
- I really doubt all this claims they have with their products. this should be regulated by some government body and produce some paperwork proving this claims before publishing it to the public.

-Iris analysis is a controversial way to diagnose a disease. real doctors do not use this.
-Coffee Enema??? Is that what I think it is??? coffee into your asshole??? 

Compensation Plan

This article about their compensation plan was from their sulit ad post: 

With an enrollment fee of Php1,880.00 to this new mlm, not only you'll have access to Richter's Health and Wellness program and products, but you will also get to earn while taking care of your health from the various earning ways the company has designed for you.
As an enrolled member, you are entitled to receive. . .  .
1.   Direct Selling Income - 15 to 25% on all products and services
2.   Referral Bonus - you are to get Php300 pesos on your direct referrals
3.   Motivator Bonus - you are to get Php200 pesos on the people you motivate
Note for #2 and #3, You can get both the Referral and Motivator bonus (Php500 per pay in) if the person who pays in was referred by you and at the same time, it is you explained to him/her how the business works.
4.   Entry Uni-Level - aside from the bonuses mentioned above, you will also receive Php50 for every person who joined your network down to your 7th generation.  For example, you recruited 3 persons under you, and they did the same down to your seventh level, your Entry Uni-Level computation will look like this;
First level - 3 x 50 = 150
Second level - 3 x 3 = 9 x 50 = 450
Third level - 9 x 3 = 27 x 50 = 1,350
Fourth level - 27 x 3 = 81 x 50 = 4,050
Fifth level - 81 x 3 = 243 x 50 = 12,150
Sixth level - 243 x 3 = 729 x 50 = 36,450
Seventh level - 729 x 3 = 2187 x 50 = 109,350
That's a whopping Php163,950 for you one time just by sponsoring 3 people under your network. Just imagine if you will do this on a 5, 7 or 9 duplication model.  You do the math!!!
5.   Global Fund - for every enrollment, Richter allots Php50.00 for global fund.  This will be distributed among the enrollees who gets to sponsor at least 4 people in any given month.  If you sponsor 4 people, you are entitled to one share, 8 gets 2 shares and 12 sponsorships gets 3 shares.  There is no limit here, sponsor as many people as you want and get more shares.  A fraction of 4 sponsorship doesn't count though.
Global Fund Example -  Global Fund for the Month Php5,000,000.00
Number of Qualifiers - 100 Distributors
Php5,000,000.00/100 = Php50,000.00/share
6.   Personal Rebates - every time you make a  purchase, a point will be credited to your name.  All points accumulated by your members down to infinity, will also be reflected in your account.  The bigger and more active your group is, the faster you can reach the position waiting for you.  And the beauty about the system, no points will be lost, there is a chance that you will be pushed up (if your downlines are more active than you are), there is no time limit to accumulate your points.
Vacant Positions with the respective rebates;
Distributor - 15%
Gold - 25%
Ruby - 30%
Platinum - 36%
Diamond - 40%
Once you have 3 gold distributors under your name, you will be promoted to Ruby, 7 golds will make you a platinum and 9 gold will promote you to Diamond.

7.   Overriding Commission - this type of income I believe is very basic among networkers.  Higher minus lower rebate from all of your first level downlines.
8.  Leadership Bonus - in other companies, once your downline/s catches you on the same position, you're just gonna have to live with that.  But with Richter, we have something called Leadership Bonus.  Once your downline catches your position, you will get 0% overriding commission yes, but you will be entitled to a leadership bonus of 5% for all your first generation that catches you on the same level, 4% on the second generation, 3% on the third, 2% on your fourth and 1% on your fifth gen.
9.   Monthly Uni-Level Income - every purchase made by anyone under your network, an amount shall be credited to your account.    For example, if all of your downlines down to the seventh generation of your network, you shall be credited php25 for all the said transactions.  Computation shall be as follows;
First level - 3 x 25= 75
Second level - 3 x 3 = 9 x 250 = 225
Third level - 9 x 3 = 27 x 25 = 675
Fourth level - 27 x 3 = 81 x 25 = 2025
Fifth level - 81 x 3 = 243 x 25 = 6,075
Sixth level - 243 x 3 = 729 x 25 = 18,225
Seventh level - 729 x 3 = 2187 x 25 = 54,675
That's a whopping Php81,975 for you monthly as long as there is product movement and just by sponsoring 3 people under your network. Just imagine if you will do this on a 5, 7 or 9 duplication model.  You do the math!!!
10. Performance Bonus - this bonus starts at the Ruby position and will entitle the achiever a 2% additional income for a job well done.
11. Car and Travel Fund - again starts a the Ruby position, 2% will be given to Ruby, Platinum and Diamond position holders that they could spend for car and travel.  Since you will receive cash, there is no limitation as to where will you use the money, be it in your children's education, a new house or just another asset vehicle.
12.  Profit Sharing - this earning starts on the Platinum position.  The Platinum distributor is entitled to a 1.5% share while the Diamond level is rightful for a 3% share.
All of these are real, no scam no hype!!!  You can doubt all you want of course, but doubting will not make your life better.  If it would, then I rest my case and put my hands down but that is not the case.  It is working for your goal, focusing on what you are to do and putting effort on things.  No get rich quick scheme here, just pure business opportunity.

We invite you to join us on business orientation meeting every weeknights.  You'll also get the opportunity to taste the products that we offer and decide if it is good or what.

A business kit of Php3,888.00 is also available.  It comes with a different set of products and 500 personal point value making you a distributor the moment you sign up!!!  How good is that?

Did you notice something?
It is only in number 1 that they mention of direct selling the rest up to number 12 its all about referral, recruiting and positions. red flags should be raised by now..

 If this is a scam this is serious.. not only you will be financially sick there is a great possibilities you will be seriously ill..

I need your feed back now

Is Richter Phil Global scam or not?


Monday, 10 September 2012

Neucopia scam or not?

Neucopia scam
Neucopia scam

Neucopia a new mlm/networking company. This company is very similar to Network marketing vt (see mt other post ). Other similar website is empower network.. These site offers marketing training for a fee and they don't come cheap. You have to pay $100 joining fee plus a monthly fee of $49.95 for basic level membership and $169.95 for premium membership. They also offer 100% commission and so it translates they don't have real market value to their product. Its just all about recruiting.

What do you think of this?

Is Neucopia scam or not?

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Quantum scalar energy by Fusion Excel International Scam or not?

Quantum scalar energy by Fusion Excel International Scam or not
Quantum scalar energy by Fusion Excel International Scam or not?

If you have been or participated by product demos of this quantum scalar energy pendant, bracelet and other accessories you will either be skeptical, convinced its just a drama and a hoax or be amazed with the effects. If you turned skeptical or immediately believed its a scam its a normal human instinct following your gut feelings. However if your amazed there is still that same instinct working, after you are astonished you must have asked yourself why, how did that happened?

Are these products the real thing? I don't know, possible explanations of this are order effect and placebo effect.

In the demos, you are first tested without the pendant or wristband and only have you wear it in the second attempt. Order effect says that your mind and body now knows what to expect and is better ready to the test. This in turn create better performance than the first test.

Placebo effect is the psychological effect you get when you are given something you believe that can heal you. This should not be taken lightly, even doctors use this sometimes in the form of water injection or empty capsules producing dramatic results. This are also not limited to medications, the key factor here is your belief. With these quantum pendants or wristbands when strongly believed, its not far placebo effect takes place.

 With the present science and technology we have today Quantum scalar energy claims are easily dismissed as a fraud. It is impossible for people behind Quantum scalar energy to produce scientific evidence and proof. However, I am open minded and will not immediately jump into conclusions. Who knows, maybe in the future they can have the science and technology to create a solid evidence that these are really effective.To be fair, lets say the battle whether this is effective or not is not yet over but for now its more likely not.

My concern now is that why are these unproven products now distributed and used by people? In addition to that, it is distributed via the controversial MLM business model. It is also very pricey and many of its claims and testimonials can be misleading and deceptive doing more harm to people than good.

What do you think?

Is Quantum scalar energy by Fusion Excel International Scam or not?

Friday, 7 September 2012

Green Barley Grass Philippines by Healthwealth International Corporation Scam or Not?

Green Barley Grass Philippines by Healthwealth International Corporation Scam or Not
Green Barley Grass Philippines by Healthwealth International Corporation Scam or Not

Green Barley Grass Philippines by Healthwealth International Corporation Scam or Not 2
Green Barley Grass Philippines by Healthwealth International Corporation Scam or Not 2

Green Barley is the most popular product by Healthwealth International Corporation owned by
Joseph V. Espiritu (see's produced from organic green barley grass with no added preservatives. It is distributed via direct selling and by personal sites using the pyramid like MLM / networking business model. To be a dealer you have to purchase at least 1 box of green barley containing 28 bottles. It will cost you 5,995 php + shipping if you are in Manila area and 6,370php+ shipping if you live outside NCR. As a dealer there are only four ways to earn that are disclosed.
  1. Direct Sales Income of PhP 1705 or PhP2030 for every box, Manila or provinces, respectively. For overseas, add up the shipping fee.
  2. Sales Commission of PhP500 every time you buy or sell 1box
  3. Override Commission of PhP1000 for every pair of boxes. PhP 200,000 max every month per head
  4. Repeat Order Commission
 Other compensation plans was not discussed like the commission you can get for your downline and the downline matrix structure they are using.

This product is classified as dietary supplements, therefore it is illegal for them to claim any cures from illness.
 However, upon scanning different testimonials all over the internet, red flags raised. They are playing a very thin line into using green barley as a treatment. Some involved serious diseases like cancer, and having effects within minutes from taking the food supplement.

A similar product called barley green is questioned on its effectiveness and caused some problems with FDA.
(see.. and

Questions need ansewring now!

Is  Green Barley Grass by Healthwealth International Corporation Scam or Not?

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Usana health sciences, Scam or Not?

Usana health sciences Scam or Not
Usana health sciences, Scam or Not?

USANA was founded in 1992 in Utah USA, Selling nutritional and skin care products. Their products are distributed via direct selling and is using the pyramid like Multi Level Marketing business model. Products are obtainable by their registered distributor called associates.
In 2010 they have expanded to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, UK, Netherlands, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico and the Philippines. During this time 90% of their products are bought by their associates and only 10% was from their preferred costumer. They have more or less 222,000 associates and 68,000 customers. Usana's associates earn by the products they directly sell as well as commissions from the sales of distributors they recruit referred to as their downline. Usana also has this compensation plan that awards points for sales volume. These points when they reached a certain amount in a weeks time will be converted to cash commissions, if the points do not reached the required number it will be accumulated in the following week. However, to be eligible to this, the associate will have to maintain a purchase minimum of 100 volume of products (worth $110-$130) every four weeks. If they fail to do so their points will be lost.

Majority of the associates didn't get rich. Only those 2.31% top of the pyramid makes an average income of $857,865 annually. These facts are contradicting to the mission statement of usana ;
To develop and provide the highest quality, science-based health products, distributed internationally through network marketing, creating a rewarding financial opportunity for our Independent Associates, shareholders, and employees.

Is Usana health sciences, Scam or Not?

Amway, Scam or Not?

Amway Scam or Not
Amway, Scam or Not

Amway is the oldest existing MLM company. They have been in business since 1959 in the United States. Now they are operating in more or less 100 countries worldwide. At present they have millions of distributors worldwide most of them from India and Thailand. Their products are mostly in health and wellness industry, best selling is the vitamins supplement called Nutrilite. I expect most of the people already knew about Amway so there is not much I can discuss. I will just go straight to the point here.

If networking or MLM companies don't last long why is Amway still in business today? 
Surely many people have made money on this but how many didn't?

Is Amway, Scam or Not?

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Betterware and Kleeneze UK, Scam or not?

kleeneze scam or not
kleeneze scam or not

betterware scam or not
betterware scam or not

I've received a facebook message from a friend residing in the UK. I've lived in England for around 3 years so I am familiar with betterware and kleeneze catalogue that sometimes come posted in  newspapers They sell almost anything; from household, beauty, garden, health to decorations. I didn't mind it and even bother opening it ever. I don't even have the idea they are a networking company. But in my friends place the situation is different. He receives these betterware and kleeneze catalogue everyday. My friend told me there must be 4 or 5 distributors in his neighborhood of each company. After these distributors dropped their betterware and kleeneze catalogue in his post they came back to check on him if he ordered something or just asked for their catalogue back so my friend will have keep all those redundant catalogue and wait if someone will pick them. In my case before I am always at work so I seldom encounter one of them but my friend is a computer programmer so he use to be working at home and have to deal with them almost everyday. This has become a headache for him. Another thing that he discovered is that their products are overpriced compared to similar products available at stores.

The question now here is why do these companies allow to have saturated distributors in one place? Do they really care about the members able to sell their products or they just want their membership fee? The products are over priced, now it is understood that the distributors must earn something but is it really the case? Or is it because those useless layers/levels above the distributors have their comissions as well?

Are Betterware and Kleeneze UK becoming a Scam or not?

Tuesday, 4 September 2012 a.k.a. Paradigm shift by Globalone llc Scam or not? a.k.a. Paradigm shift by Globalone llc Scam or not? a.k.a. Paradigm shift by Globalone llc Scam or not?

The website a.k.a. Paradigm shift by Globalone llc claims to be the the first and only one of its kind social marketing profit sharing in the world. Members earn by the company sharing their profits to members. They get paid every six days and less for the upgraded members called founders. Founders position has a limited slot and will cost you $23. Their system boast 100% of their members earn money even without sponsoring someone however you are encouraged to spread the word and it pays big.

The system is very good and I actually can not find any fault. However, upon signing up you have to use their e-wallet system and this is where red flags raised. The fees are ridiculously high and if you don't like them you can not easily back out. In the registration with the e-wallet you have to agree with their fees, terms and conditions before you can go further. So please read the terms and conditions most importantly the small prints, don't just check the box and proceed.

This new site may be a new breakthrough in network marketing but has some red flags with its payment system.

Now questions came up. Will the earnings cover up the fees  in their e-wallet system? If it does will members be having significant earnings left?

People want to know, is a.k.a. Paradigm shift by Globalone llc Scam or not?

Sunday, 2 September 2012, Herbalife, Awise Scam or Not?

herbalife scam or not
herbalife scam or not

Herbalife has a big name in MLM companies and is one of the biggest and oldest.
 However, It has many critics due to its product claims and even law suites from its products link to liver problems. In addition to that it uses MLM model of distribution which is highly unpopular. Its main office is in California USA and its products are on weight management, nutritional supplement and personal care. The efficacy of herbalife products on weight loss can be seen on

Here in the Philippines I suspect it is hiding its name using this url The website does not work without the /username. It ensures you have to be under somebody of their members. Three of those I found are abbot (, solutions ( and
alpha ( When you register through this urls you will be abbot's, solutions's or alpha's downline. In this website you only have an intro video about work from home not disclosing the company behind and a form to fill up your personal details. I registered just to try and find out, after registration they sent me a link to my email it was another video about wellness industry still not mentioning the company behind. All you can do now is wait for a text to an appointment to this
Awise 2nd floor, Villa bldg, Jupiter St. Makati ave, Makati City.

 Although herbalife is subject to many criticisms they have been around since 1980 and is registered in NYSE.

But why do they have, Awise as a cover? If they are a good company why do they need such deceptive tactics?

 What do you think?

 Is, Awise, Herbalife Scam or Not?

Text Cash Network, Scam or Not?

Text  Cash Network, Scam or Not?
Text  Cash Network, Scam or Not?

There is a new type of MLM utilizing text message advertising. They claim to be the likes of the multi million dollar company's Groupon and living social. You need to give up your phone number and agree to to receive 5 advertising text a day. In addition if you refer people get them to give up their phone numbers you earn from them. To register as a referral agent is free but there is an optional upgrade to become VIP member. Its main lucrative offer is that you go up in the pyramid until you reach the first upgraded member and become its downline leaving all free members below you. If those free members below you upgrade after you then they up until they will be directly under you and the same cycle goes on after.

Now my inquiry is that can they really deliver what they promised? Text Cash Network is a new company just launching, they operate in 142 different countries, it means 142 different markets and promised to deliver 5 text ads a day. Now lets compare it to the already established Billion dollar company Groupon. It operates in only 44 different countries and sends 1 offer per day. One offer a day is only what this big company's  pool of advertisers can support. How can a new company Text Cash Network Surpassing Groupon 5x over basing to what they promise to deliver?

I did sign up just to experience it first hand as it cost nothing anyway.. But I can not say anything yet as of now. For those who wants to try you need to sign up through a referral link so here use mine:

One note though, I only encourage you to sign up to try and experience it first hand so you may write a good comment on this post with your experience. I discourage you to upgrade or spend any money however I can not stop you from doing so. If you do I am not responsible and do it in your own risk.

People needs to know, will this be the next multi billion dollar company that will topple down Groupon?

Or is Text  Cash Network a big Scam?