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Network Marketing VT / Getpaiddollardaily by Vince Lopez, Scam or Not

Getpaiddollardaily by Vince Lopez, Scam or Not
Getpaiddollardaily by Vince Lopez, Scam or Not
network marketing vt scam or not
network marketing vt scam or not

 Have you ever encountered the ad of Vince Lopez? Pictures and text says, but all of the links in this ad leads to, so then it confused me what is the real company behind this internet based earning opportunity. As the ad shows the investment needed is $118.45 or 4,998 php. What is not clear to me is the product, so I read the whole ad and from what I understood it is the training itself for you to become a good network marketer is the product/service. I cannot comment on whether this has real market value but as the ad presents your first 3 qualifying sales goes to your upline the rest would be yours, a 100% commission. It seems there is no value of the product or training service its just pure membership fee.

I chose to be neutral on this and give the verdict to you people.. you decide, express your opinion in comments.

 From what the sulit ad shows Vince Lopez is a very successful man and his facebook link and contacts is in there, but what is more important is the ethical side of your success.
And with him, this i do not know..

so what do you think? Is Network Marketing VT / Get paid dollar daily by Vince Lopez, Scam or Not?


  1. Mahirap to, online kasi.. walang opisina dito sa pinas.. papano kung scam sino kakasuhan mo? wala din product malamang ndi legit.. ang laki naman ng 5k para sa training lang? one on one ba yan? email ka lang or ebooks or webinars.. naku, mkkuha mo yan ng libre.. mag tsaga ka lang mag google..

  2. This is purely scam. The products are rip off. Plus the owner has no specific address or head office but they only showed their parent office in their website. I joined & saw the products sus ginoo mga outdated at yung iba wala kwenta... for 100$ joining fee plus $20 admin fee per month? not worth it. Makikita mo rin kaya ang products nila sa web, free pa.

    Their wake up calls are ok but only limited to their own country

    Yes they are earning thru the comp plan but it is a struggle dahil hindi open ito sa mga pinoy.

    Si Vince Lopez? kaduda duda mga screen shots niya lalo na yung sa western... hindi highlighted ang name sa receipt. Meron naman siya iba proofs of payments pero yung iba halatang fake.

    The best crap in his ad "tao mismo lalapit sayo"
    baka sa kanya lang kasi Pioneer siya. Pero sa iba, hindi ito
    totoo. Dami na nag quit sa NMVT na yan, hindi lang ako.

    1. I totally agree with you..

  3. SCAM to those people with wrong mind set.

    SCAM to those people who are not willing to learn.

    SCAM to those who joined and DID not make ACTION.

    Maling mali kasi ang mentality ng mga sumasali. Ask yourself first these:

    Do you have a definitive life plan/goal?
    did you attend training, and implement it. ?
    did you make action, ?

    Most program online will be scam but NMVT is still around attracting 2% of the market with right mind set.

    NMVT is great company. Training are provided by the TOP notch earner in the internet marketing industry.

    SUMALI ako sa NMVT and they have great community, they teach ONLY what works. Kasi nga they invite TOP earners in Internet Marketing industry to exposed their strategies.

    They have the best lead generation program webinar training and performance coaching. The owner Jason Jason Spurlock is very passionate to help the industry, a person with integrity.

    This is a long term business -- you will make fortune if you make it right. This is not a get quick rich program.

  4. scam because they let people pay ridiculously high fees with crappy products, its because the money was payed to the one who recruited you. I saw it, $98 goes to the one who referred me! now tell me! where is the value of the product? Its worth nothing! you are just paying the one who recruited you 100% of the money!! that is why it is so crappy!

  5. how come the product is crappy? it was chosen by the founder who made fortune in online marketing industry.

    probably they joined and did not find value of the products. or did not even used it. And in the very first place, why did you join then if you think its a crappy. Just admit that you joined with wrong mind set.

    Aside from products you are paying for the best training of online marketing. They invite top leaders in industry to talk whats work for them.

    I can sense that those who talk trash here are those who are not making action, not attending webinars, and trainings. Those who are just wait-and-see. LOL! If you want to achieve success, you must willing to learn new things. Go out to your comfort zone and be bolder!

    Again, this is not a get quick rich program. BUT it you make it right, you will earn fortune here.

    We help those who failed in their online business and those tired of scammed in their programs.

    Latest update: The products are now FREE for 14-day trial as long as you activate your account with credit card. Now, our goal is $5,000 to $10,000 monthly residual income in the coming months! This is gonna be big and we are changing the game.

    We got NMVT Mastercard provided by the company. This just show that this biz is super legit. Getting a merchant powered by Payoneer is very strict and you need to submit government requirements.

    In order to be successful, surround yourself with successful people and duplicate their success.

    1. Ok, Your company is legal no problem on that..

      now, tell me honestly, how many are successful and how many failed?

      you make it sound that peoples success is guaranteed with your brilliant products and great tutors..

      but tell me the truth, how many percent of the members are successful?

    2. To honesty:

      "Great minds talk about ideas, small minds talk about people."

      :) many will call this a scam o nga scam to, kung iisipin mo na scam to. :)
      ask and you shall recieve :) nasa sayu yan. :)

    3. Pwedeng hinde ito scam pero pyramiding ito.
      kumikita ka lang sa pag recruit. Pag wala kang ma recruit wala kang earnigs. Pyramiding yun right? tama ba yun?

    4. Ponzi Ang tinutukoy Mo, may legal Na Ponzi at Meron ding illegal Na ponzi. Isa sa example ng legal Na Ponzi scheme ay Ang SSS...Ang totoong network marketing company ay may totoong produkto at Serbisyo...a Channel of distribution Na kungsaan Hinde lang mga artists at quad media Ang kikita ng Malaki. Sa N/M kahit ordinating manggagawa, kahit walang pinag-aralan O Natapos.... PWEDE...para sa lahat... Ang pyramid Na sinasabi Mo ay hierarchy sa traditional business model at ibat iba pang Organisation...

  6. I am one of those who failed!
    you want the truth? Not even 1 out of ten got rich..its like one out of 100! that is the truth! duplicate their success? hahaha...
    you have to contribute to their success!
    that is the whole truth!!

  7. This is not a get quick rich program, guys. I joined because of the trainings. Been failed in several programs. I do it myself BUT no success at all.

    But what NMVT provide is top-notch quality training.

    The objective is: you learn and make action. You avoid doing failures in the past.

    If your goal is to earn immediately, this is not for you. But if you are willing to learn and make it right this time achieving massive income, then join the company.

    1. yes, ultimately you become expert at recruiting people and the only way you earn is by recruiting.

      we all know that system. its called pyramiding, you may brag about how good your trainings are and how people got rich but it does not change the fact that it is a pyramiding scheme.
      it is unethical, immoral and illegal..

      can you show any legality paper of NMVT(Network Marketing VT)???? I bet not..

  8. Having a NMVT Mastercard debit card to receive your commission is SUPER legit stature of the company. Before getting a merchant, government requires everything about this. NO question about legalities. This card is powered by a company who provide commissions for O-desk, Visalus and other big companies. There is strict process to go through and NMVT passed all that.

    Again, more importantly the value you can get from the training. The way they transformed you as a person and apply in your own main company whether its an MLM, Real-state, or any business you are in... Commission are just a bonus.

    If you're goal is just to make money; this is not for you.

    1. having a debit card is far from being a proof of legality. If it is true that they have to pass all those strict test then how come they can not provide a single document for it? it should be very easy for them to do that.
      unless they really is dodgy. There are a lot of online scammers that is also using big companies like Paypal, alertpay, western union, gcash and smart money.
      so you see, it is a poor proof of legality.

    2. I want to add something.

      the last statement saying

      "If your goal is just to make money; this is not for you"

      this is a complete lie, Ive actually seen their ads its all about money, money, money.

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  10. Enough said.... Look around you, the only people that are getting rich are the people on top of the chain. Don't be stupid and put your hard earned money into this scam.

  11. Hehehhe sabog na ang aim sa mundo


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