Sunday, 9 June 2013

Top list of recruiting scheme companies claiming to be legitimate direct selling, networking or MLM in the Philippines

These recruiting schemes are now budding everywhere in the Philippines. That is why I decided to do my part in uprooting this very bad weed in our society. I hope to create an awareness to my fellow Filipino people about this scheme.

Let me discuss clearly and in a very simple way I can what is direct selling, networking or MLM and a recruiting scheme. These terms are often used or mixed up by the bad guys to hide the illegal scheme that they set for you.
Direct Selling is simply a person to person selling, full stop. So it does not only cover those dealers in a MLM company who sells their product directly to the buyer without a physical store. It also can be a "taho" or "ballot" vendor or a person selling his old stuff in ebay or sulit. Therefore MLM or networking is only a kind of direct selling not the same with it.
Multi Level Marketing or Networking is simply a model of distribution. Not just of money or cashflow but rather of the product and services that gives value to money. The people on this legal business model earn mainly by selling. Not just selling any product but quality products that have fair market value.

Recruiting scheme on the other hand has no product or if they have, it is overpriced and people do not really need or want them. They earn mainly by recruiting, adding heads or downlines below them. By the time you were invited by one of their meetings or seminars they will talk about recruiting people rather than about the product. They will ask you for your dreams in life and promise you the riches in a short time through their scheme. They will excite your desire for money and luxurious lifestyle by showing off their cheques, expensive cars and properties. The whole workings on a recruiting scheme company are plagued with lies and deception. The reality is, only the owner and very few people on top of the pyramid makes money. This model is highly unstable and is actually illegal. Unfortunately here in the Philippines, bureaucracy reigns, and as a result, laws applicable on these ponzi schemes are dulled.

But it does not mean we tolerate it, It does not mean we can not do anything, It does not mean we allow it to flourish. It does not mean we do not fight back!

Top list of Recruiting Scheme Companies

This is in no particular order.

1. Frontrow
2. Jinga Juice
3. UNO
4. Vita Plus
5. All monolines
6. Royale Business Club
7. Aim Global
8. V mobile
9. Organo Gold
10. The Filipino Dream (TFD)
11. 1 Bro
12. goldlife
13. teleprenuer
14. MMobile
16. SWA ( supreme wealth alliance )
17. MPO ( My Protect Online )
18. UP world
19. technowise 360

This list can go on forever and Im up for it.. :)
Any comments, suggestions, violent reactions and request to add on the list are welcomed below..