Friday, 30 November 2012

Todaysnet Online Marketing Scam or Not?

todaysnet scam or not
todaysnet scam or not

A newly launched company caught my attention. They call themselves TODAYS NET ONLINE MARKETING CO. I still don't have the names of the owners of this company as they are not readily available. This could be a RED FLAG. However, I have a strong belief that the name that appears on their mayors permit is the owner. Mr or Ms. RV Calamaya, who's name also appears as a registrant name in domain name, their official website.  Unfortunately, that is all we can get, a name initial and a family name, not a very good sign.

Office address:
Unit-A, 2nd Floor 167 RCB Square (RPLACE) Casamilan Commercial Building, Commonwealth Extension, Greater Lagro, Novaliches Quezon City
Official website: WWW.TODAYSNET.BIZ
Investment needed to join: 200php




If you notice those red circles. Those are the signs in my opinion makes this a dodgy company. Fist, all we can get from the owners info is only name initials and a family name. Second this permit is only valid until the end of this year, which is only a month from now. And lastly they only have one employee which I think is almost impossible to operate this kind of business. Or, this business permit is inaccurate.


Still the same red flag I found in its mayors permit. It is only valid until a month from now.

For me if you are going to build a serious business, at least register your domain for three years. The domain www. will expire in September next year. This is not a very good sign. 

Compensation Plan

I do not have much to discuss about their compensation plan. Its pretty simple and straightforward, There are only 3 ways to earn.

1. Direct Referral
2. 3-Pass UP
3. Force Matrix

I don't think I would need to expand more, Its plain and simple, its all about RECRUITING.
And do I have to say what kind of business this is? For those who want to hear it, Yes! For me it is called a PYRAMIDING SCHEME.

The first time I encountered this company I thought this would be another variation of adszense and todayadz but I was wrong. I realized that Todaysnet (200php) was more like in the middle of Supreme Wealth Alliance (2,500php) and Gold Club 50 (50php). All of them, are for me, a Pyramid Scheme, they all are just about recruiting and having ebooks as a sort of product. But what is the value of ebooks? For sure there are those that are high quality that is worth your money but there are also a lot of them that you can get for FREE. The question now is, what kind of ebooks does this dodgy websites have? Are they that premium? Or you can just get them for free?

They argue that they are valued because of master resell rights but what happens to a master resell rights bought over and over? will there still be value for that? Lets take for example Supreme Wealth Alliance and their library of ebooks with master resell rights. No one can stop a member to download all those ebooks in the library and distribute it in the internet in an exchange for an email or even totally free.

It seems to me they are exploiting this new ebook technology because they know many of us are still ignorant of the facts behind this new innovation.

I can't help but remember an old funny story about poor parents living in the mountains that can not even read and write, selling their Carabaos and parcels of agricultural lands because their children studying in the city are asking money, for their school projects called Verb, Noun, Night Out, Iphone and Ipad.

We all laugh at those poor ignorant parents but this time, with these websites and their ebooks we should be laughing at ourselves. This time the joke is on us. It is now up to you if you will be like those poor parents, be fooled and give the money or choose to be clever and wise and never let anyone put a dung over your head.


The article above is purely my opinion as a result of my own research, critical thinking and common sense. This may never be considered as an accusation.

If you want to share your own opinions, agree or disagree with me, your valuable comments are highly appreciated below. :)  

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Quadrow/Quad Business Venture Scam or Not?

A new MLM/Networking still in pre-launch. Expected Launch date will be this coming December,2012. General Manager and CEO: Mr. Justine Angeles. This is a new company not yet launched so is the details, however, I did try to present the best I can do.

The fee you pay to join is 1,500Php, with this you will get the following.

1 Quadrow prefume, 1 Quadrow lotion, 1 Quadrow gluthation soap, 1pc Load central activation card, 10k accidental death insurance, Travel and tour referral benefit, Personalized business website, social networking site and product and company portfolio site, 30% discount on all Quadrow line Product, Marketing Materials.

According to them this package is worth 11,500php, Ten times the price you pay. (1,500php)

The question now is, are they truthful about it? Lets see. 
I can not evaluate all that is in the package because some of it requires trying it but there are some that we all are familiar. The rest? It will be your assignment, your due diligence.. :)

>Quadrow perfume, lotion and soap. To find the worth of this product you need to compare it to an existing similar product in the market.

>Load Central Activation card, I do not know how much is one but then it is very easy to find out, another of your assignment. :) 

>10k accidental death insurance. Still easy to research, I will leave it to you

>Travel and Tour referral benefit, This is free, I tried it already in a form of discount but I believe some are in the form of money. I have a friend that is a van for hire driver that makes money out of this and he told me anyone can.

>Personalized business website, social networking site and product and company portfolio site. This is questionable, does this mean you have your own domain name, Personalized website and Hosting? If not then most probably you are just given a subdomain of Quadrow, and I also doubt they are being truthful saying they are giving you personalized website. I would probably bet its just templates. If that it the case then Facebook, wix, weebly is way a lot better and totally free compared to quadrow.

>30% discount on all Quadrow line Product. I think this refers to the perfume, lotion and soap.

I hope you did you assignments so that now with this guide you will know if their claim that this package is worth 11,500php is true or a big lie.

Compensation Plan

I would assume everybody are familiar about earning by selling and the controversial earning by recruiting. In networking so I will not anymore discuss on it. What I am exited about is this Click and share Product that they have. 

Here is how it works: 

Upon being a member you will have a referral link. This link is directed to quadrow website and is uniquely assigned to you so that they can identify you being the source of the visitor. Every visitor you bring to quadrow is worth 1php all you have to do is promote that link so people will click on it. 
But wait! dont overdo it, they will only pay you for the first 25 visitors. That is the maximum per day. I know you are disappointed but that is not all the surprise, It is only good for 1 month and for click and share to continue for another month you need to a level below you which is at least two people. With each month you go down a level also doubling the number of recruits required to continue.

For me this is much worse than the previous alleged pyramiding MLMs namely adzense and todayadz.
In these previous Networking companies people are paid by their own clicks. So they are much in control, they can go complete their clicking per day in under 15 min. In Quadrow the opposite happens you only promote the links and will be hoping people will click it. You are not in control, this could take much of your time a day completing the 25 visits. In my opinion this is an unfair system, they are using the members to promote their company and deceiving them that they are compensated when in fact they are just paying them of their own money, and worst, not even all o it. The work they do to get the  maximum amount of 750php is everyday for 30 days without fail. Not even an ROI for their 1,500php investment. 


The article above are purely my thoughts and opinions, a product of my own research, critical thinking and common sense. I am not a professional in any field so this writing may not be treated as such. If you wish to add a point, suggest an edit, agree or disagree with me your valuable comments below are welcome.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Shopping Sherlock Scam or not?

shopping sherlock scam or not
shopping sherlock scam or not

This is said to be based in the US. The company behind this is called "Best In U". Their office is located in Santa Monica California. This is a web app that helps you find the best deals online. It will be installed in your web browser like chrome, firefox or safari and every time you search for something you want to buy in the internet it will help you find the lowest price possible for that item. A very brilliant and handy app to have right? Well if you want to be a distributor you have to pay $249. Still interested?
You may ask why!!???
Look at Yahoo, Facebook, Google they have top of the line technologies but they are free to use.. Why is  shopping sherlock costing  you money???
I think I have the answer. Those internet giants with far more powerful free technology, products and services are not engaged in Networking or Multi Level Marketing (MLM). They got money their money from advertisers and they advertise them to us when we use their free technologies.

How about Shopping Sherlock?

I will be frank on this, for me, this really smells fishy. Instead of advertisers, they got most of their money from us users. I don't think Shopping Sherlock will have any value that people should pay premium for its use. Shopping Sherlock is far more inferior compared to those free to use technologies provided by established internet companies.
In my opinion, the reason why it will cost you money is because shopping sherlock is engaged in MLM/Networking. Part of the money you pay will be the commission of the one who introduce Shopping Sherlock to you. In addition, you also have to pay the commissions of those useless layers of uplines going up the pyramid.
For me I consider shopping sherlock a pyramiding scheme. I can not see value of service for this web app compared to for example the free to use Google shopping, there is no compelling reason for people to buy this and you earn mainly by recruitment.

These reasons are enough to convince me that Shopping Sherlock is a Pyramiding Scheme and possibly a Scam.

If you want to have the best deals online Google shopping is better. I tested it myself, see the video below:


As you can see in the video everything is made very convenient for shopping sherlock, It was set in USA shops setting and it was tasked to search a very common product (Ipod touch), yet it failed. How much more if it was in other countries? how will it do for uncommon products?  
Why did they already expand to the Philippines? Although it is growing, we still do not hugely buy online, we even do not have Amazon here.
Is it because they are only interested in getting money out us? Am I right to say that Shopping sherlock is a pyramiding scheme? 


The article above are purely my thoughts and opinions, a product of my own research, critical thinking and common sense. I am not a professional in any field so this writing may not be treated as such. If you wish to add a point, suggest an edit, agree or disagree with me your valuable comments below are welcome.

Friday, 9 November 2012

1Bro Global Scam or not?

1bro scam or not
1bro scam or not

1Bro Global is a new company said to be launched last October 12, 2012. Owned by Mr. Rico D. Lorredo.
Products are Loading Business, Online Ticketing Business, Express Bills Payment, Money Remittance, Insurance and 1BRO Privilege Card.

Office address: Unit 619, 6th Floor Mega Plaza Bldg. ADB Avenue Corner Garnet Rd., Ortigas Center Pasig City, Philippines 1605


For their legalities see the pic below.

 This is the best I can get. I do not know if there are readable versions available. It seems they just want us to know that they have them but they do not want us to see and read to investigate.

Compensation Plan

If you want to join you have to pay 3,988php.

There are six ways to earn.

1. DIRECT SELLING OF LOADS - Earn 25% commission incentive on all network.

2. UNLIMITTED RETAILER SIGN UP - Retailers Registration is P200 and load up to 400 Prepaid Products.

3.RETAILER OVERRIDE BONUS -  Dealers Override Comission of up to 2% from unlimited number of retailers!

4.  DIRECT REFERRAL -  Dealer can refer anyone to become a Dealer and earn P500 when they join.
   Ex. 5 Dealers x P500 = P2,500

5.PAIRING BONUS -  Your team is divided into two groups (Teams A and B). You earn P500 per pair in your team.

Earn 10% - from the total income of your Direct Referrals.
 This 6 ways of earning together makes a very lucrative business. The next questions would be, 

1. What are the chances that people can be successful in this system? Remember that compensation plans are only a presentation of its maximum potential, only a possibility, and never to be considered a guarantee. In my opinion this is only good for experienced networkers, It does not have like a feature to help the weaker ones, like a spill over feature to place downlines to the weaker marketer. This will be very bad for starters and the inexperienced.  

2.As I see it, I think this violates DSAP 4rth rule:
"Is there no direct correlation between the number of recruits and compensation?" 
It is important to check if a company pass all those 8 check points published by the DSAP. It is for the public to determine if the company is a pyramiding scheme or not. 

This company is a new one and so its stability is not yet proven. Also, there is only little known about the owner Mr. Rico D. Lorredo. It is important that for us to check the backgrounds of the people behind a company that we are about to join. This will help us to avoid being scammed. 


The article above is purely composed of questions and opinions based on my own research, critical thinking and common sense. If you wish to add a point, suggest an edit, agree or disagree with me, your valuable comments is welcomed below.. :) 

Is this a legitimate MLM/Networking or a recruitment based pyramiding scheme? Read my other post and you decide..