Thursday, 17 January 2013


If you notice the title its not the usual scam or not question. This is because the company involve is a clear notorious predator of innocent job seekers. Although this company is already well known for its grave deception of people looking for employment and a lot of bad reviews are already found online. I want to contribute to the exposure of Infiniteam Enterprise.

Company Details:

Division of MyAds International Link Corporation, was established last 3rd of June 2010.
Headed by Mr. Ronniefer Castillejo, as the Managing Director and Atty. Hans Bullos as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The main objective of the company is to give every people a chance to build financially independent among their family. The allied partners of the company are Oriental Assurance Corp., F.C. Multi Service, F.C. Plans, Maxceemum Corp. Fil Docs, Fortune Life and A.A. International.

There are already many site you can read how their modus operandi works.

Visit this facebook page:

One of the best story I found about Infiniteam Enterprise was from an insider named Angel.
Here it is below:

hi i'm angel and i am also a concerned citizen.. i just went to infiniteam office this afternoon.. because i received an sms for an interview at their office and i have observed that there is something fishy going on with their company.. because their office is full of young people.. like teenagers or high school students.. at first i thought that they were also applicants but then.. they are the ones who entertained me at their office.. and where would you find a legitimate office that has an interviewer who wears sunglasses during an interview..? and so, as a result.. i researched about them on the net and found out that they are really a SCAM company. They have been previously known as Optima Futurance Consultants Inc. and have also been featured on tv as a SCAM. They still have the same address.. with same modus.. but with different company name and they are asking 390 pesos for the licensing and id fee after an orientation.. so dont be fooled and always beware..!

Visit the fb page below for more info..

Read more to know how they really work....


Location: 4th Floor Room 419 AIC Burgundy Empire Tower and City and Land Mega Plaza bldg. unit UG24 ADB Avenue Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Pasig, Philippines

About: Optima Futurance Consultants Inc. part of First Country Group of Fraud Companies

Description: Optima Futurance Consultants Inc. is an insurance company with questionable business practices. Our main activities are spamming job sites like AyosDito, Jobstreet, GoPinoy, etc. with fake job ads to entice jobseekers. OFC is HIRING EVERYDAY, we want lots of aspiring applicants that PAY.

Our office in Burgundy building is pathetic and without a single computer or appliance. We also have one in City and Mega Land Plaze which is a little better but sadly cramped.

Feel free to visit with your friends! We LOVE taking advantage of unemployed people!

Please read this news article about one of our former companies:


- HR staff


- ACCOUNT Supervisor

- ACCOUNT Manager

- ACCOUNT Executive


- DATA Encoder

All positions are in name only, your only duties are to sit in the office all day and convince applicants to pay and join the GREAT FRAUD PYRAMID. It's an endless chain of recruitment and scams!

Our dubious legalities include:

SEC - CS201011190

BLP - Serial Number 6818

TIN - 007-820-033

OFC's Organization Structure:

Chairman: Atty. Hans Paolo Bulos

President: Bernard M. Reyes

Managing Director: Vincent Cajili

Senior Branch Manager: Melody Vergara

OIC: Jasper Cruz/Leatrice Ramos

Account Managers: Rico Vilyones/Chesca Fanjalan

Vincent Cajili may be related to Wilson Cajili stated here:


1. Visit one of our offices and bring a resume.

2. Pass our idiotic exam.

3. Pass our initial interview wherein you are guaranteed to pass regardless of what you say or answer, as long as you avoid asking about the salary.

4. Pass the final interview, you will be told to go to an orientation the next day and to pay 350.00 pesos for the following (an ID, a module and manual, and a company-liable insurance which supposedly pays 50,000 php for accidental injury or death, and a 500/day income replacement)

5. Return to the office the next day and submit an envelope containing one NBI/Police clearance and the 350.00 pesos fee, you will NOT be given a receipt.

6. Attend the orientation.

7. After the orientation you will be told about the company SOP. Everyone is required to submit one(1) closed sale from a referral... meaning you will have to SELL one of their products with the cheapest being an insurance slip worth 1,100.00 pesos(It doesn't matter if you sell to a family member or provide the money YOURSELF).

8. You will be told that position slots are limited and you will be able to sign the contract with the company if you finish the SOP stated above... In addition, you will be offered a HIGHER position if you manage to sell TWO(2) of the company's products.

9. Submit the sale and sign the job contract with the company stating that there is NO REGULAR SALARY, you only get paid on commissions based on how many unfortunate applicants YOU manage to persuade to pay fees.

Congratulations! You're part of the company!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Empower Network Philippines Scam or Not?

Empower Network (E.N.) has been highly criticized and it wont be a surprise why. This is one of those MLM selling trainings how to be good at recruiting people to pay the fee. That is where the cash flow is from, by the peoples fee. There is just no value for that! It clearly is a PYRAMID SCHEME. Ive come across this company a year earlier in my scam busting hobby, but I did not mind it. Until recently I found out its slowly creeping into my beloved country the Philippines. Probably most American online and bloggers community have had a bad taste from EN by now. Probably that's why they creep into other countries that have abundant innocent preys. I am only a small unpopular blogger compared to David and his 50,000 growing minions, but I wont just die without fighting. Not in the Philippines David Wood!

We already have enough problems here, I will not just let you infect us with your parasitic scheme. Just look what stain Empower Network did to the blogosphere? Haven't you notice all those spamming, deceit and degradation of blogging industry in courtesy of your underlings? Do you actually believe people will be successful bloggers with just money in mind?  Blogging is more than that cheap reason you want to instill to everyone that breathes. Making money online is awesome and very possible but its not as simple as you advertised it, as if even a dog can do it.

Let the spam begin

Everybody knows what have become to the majority of E.N. members and what they resort into just to have some sign ups. How do I know? Just try and type Empower Network's URL on facebook and see what happens. This is a clear indication of the kind of business practice most EN members do online. Thanks to David Wood and his "bad ass" blogging platform.

Here in the Philippines, we have The most visited/primary classified ads. Empower Network is now showing his dreaded spamming symptom in this website. I did a screenshot of website rules and regulations and the doings of EN members here in the Philippines.

 This picture above is a screenshot of websites ad posting rules

These two pictures above are Sulit accounts having two or more advertisements about Empower Network  violating Sulit's rules and regulations. (Duplicate ads / ad spamming)

A search result showing two advertisements on the same category created by one person.

Its really a big shame what happen when people join Empower Network. I could not completely blame them, most of them are innocent souls corrupted by the hype. I believe in positive thinking and being inspired, but not to the point of leaving reality, and as always, ethics and morality should be maintained.

I would like to mention two well respected professional bloggers that I came by researching about Empower Network. Unlike me they have established their name in the blogosphere. I admire both of you +Mavis Nong and +Paul Drecksler. In spite of the expected hoards of hate from EN members, you choose to be honest and expose all those hype, deceit, spam and other bad business practice of Empower Network.