Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Adgoggle scam or not?

Again another fantastic opportunity given by the admin (miss teddybear69) to write a review on her blog. Today I am going to review adgoggle. A mobile app that will be launching this 31st of December 2012. Adgoggle focuses on mobile advertising as their niche. They predicted that this will be the next big thing since the internet is becoming more and more handy with the advent of smart phones. Even the giant social media websites like twitter and facebook have mobile apps that is becoming more and more popular among the users.

Why do you want to be a part of this?

1.You want to make money
Yes, you will make money, adgoggle shares its advertising revenue to its audience, (you). Grow your network and give more viewers to adgoggles advertisers and you will be rewarded handsomely

2.This has a huge potential.
Who doesn't want to be part of something big? Furthermore, who doesn't want to be the pioneers of something big? The time to join is now. Be the first among your friends. In adgoggle, you are only allowed to have one account and every individual can only have one referral. If your friend already has an account that was referred by others then there is nothing you can do about it. The perfect time is now, if you wait for this to grow big then you might find it hard to build your network and lose the chance to earn big.

3. Totally free to join
Yes, Just like the promise of facebook. "this is free and always will be", so what have you got to loose?

How adgoggle works?

Watch the video below

Adgoggle is the real deal, there are lots websites out there claiming to be advertising companies sharing their profits to their members but in reality they ask you for a fee to join, and requires you to recruit more to continue earning. Building a pyramid scheme to grow the members in which they exploit, get money from, advertise and they get paid by the advertisers. The admin warned me of those companies, in fact you can see them in her other posts. I am proud to say the adgoggle is not like those programs, It is completely free to join, and free to earn, that is because the money truly comes from advertisers.

How much can I realistically earn with Adgoggle?

Click the logo visit the website

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Text2Cash Scam or Not?

text2cash scam or not
text2cash scam or not

Text2Cash Corporation is said to be the first in the Philippines to use text messaging for advertising. This company is still in pre launch state as of now ( 12/16/2012). Official website: www.mytext2cash.com
The corporation behind this is called Newgen Marketing.

Pay Plan

To join you have to pay 988 Php

Upon joining you are to receive 10 advertisement in your cellphone via text message. Nobody likes to be advertised but you are paid 20 Php so that is not so bad. Until you realize that is all you get, 200 Php return for 1k investment. And in order to be advertised more and get paid you need to recruit! This is where it begins to stink! First 5 recruits you get 5 Valued ad text, 6th-10th you get 7 Valued ad and only after 11th onwards that they will give you 10 Valued ad text.

When you subscribed to them you agree to receive 5-15 ad text (text advertising), The problem is there are two kinds of ad text, first is valued ad text which is worth 20 Php, but you need to reply with the script provided. and the second kind is free ad text which is worthless. This again for me is another abuse of an innocent subscriber not knowing what they are getting into. What if it did took you a long time to recruit someone? Or you are a weak recruiter? Or you decided to quit? They probably will flood your cellphone inbox with annoying worthless advertisement just because you agreed with the terms and condition. Furthermore, even with the Valued text ad you still need to reply the script provided and I doubt if they will shoulder the cost for the reply message. For me its a TRAP!! Don't fall for it!

 These kind of systems are making a fool of people which I highly go against. They basically are building a pyramid scheme to grow a member base that ridiculously pays them to be advertised, and they keep 100% of the advertisers money! Poor ignorant people thought that the money is coming from advertisers as what text2cash wants them to believe. But wise individuals will know that the money they will be paying you comes from your own registration fee and from those you recruit. Take note, you will only get 200Php ROI from 1k investment. And there is no way for you to earn but bring them another 1k by recruiting idiots like you.

In my opinion this is the greediest system Ive ever known. Just like adszense and todayadz only in the form of text advertising but the systems are the same. I must admit I made some sucky post but self  reviews on companies with these systems are the most self fulfilling on my cause to save people from this pyramid schemes.

They always argue they are not pyramiding and will tell me I do not know what I am talking about or do not even know what pyramiding is.

So why do I consider it a Pyramid scheme?
1. You can only earn if you recruit, If you can not recruit you do not make money.
2.The money they will pay you comes from your own registration fees and from those you recruit still with a lot left that goes to text2cash pocket.

If you don't agree with my definition of a pyramid scheme you can always do your due diligence and research before you decide whom to believe.

Another worst thing is they keep 100% of advertisers money! They make it look like they pay you to be advertised which is a complete deception. The money you will get is from you and your downlines investment with a lot left that will also be going into their pocket! 


The article above is purely my opinion and not an accusation. If you wish to add a point, agree or disagree with me, your comments are welcome below.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

The Filipino Dream / Filtrepreneur scam or not?

the filipino dream scam or not
the filipino dream scam or not

filtrepreneur scam or not
filtrepreneur scam or not

I was not aware of this company/companies if not for the people contacting me complaining about this companies deceitful ways of recruiting. I researched a bit about this company but unfortunately did not find the owners identity, only a bunch of teams and team leaders.
I also found their office address:

2nd Flr. Intrawest Centre, #33 Annapolis Street, Greenhills, San Juan City, Philippines

They have a wide range of products from health and wellness, dish washing soap and food cart franchise. Entry levels also range from 4k to 75k and they have the usual binary compensation plan. 

The complaints

Most of the people that emailed me are job seekers that end up in this recruitment seminar of The Filipino Dream networking company or TFD.

These are what they told me:

>I was looking for job in sales and found one of their ads, there was no sign that it was networking, It really looked like a real job. Except you only are required to bring a pen and a paper. Not even a resume.  I contacted the advertiser and he scheduled me on a Wednesday afternoon. When I got there, Damn!!  It was networking! Wasted my time big time!

Below are some of the Emails I recieved

These statements are not coming form me and I can not guarantee their truthfulness and accurateness. But if this were true, then in my opinion, The Filipino Dream or TFD and Filtrepreneur has a big responsibility to this people and the public. This is clearly a bad business practice to their part. Deceiving people for me is a sign of a desperate measure to recruit new members to continue the pyramid chain structure. It could be that they are going down that is why they resort to deceiving people. 

The suspected ads

Majority of these victims (6 out of 8) found the ad post on sulit.com.ph classified ads in jobs category. I believe it will be a good idea to list those links of allegedly deceiving job post. This is for you to get to know them and be warned.

Ad: http://sulit.com.ph/1845059

Ad: http://sulit.com.ph/7249957

Ad: http://sulit.com.ph/2879941

Ad: http://sulit.com.ph/2320198

Ad: http://sulit.com.ph/6193445

Ad: http://sulit.com.ph/7266339
These are just some of them, There may be a lot more out there. 


The article above are purely thoughts and opinions and is no way an accusation. 
If you wish to add a point, agree or disagree with me, your comment is welcomed below.

Is this a legitimate MLM/Networking or a recruitment based pyramiding scheme? Read my other post and you decide.. http://scamornotdebate.blogspot.com/2013/05/mlmnetworking-scam-or-not.html 

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Ads2freedom scam or not?

ads2freedom scam or not
ads2freedom scam or not

Firstly, I want to thank the admin (teddybear69) for this opportunity to write and publish an article in this site.
Today I am going to do a review about ads2freedom. This is a very fresh online business opportunity that is less than a month old at the time of this writing. Mr. Edwin Ramos owns it, Official site www.ads2freedom.com.


The main product of ads2freedom is mainly advertising credits but also has digital eBooks library as a bonus.
In our chat with the admin, she stressed out that the value of products is a very important consideration for her. She asked me to expound more on that advertising credits, how does it work? she made mention of adzense and todayadz which she describes as a “dodgy” PTC advertising companies. I proudly answered back; we are nothing like those companies. They advertise TO their members while we advertise OUR members businesses. Just like google and facebook, you pay them to advertise and give exposure to your business, get traffic to your blog or website, There is no doubt this has a value. 
After I made that little explanation, there was brief moment of waiting for her to reply, maybe she was analyzing and thinking over what I just said, but I feel confident I did well. Then she replied,

"well, I am happy to hear that, I believe it does have a value, it is straightforward advertising. Now let us discuss about that eBooks. Are you familiar with these companies? Gold club 50, supreme wealth alliance and todaysnet? In my opinion, they all are exploiting this new eBook technology and create a pyramiding scheme out of it. Private label rights is just nonsense for me. If I joined for example Supreme Wealth Alliance, paid 2,500php and have access to all those eBooks in their library with private label rights. What is stopping me to download all those and create my own library available to everyone for free? Where is the value of that product now?"

Immediately, I agreed to her that she has point. However, I told her that the eBooks we have are just a bonus incentive for our members personal development in this business. The 880php is already covered by 5000 banner advertising credits plus 5000 text advertising credits. It was not 100% convincing for her but I am happy she gave me the benefit of the doubt by saying, "if that is the case, then I see no problem with ads2freedom product."

Pay Plan

There is no better way to explain this than a video coming from Mr. Edwin Ramos himself. 

Website Tour by Edwin Ramos

My Thoughts and Opinions

Multi Level Marketing or Networking is just like any other business. Hard work is not enough; you also need to work smart to be successful. The fact that only few people will make it, proves it is not that easy and only a few has what it takes.

In business, all we have are opportunities and possibilities not guarantees, a little bit like gambling. Nevertheless, in business we have the power to increase our chances of success, unlike gambling that is only relying on pure luck.

5 ways on how to increase your chances in MLM industry.

This is my own collection of thoughts on how to have an advantage in the Networking game

*Timing is essential.
             Given that effort is a controlled variable, pioneers have greater chance than those who joined 
             later and this is true to ALL multi level marketing business.

*A strong team
This is especially important if you are a weak marketer and your MLM are one of those who have power legging and spill over features.

*The Product
A brilliant product is key to the success and longevity of the company, not only to consider if it is in demand as of the present but try to predict if people still needs it 5 to 10 years from now.

*Free Training and support
A Good MLM company cares for its members. They are not only after for your membership fee but they also want you to be successful. Business is just not about working hard but working smart as well.

*Free to Low investment
Risks are high especially if this kind of business is new to you and you are still learning the basics. The good thing about Network Marketing businesses is that they have such a wide range of diversity. In this business you can start one from 0php to 15,000++php. However, always remember, for starters, learning is more important than earning.

Why Ads2freedom?

1.  You can start free. This is catered to skeptical people who think this is scam. And most importantly to impress the admin of this website. Lol .. 
Many times, I heard them say; if it is not a scam can we join first and see if we really earn money? Well, here is your answer, ads2freedom create your free account ant start earning, then you can use the money you earn to upgrade your membership.

2. I was lucky to find a strong group. Our upline was one of the very first pioneers and have proven himself and established a name in other MLM companies.

3. The pay plan of ads2freedom have the best newbie friendly system. It is almost zero risk by earning from free accounts. Also, it has maximum spillover feature not only coming from your uplines.

4. It has a brilliant product with a future. True online advertising is not only in demand for now, as everything and everyone is going more and more online each day, imagine what will it be 5 to 10 years from now.

5. This is a spanking brand new very fresh company!!! As I said timing is essential. I know this advantage will not be forever but I am writing for today and today it is!! J

6. Aside from the support I receive from my group, ads2freedom has free eBooks for paid members that will help grow their members personal development in this business.   

That is all for now and I hope you are happy with my shared knowledge. 

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