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technowise 360 scam or not?

technowise scam
technowise scam

I got to know this company from a tip of juan delacruz. One of the admin here in my blog. Although, we are totally different in our beliefs. I honestly was amazed on how we get along and manage to agree on some things.

I am convinced he is involved with technowise 360 and he has a gut feeling this will take off. And that is why he did a very cordial thing of notifying me. lolz

I then began my research and my first impression was that they are very organized and have professional promotional materials. Their website is better than most of online networking companies I have encountered. They also have webinars at Webinars are not really new but technowise have around 5 sessions a day. I also watched most of their video presentations and one thing I noticed was that they speak very good English unlike me.. hehe..
I remember those people from call center. I actually have the feeling those speakers have worked in the BPO industry. 

My opinion

After watching all their presentation, checking out their website and attending their webinars many times. I believe they are just another recruiting scheme comparable to Gold club 50. Now, you may ask me why I think so?

There are two things. First is the products, they were almost not presented. They only discussed the PV or point value but the presentation of the product itself is barely there. Aside from the prepaid load, they just mention health, wellness and beauty products. A clear indication that they are not selling it. They are just into recruiting. Secondly is the membership fee. although its affordable at 360 php. You will get "NOTHING" out of it, no product. Obviously, a clear violation of DSAP 8 point rule. A manifestation that technowise 360 is a pyramiding scam. I remember when I ask that question via chat during the webinar. Their response was "Its for the opportunity you will have to be rich". So there you go, they are selling the opportunity, the dream not a valuable product or service.

I know they will argue that its just 360 php, you have nothing to loose. But still its not right and immoral. I'm not a perfect person myself to judge others but it does not change the fact that technowise 360 is a pyramiding scam. Even though they have professionally made presentation its so hyped. Ive joined the webinars myself and the wont accept "what if" questions. They are closed minded and unrealistic. They want you to believe every single thing they say "will happen".
e.g. = you will recruit 2 and your recruit will refer two and their invites will recruit blah blah blah and so on..
But that is all an "IF". They want you to think its real and will perfectly happen. Try attending their webinars and ask those questions like I did. Its either they ignore you like you don't exist or they will respond a close minded answer like It will happen, Its real and true. And you're not allowed to ask why. That's almost like a cult religion.

Monday, 20 January 2014

upworld marketing corporation scam or not?

upworld marketing corporation scam
upworld marketing corporation scam

Built by the same MLM program that runs UNO and natures true cure, Upworld marketing corporation is the new emerging networking following the steps of the same recruiting scheme systems.  

Saying that, here is a picture of their compensation plan

A picture really does say a thousand words. :) 
Which of those products do you think they are selling? Is is the whitening soap, slimming coffee or coffee with viagra? 
My guess will be non of those. What they are selling there is the dream to be on "TOP OF THE PYRAMID"
I am sure its not just me who think that way. especially those who are already familiar with MLM or networking.

Here is another one I saw on one of their presentation. Should I still explain what it means? :D

Who's behind upworld marketing corporation?

Here they are with their smiling faces ready to accept your money. The true people on the peak of  upworld marketing corporation's pyramid.

Have a look at that women in the lower left corner, who could not recognize Mrs Angelou De Leon. 
I am sure upworld will leverage her being a celebrity to suck people in and have a good image to the public. 
But still, it does not change the fact that their main business is recruiting as many members they could vs selling quality product that squeeze every bit of value the consumer pays.

If you agree or disagree with me or have anything to share about upworld marketing corporation. I would love to hear from you in the comments. :)

teleprenuer ( TPC ) scam or not?

teleprenuer ( TPC ) scam
teleprenuer ( TPC ) scam

I got another email asking me to review this company called teleprenuer. I did a bit of research and watch as much of their presentation as I can. Well, I have nothing much to say. This E-loading business in not new, highly popularized by Vmobile and 1Bro. I believe they are the same in how they earn the mainstream income. And that is by recruitment.    

Therefore I did not hesitate to include this company to my list of recruiting scheme networking. 

If you agree, disagree or have something to share about teleprenuer I would love to hear from you in the comments. :) 

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Google Sniper by George Brown, Scam or Not

Google Sniper Scam or Not?

I get to know this so called Google sniper when I got an email from my co author here, +juan delacruz who is involved in Internet Marketing. He made a couple of post in this blog long time ago and have not heard from him quite some time now until I got his email last Wednesday. He ask me if I could help him promote this product called Google sniper. I immediately replied, "are you serious? knowing me, do you actually think I will promote products like that?". Reacting a bit violently he then explained to me that he was just trying, he was expecting that response from me. He also wants me to be aware of it as it is becoming popular fast and sooner or later it will come to the Philippines, get my attention and I will write about it. He knows how I write reviews but according to him he find my writings as "Fact based". He is confident I will not bash anything if there is no concrete reason to do so. But still, even with his flattery I will never "Promote" any type of money making schemes.

The best that I could do for him is to be fair and completely honest of my writing. In addition to that, I also agree to use his affiliate links. I would assume he will get some sort of credits if you click on it or probably he will get a small amount of commission if you purchase the product using his link. I am happy to do that favor because he did a fantastic job of keeping the whole blog free of spam comments. And I feel letting him advertise on the banners is not enough. Additionally, its not one those recruiting schemes that I totally detest. The worst thing that could happen is you bought a crappy product and that's it. What you are risking is just your own money not involving others.

To be honest I don't know how to write a proper formal review. I am not a writer, I am just somebody who knows a bit of English and wants to share something.. lolz
Furthermore, Aside from Internet marketing schemes is not my forte, I have not personally tried it to speak of my own experience but fortunately in this digital age, information is instantly available online. :) 
What I will be doing is just answer in my own thoughts the questions that you will most likely be asking based on the facts I gathered.

What is Google Sniper?

The first time I watched google sniper's sales video, I mistakenly think of it as some kind of a magic tool, software or a system that exploits loopholes of search engines to get you on top very fast and easily. Its what they might want you to think, but just like most sales video, its not what it seems. Its basically just a course about internet marketing. Its made up of PDF files and training videos. Nothing extra special.

Who made it?

The founder of the said tutorial is George Montagu Brown. A young British internet marketer from London who started his career when he was 17 and is now making 6 figure income online.







How does it work?

Obviously it a training, it will teach you something.  Its a combination of videos and PDF files teaching you three main principles.

First, it will teach you how to find a good profitable niche that is perfect for you. They help you pick a product to to promote via Clickbank. An online market place of digital information products to sell and be affiliated for a commission.

Second, research the best possible keywords for your niche and create small websites around it called sniper sites and monetize it.

Thirdly, rank those websites highly in search engines and drive as much traffic to it as possible then tweak your sites for maximum traffic to sales conversion.

How much does it cost?

The question most salespeople cringe.. lol
I find it confusing because they have different price plans but from how I understand it. The first option is an offer of $1 for 5days trial then a $67 monthly recurring charge. The second choice is the one time fee of $47 that has a monthly recurring charge of $47. These charges are said to be refundable with in 60 days.

To be honest I don't see the sense why it has those different rate plans. If I were to join, I would get the $1 trial. Access and download everything and will not be paying the recurring charge or ask for a refund after.

So, is google sniper a scam or not?

To answer it directly its both.  I like to split it into two and clarify myself.

  • The product or training is NOT A SCAM. google sniper has a value and proven to be effective. There are real people who are successful to confirm it works.
  • The way they promote/advertise is A SCAM. I don't know what is your definition of a scam, but for me, if lies and deceit are present to get something from you its a enough for me to consider it as such.

    A very obvious deception I notice, is how they hype google sniper as a miracle product that instantly gives you money so fast and easy almost without doing or knowing anything. That projection is totally UNTRUE!!
If i were to promote or sell Google sniper I would inject in peoples mind over and over that this product is just a guide you have to follow systematically and repeatedly for it to work. It might be simple to follow but the only way to success is lots of hard work, eagerness to learn, DEDICATION AND CONSISTENCY! There is no other way around it and its NOT EASY! However, one thing is certain, your effort will be equally rewarded.

I know my way would be very unpopular at first but soon people will realize this is the truth and the only way to their dream income online. When that happens, we can't help it to be famous. Whats happening with their advertising style now is the opposite. Misleading sales materials leads to quick sales and get viral attention  but results in very bad reputation due to the growing number disappointed customers feeling cheated. It makes google sniper more and more despised. 

My own opinion

I have not personally tried Google Sniper so this is just my own theoretical logic on the topic based on the facts gathered.

First of all I find it overpriced, specially the recurring charges. They try and justify it with the overhead cost, but it will then be contradicting to their huge claimed income. So, are they really struggling or just want to make more money? For me, they just want to make more!

Google sniper is built with the newbies in mind, they make it sound so easy that anyone with half a brain can do it so well blindfolded. Totally false!! The truth is you have to manage websites as many as you can. Before that even happens you have to be at least acquainted about keywords, domain names and hosting. You need to learn to use control panel in your hosting and at least wordpress program to create those website minus the coding. And the hardest part of all is SEO(search engine optimization). You need to master it to get those website on top of search results. Just imagine if you picked a popular niche with lots of competition. You will be going against many and most likely web developers who are already expert in SEO. Minor HTML or CSS coding knowledge is also needed to tweak those websites for maximum results.    

Another fallacy they appear to be is that they are some kind of an autopilot program wherein once you set up everything, all you have to do is sit back and watch the money flowing in. Another terrible Lie! Setting up those website is just the start of the Calvary you have to go through SEO is a constant struggle. Specially when your starting out. You have no authority, search engines and even netizens wont believe a thing you say.

Do you recommend that we will give it a try?

More of a yes with conditions! Now that you've been warned I imagine you are ready to in there and get pitched. Always remember, no matter how sweet they talk don,t believe everything.

Only if
  1. Website creation and management is not totally new to you or if you're a novice you have the desire and passion to learn
  2. You are fully aware that it is not easy money.. Again IT IS NOT EASY.. hard work, dedication and consistency is the only way.
  3. You can afford to risk an amount of money. It can be an investment for your future if you take this seriously.
If you meet these three conditions then I could say go ahead and click the button below. There are people out there who made it and I don't see why you can't when you are armed with those conditions I mentioned.

Google Sniper

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Top list of recruiting scheme companies claiming to be legitimate direct selling, networking or MLM in the Philippines

These recruiting schemes are now budding everywhere in the Philippines. That is why I decided to do my part in uprooting this very bad weed in our society. I hope to create an awareness to my fellow Filipino people about this scheme.

Let me discuss clearly and in a very simple way I can what is direct selling, networking or MLM and a recruiting scheme. These terms are often used or mixed up by the bad guys to hide the illegal scheme that they set for you.
Direct Selling is simply a person to person selling, full stop. So it does not only cover those dealers in a MLM company who sells their product directly to the buyer without a physical store. It also can be a "taho" or "ballot" vendor or a person selling his old stuff in ebay or sulit. Therefore MLM or networking is only a kind of direct selling not the same with it.
Multi Level Marketing or Networking is simply a model of distribution. Not just of money or cashflow but rather of the product and services that gives value to money. The people on this legal business model earn mainly by selling. Not just selling any product but quality products that have fair market value.

Recruiting scheme on the other hand has no product or if they have, it is overpriced and people do not really need or want them. They earn mainly by recruiting, adding heads or downlines below them. By the time you were invited by one of their meetings or seminars they will talk about recruiting people rather than about the product. They will ask you for your dreams in life and promise you the riches in a short time through their scheme. They will excite your desire for money and luxurious lifestyle by showing off their cheques, expensive cars and properties. The whole workings on a recruiting scheme company are plagued with lies and deception. The reality is, only the owner and very few people on top of the pyramid makes money. This model is highly unstable and is actually illegal. Unfortunately here in the Philippines, bureaucracy reigns, and as a result, laws applicable on these ponzi schemes are dulled.

But it does not mean we tolerate it, It does not mean we can not do anything, It does not mean we allow it to flourish. It does not mean we do not fight back!

Top list of Recruiting Scheme Companies

This is in no particular order.

1. Frontrow
2. Jinga Juice
3. UNO
4. Vita Plus
5. All monolines
6. Royale Business Club
7. Aim Global
8. V mobile
9. Organo Gold
10. The Filipino Dream (TFD)
11. 1 Bro
12. goldlife
13. teleprenuer
14. MMobile
16. SWA ( supreme wealth alliance )
17. MPO ( My Protect Online )
18. UP world
19. technowise 360

This list can go on forever and Im up for it.. :)
Any comments, suggestions, violent reactions and request to add on the list are welcomed below.. 

Saturday, 18 May 2013

MLM/Networking Scam or not?

Let me start by directly answering the title. MLM/Networking business model IS NOT A SCAM...


What I mean is that true legitimate networking should only be a way of distributing the PRODUCT or SERVICES. Not just any product, but quality fair priced product. Products that people buy because they need or want it NOT that they have to because it is required.

Some very good example of true networking companies are AVON, MSE, Tupperware, Sara Lee, Red Logo, etc.. Im sure most of you are familiar with most of these companies. From the start, there is nothing you can complain about them. You immediately know without doubt they are doing legitimate business.
The same thing also happens when you are invited in one of those dodgy seminars, trainings or job interviews. You immediately have a bad feeling the first time you hear their opening spiel. That is because they really are a crap. They do not sell products or services, what they are selling are promises of riches, false hopes and dreams you can have in a short period of time sometimes without doing anything. Many of them also comes with products just to avoid or work around legalities, but it is very clear on how they make money. Its all about recruits/invites/heads you put below you. Their products are just junks and OVERPRICED because what you really pay for is the commissions of those layers above you going up to the top of the pyramid, not the value product. This system is what I call PYRAMIDING SCHEME and that for me is a SCAM! Unfortunately, there are many of them out there, or shall I say MAJORITY of these so called networking companies are RECRUITMENT BASED and therefore a Pyramiding scheme, a SCAM! 

Common pyramid networking scheme scripts and reasons

 Here I will be discussing most of the commonly used lines,crooked teachings and tactics of this fraudulent recruitment based networking industry

1. Playing around terms:
 "Everything is a pyramid, your family, church, school, your job and even the government. They have one head or at least a person above you who is over you and better off than you. Therefore we are not any different "

"everyday we do networking, we talk about nice experiences and things to our friends, post it in facebook or tweet it. This is also what we do."

==> Many of us already have a bad notion to the of the term pyramid and networking and those are mostly the scripts they use to diffuse the smell of their crap.
 Pyramiding scheme is more than just a structure. It is about the principle or description on HOW THE COMPANY MAKES MONEY(Recruitment/downlines).
 On the other hand, networking on that script is used as a general term. The networking that we do everyday is the innocent and genuine expression of our sad, happy or exciting experiences. Their networking is the dark side. They do it for a purpose or a motive, much like a predator hunting for prey. They are starving to make money out of you. That is why it is not so surprising that they will do everything even nasty things like tricks, hard convincing, deception and every weakness they can exploit just to convince you to join. What saddens me more is that they also do it to their family and good friends which most of the time ends their good relationship with them.

2.About risk
"risk is essential it is for your success. risk is part of life, there is no way to avoid it, you just have to accept it."

Half of it is true but the other part is a lie. Take note, Half truth is still a lie. They do this to prepare you for the risky business they are about to present, and so that there will be low resistance in letting go of your hard earned money to them. Let me tell you the whole truth about this trick. Not all risk are unavoidable, you dont have to "just accept it", instead wisely manage it. This is the truth that they don't want you to know, they even stop you from knowing this fact. I actually hear them first hand saying: "dont think too much", "Dont over analyze", "Dont be too smart" and "Dont talk or ask advise from your family and friends after this seminar/meeting". In other words its them simply telling you dont use your head, be an idiot give us your money. Im sure if you have gone to one of their meetings or talk to one of them your not a stranger to this experience.

Let me share to you my own understanding about risk and how I classify them aside from what we usually know as low, medium and high.

Two of my main classification are what I call innate/natural risk and created risk.

Innate or natural risk is the kind that is upon us since birth. It is unavoidable but most of the time manageable. Management of this risk does not completely eradicate it, your just minimizing the chance of it happening.
>the risk of you getting sick- no matter how healthy you are there is still the chance you will be sick in your lifetime, some of it might even be deadly, it can be managed by keeping yourself healthy, balanced diet, exercise etc. But there are also things that you can not control like your genes.
>accidents- you live and breath this risk, this can happen anywhere in anytime, when you walk up and down the stairs, when you drive your car, when you cross the street, cook your food etc.. etc..This can not be completely cleared out but can be managed by following safety rules and guidelines.

Created Risk- as the name suggest, this risk is the result associated by your actions/decisions. Although you can have complete control over it. It does not mean you will completely steer away from it. This risk is essential to your growth and learning, However this can also lead to your complete failure if not managed properly. The way I manage this risk is to divide it into two kinds. The ethical/positive risk (the one I take) and the negative risk, (the one I avoid). These two kinds of created risk are mainly determined by the "Why" or the reason for taking it and the effect on it to others.

Positive created risk- These are the risk you allow to expose yourself with the consideration of how it will affect others in the hope of getting results that are positive in nature. It can be for your learning, growth or the common good. Even if unsuccessful there is still a positive gains mostly learning's, good friends and thier support and a step closer to your goal. 
>starting up a legitimate business, charity, foundation
>Science experiments and inventions.
>Legitimate investments

Negative created Risk- Risk resulting to actions or decisions for satisfying selfish desires that are negative in nature. Most of the time also resulting risk or negative effects to others. Even when you are already successful in getting what you want. It is ill gotten and negative in nature and therefore you still have to pay for it sooner or later, sometimes at a much higher price. There is no winning in this type of risk.
>robbery or theft
>Smuggling and other illegal business
>Recruitment based networking- This is basically what this blogs topic and I feel the need to explain why I classified this questionable industry under my negative created risk. First of all is the reason why people venture in this kind of fraudulent business. And it is what you think.

Admit it or not, most of us (including me)  has this weakness. This is the part of you that they feed on. It does not look so bad, in fact there is nothing wrong with getting rich and have a good lifestyle but the problem is the "How to get it is not considered". Furthermore, the system itself in recruitment based networking is totally wrong. Those desires are purely in your "id" person where ethics does not exist. It is very a strong desire and can be dangerous if you gas up that fire. Im sure your no alien to their show offs like flashy expensive cars, huge house and lot, bank cheques , expensive tours abroad, high end electronic gadgets and all stuff luxurious. 

 You may end up successful which is very unlikely but in the process you lied and deceived a lot of people including your family and best friend. You can lose them and damage your reputation or worse, you influenced them to be like you and get their lives ruined. I dont have have to enumerate all the bad effects/karma this will give you as it is very obvious. One can predict your future as easy as filling the gaps of missing letters from A-Z.

3.Optimistic, Pessimistic or Realistic?
For these people there are just two kinds of person, the enlightened ones (positive thinkers) that believe everything they say without question and the negative close-minded people. The ones who still has a working brain to think if they believe or not. I can see some similarities from the way a cult works. Brainwashing you in every way they can. If you're already in or just about to, they will prevent you from being influenced by the outside world and instilling in your head that they are your only hope to financial freedom. Everything else like employment and real business will only lead you to failure. They call us names like negative thinker, a close minded person, hopeless, useless person with no dreams in life.

They say these things because this is what they sell, dreams. They want it to be your reality, that is what you pay for when you join them anyway. They know you can only win in the realm of dreams where all they say happens. That what you are doing is perfectly fine. Wherein you recruited many people, your recruits recruited many others as well and that there is no such thing as saturation point. There are infinite people joining in your downline everyday. For us sane people, these are just big "If's" that is not likely to happen as the real world shows us. Its an established fact that only 3% of them makes money, their scheme wont last long and they system itself is unethical. Not believing them is far from being a negative thinker, that's just being realistic and doing what is right! Also, dont get me wrong I believe in positive thinking. However, we still should be attached to reality and doing what is right and ethical in the first place.

4. Employment vs Networking
One of the crooked teachings of these people is the anti employment mindset. Although we must admit it has its own limitations, I strongly disagree with the way they demonize it. Employment is the most basic way of living, almost all of us survives through and because of it. Our society totally depends on it, imagine if there are no nurses and doctors, army, police, drivers, janitors, farmers, media, firemen, teachers, architects, engineers, lawyers construction workers etc.. Can we exist? Even the the capital we need to start a business mostly comes from being an employee. Considering how employment is essential to us, is there any point to preach hate on it? Even if has its limitations we can not do away with it. The solution is to use it to get money and buy assets.
Its very ironic for those people in recruitment based networking to evangelize positive thinking when they are throwing shit on people that are working. Especially those on a minimum wage. But look who's talking? They on the first place are deceiving people to make money which is wrong and with almost a negligible chance of success. At least people who are working on a minimum wage helps the countries economy, doing an important role in a functional society and are able to feed their family. Recruitment networking on the other hand are just plaguing peoples lives especially the youth through their lies, deception and erratic teachings. At the bottom of their pyramid where 97% them are, they can not even feed themselves.

5. Real Business = Recruitment based Networking??

Almost all of there speeches, flattery and inspirational lines are based on the beauty and advantages of a successful business. They even try and compare themselves with big companies and popular businessman in an effort to make them look legitimate and misled people you can be like those tycoons through them. Business sells products/services that people need use and want PERIOD!! Other than that is monkey business!! Selling hopes,dreams and promises is worst! 

6. Blasphemous!

It is not rare for some of these recruitment based networking to use the name of God in there desperate attempt to convince people they are not the bad guys and are doing Gods will.  I often see a lot of their advertising materials using lines from the bible and glorifying God as part of their marketing strategy. Sadly not everyone is wise enough to recognize it.
Let this be a caution to this savage strategy of getting people in their scheme. This cult like way of building downlines are beginning to gain popularity. This will not only harm you financially but spiritually a well. 

Sunday, 24 March 2013

First Vita Plus Scam or Not?

First Vita Plus has been around for a long time as a networking company. Ive known it for quite some time but its just now that I probed more on it that it worries me. I saw some questionable claims that needs more clarification or else it will endanger the public. I am not sure if it is intended to cut the facts and misled people for the benefit of the company, all I know is that it is worth noticing and be debated upon here.

What is first vita plus?

The main product of this company is a powdered juice drink that utilizes the health benefits of abundant local herbs namely:

Moringa Oleifera – the Malunggay
Capsicum Frutescens – the Dahon ng Sili
Chorchorus Olitorius – the Saluyot
Amaranthus Spinosus – the Uray or Kulitis
Ipomoea Batata – the Talbos ng Camote

This powdered drink also comes in different local fruit flavors (Dalandan, Melon, Guyabano and Mangostene).

Fair Market Value?

The price of this juice is 770php!!!
per box that have 20 sachet in it.

For me that is overpriced, considering all the ingredients are local and abundant. How much is a kilogram of Malunggay, Dahon ng Sili, Saluyot, Uray or Kulitis and Talbos ng Camote in the market? If I have 700 php I can buy all those vegetables and fruit much more than what is in the box of powdered juice.

Now I begin to think, is first vita plus network marketing company (Product Earning)? or just another of those Pyramiding scheme using an overpriced product as a front (earn mainly from recruiting)?

Testimonials vs Clinical study results

The thing that worries me is that most of first vita's claims are highly subjective as it is heavily supported by testimonials instead of approved studies. Everyone can make testimonials, it is very possible that these people are paid by the company (Im not saying they are) or one of the members that has the motive to promote. The point is testimonials are not that accurate or can be used to prove a fact. This is specially dangerous when we publish these opinionated claims to the public just for money. That is just very selfish and irresponsible.
Public health should be treated with topmost caution that only "approved clinical study results" can be published.

Testimonials such as these I believe can harm public health and safety. Although not directly expressed, this particular advertisement suggest to take first vita plus juice instead of chemo drugs. Although the powdered drink is BFAD, FDA, and HALAL certified it does not mean they "REPLACE" medicines, it only means they are approved for public consumption.

There is a great potential that there may be cancer patients on chemo who will see this and decides not to follow his/her doctors order anymore. He/she will not take medication or skips it because of this.
Sure enough if the patient survived, he/she will be the next star of first vita plus. But what if not? will first vita plus take the responsibility of what happen? Will we base our health with what if's? 
This is just a self-centered irresponsible advertising. Not the one I expect for a company who supposedly care.

This a screen shot from the FAQ on their website. If you read the answer it is quite long and going in circles. I can answer that question in one simple sentence:

That is why I worry about their promotions and testimonials, they want to project vita plus as a miracle substance that cures all even to the point of replacing chemo drugs. Please be guided that Vita Plus only has subjective testimonials, NOT APPROVED STUDIES.

And also about the formula, it is true to all healthy foods and other supplements.

I do not believe that fresh fruit and vegetable is less healthy than a processed juice drink. Does first vita plus have any study to support this? This is just an outright LIE.

"Nothing is more healthier than the REAL THING"

Is this a legitimate MLM/Networking or a recruitment based pyramiding scheme? Read my other post and you decide..