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Why I made this blog

1. For those who are looking for a independent review.

Have you been invited to join a MLM/ Networking company? And when you search for them in google to do a background check all results are from their websites or from their associates.
I know that is not what you want..
I know that is not what you are looking for..
I know that you want the truths of the things they are not telling you.. 

you have the RIGHT TO KNOW...

2. To create awareness and honest information from accumulated views, experiences and knowledge of the people.

Are you familiar with this saying? "two heads are better than one" 
I want to emphasize that this blog is not just authored by me, its a collection of thoughts.. I merely just created a free place for everyone share and receive honest reviews.. 



  1. Do you really believe that MLM as a whole is a scam? I want to know your answer. Is it already considered a scam if a person who joins in a company does not earn at all? what if he/she likes the product for personal use? is it bad for the up-lines to earn from that sale? you're so concern about saturation in the market. What if,? for example. The whole population in the planet has joined in the MLM program but uses the products. Is it still bad? I'll assume you'll say that it will never happen, because in a MLM program products are always expensive because it is a mult-level plan. But you're wrong, I know one company that has a few tie ups on commercial brands where the price are the same. If you do the math and study, the saturation is not problem. the problem is on the binary plans that are based on recruitment, that when the pace of the recruitment slows down, the income of the scammers drop as well. I don't see people complain when henry sy earns.

    1. Here is what I believe,
      > I believe in free speech and information.
      > I believe that MLM/Networking is legal however there are MANY that abuse the system.
      > I believe in transparency
      > I believe in organic feedbacks from people.
      > I believe in debates showing points on both ends not just one side of the story.

    2. On your second question, it will be a scam if the person is promised a certain amount of cash (that usually gets them to say yes in the first place) and does not earn at all and gets blamed if the person could not earn. In any decent agency, there are always safety nets given to people that invest in the company because its their responsibility. Think about it this way - if I'm a minimum wage earner and I saved up around 12,000 php (which is difficult with a minimum wage of 400 pesos A DAY) only to end up without cash because none of my friends and family could afford it - I get nothing in return, while the company continues to exist and swindle other misinformed people like me.

      If the product is REASONABLY priced, BACKED up by RESEARCH and is the MAIN INCOME-GENERATING TOOL of the company, then it's not a scam. Sadly the reason why justice cannot be served to people swindled in these companies is because they can claim they are selling products and smokescreen their way out of a lawsuit.

      It's not bad for uplines to gain income from people below them - if that's wrong then there would be nothing to debate. We see that happening everywhere that has a hierarchy. What's wrong is using RECRUITING as a main point of income generation vs. the products because that would just be a ponzi scheme. A ponzi scheme is where the biggest ROI percentage is from the recruitment cash-in, not from the product.

      I salute you, teddybear69 for creating this blog. I hope that someday, we can give justice to the people who were robbed of their hard-earned money as they were promised with a land overflowing of milk and honey only to find out it was for naught. We can only fight through our small avenues, but I really do appreciate the effort. I hope people can continue to make this blog alive and even be able to share it to SNSs to inform other people.

      I will lurk every now and then in your blog :)

  2. Hello AUTHOR of this BLOG,

    If you were to ASK about MLM Companies, are they SCAM or NOT? After all, we want to know your point of views.. ;-)

    Thanks.. ;-)

    1. MLM/networking is not a scam. There are just a LOT of companies that pose themselves a MLM but in reality they are Pyramiding schemes.

      I write about them and why I think they are such. However, its just my own point of view, I do not say they are perfectly correct. If you agree or not, everybody is invited to comment and express their views.

  3. Hello. I was wondering if you have a blog for Royale Business Club International Inc.? I really want to know a LOT of information about this company, Thanks, God Bless.

    Here is their link

    1. I will tell you an information about royale business club, email me blardony.jfb@gmail.com or contact me 09062334331.

      I am a proud distributor of royale. :)

      I hope we can talk.

  4. Isa din po akong nabiktima ng HWM SCAM . Kanina lang . punyemas . pagkatpos akong huthutan ng 300php . 3K nman daw . Training ko daw un . Kelangan makahanap daw ng referral . Tang ina . Kaya nga naghahnap ng work dba . Kase kelangan ng pera tapos huhuthutan niyo pa . Jusko ! maawa nman kayo . Makonsensya sana kayo . Dun ako nag apply sa Palico Imus . Sa PRB Building . Katabi ng ARMY NAVY .yang ritch Ramirez yong ng assist saken . Tang ina . Guys beware.

    1. Ritch Ramirez din ang contact person ko at nahuthutan din ako ng P300 :(

  5. Anonymous is a scam.. Why the Legitimate Company have Disclosure? This is my question need to answer by the owner of this blog. Before MLM became known here in the Philippines way back 1988 were not using Internet like Forever Living, DXn , so fort & so on and they allegedly marked as Pyramids and Scams but until now they were existing. Traditional Business using Pyramids Scheme ( Recruits with Products) as said so, nowadays MLM now is so easy by the help of Internet & Technology advancement. The Schemes is developing. My question is what are the best techniques and strategy of one business to be used in order not to be marked as SCAM ? A Network Marketer is a just a new name developed from what we called Agent , selling products house to house, going to crowded place to persuade the people to buy the products they were selling .. this was a traditional marketer... kindly compare from your own definition the Network Marketer & Traditional Marketer?

    Computer Technology was pre-dominated in negotiations & transaction, strategy, techniques with regards to any form of Business nowadays. Instant, to less burden, just to maximize the time and space..

    Dalawa naman lagi sa mundo ang namamayagpag .. manloloko at hindi manloloko.. ang maloko at hindi maloko... kapag ayaw mong maloko huwag kang sumali.. kapag gusto mong manloko sumali ka...dapat ganito ba ang attitude ng ayaw umasenso? mas mainam siguro ganito.. be wise like a serpent.. kapag pera-pera ang pinag uusapan.. bago mag join alamim muna ang detalye, ala namang bayad ang mag suri ka... ngayon kung hindi ka naman kasali at hindi ka naman na biktima .. wala kang basehan para mag comment ng hindi maganda.. Patunayan muna bago maghusga..

  6. hello po. Im from Cagayan de Oro. Hindi ko po talagaa alam kung ano ba nangyari sakin. Sumali po ako sa isang kumpanya. Nutratech Global Inc po ang pangalan ng kumpanya. Hindi naman po talaga ako magjojoin agad. Kaso naforce po ako kasi iba po sila mangentertain at magsabi ng ka-ekekan nila. Yung napapaniwala ka agad? Tapos nagiging tanga ka rin? Pinagbayad nila ako ng 2500 pesos. Isa po akong estudyante at mahirap yan para sakin. Malaking pera na para sakin ang 2500. Estudyante ako sa COC. Kinailangan ko ng trabaho upang sana'y makatulong sa mga magulang na hirap na hirap kumayod para sa kinabukasan naming magkapatid. Tas ngayon po. Nung na-under na ako sa taong naka-recruit sakin... Nung una okay pa. Pero napapansin ko na parang wala naman akong training. Lago nalang siyang magsasabi ng 'next time nalang kasi ano blavlablabla' yung ganyan. Ang dami nyang rason. 3MONTHS NA AKONG WALA PARING PERA! Tas di ko na siya makontak Kasi ayaw na niya makipagkontak. Naiiyak ako kasi di ko alam pano ko to sasabihin sa mga magulang ko. Ano to? eto na ba yung 'scam' ?


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