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MMobile/M-mobile Technologies scam or not?

M Mobile scam or not
M Mobile scam or not?

A fresh new MLM company in the cellular communication technology niche is now on the scene. It is called M mobile/M-mobile or MMobile, I am unsure of its proper name. Details about the company is still limited but I did what I can to search and present it to you.

I think the company started around middle of September this year and is owned by Mr. Adonis Estacio. In addition, the names Irene L. Ilagan, Edward L. Ilagan, Wiifred N. Marbella and Marinelle M. Villanueva are also connected to Mr. Adonis Estacio in a SEC incorporation file dated September 10, 2012.
However, I can not guarantee if I am referring to the correct SEC records of MMobile technologies. I got a picture below of MMobile's SEC certificate coming from them shown below.

 As you can see in the SEC certificate of MMobile technologies, it did not show any names and dated 11th of September 2012. If my source was correct then the only logical explanation is that, it was filed September 10, 2012 but the certificate was released the day after ( September 11, 2012) as shown in this document. It is also said in their advertisements that MMobile is a marketing arm of Mydestiny International Company. Hence, their official website is


This is M Mobile's main product. A call card that will enable you to have unlimited calls to any cellular network for a month paying only 388Php. This sounds very good! And looks like this will save you lots of money from cellphone load, until you fully discover how it works.

How to use the card?

 This picture above pretty much shows the whole instruction. In addition to this, your calls only last for 5 minutes at a time. You need to text your assigned access numbers every time you make a call, that is why you need to have an unlimited text registration of your same network.

Now lets do the Math

Note: this computation may not be applicable to everybody's situation, But I will just try my best to relate to the majority.

I have this assumption that most people who avail unlimited call registrations because the reason that they have long distance close relationship with someone that needs constant communication. And most likely than not they are on the same network. Now, lets compute the which service is cheaper. 
For this computation I will use Globe network because its what I am familiar with.

This is what it will cost me if I use M-Mobile:
1 month unlimited calls M mobile card: 388 php
globe unlitext 5 days= 80 php
80 x 6 = 480 php (30 days)
480 + 388 = 868 php/ 30 days

This is if I use same network unlimited call service (Globe):
1 month=30 days
globe unlicall 7 days= 150 php
globe unlicall 1 day=25 php
150 x 4= 600 php (28 days) 
600 + 50 (2 days) = 650 php/30days

Therefore in this computation, if you are on the same network with your love ones, Its better to avail same network unlimited call registration. It saves you 218 php per month minus the hassle of texting every 5 minutes and waiting at no less than 20 seconds to connect.

But what if your long distance love ones are not of the same network with you? although this is unlikely it is not that rare. My practical solution for that is buy a sim card that is of the same network with your love ones and use that every time you call him/her. Now, is this option easier and cheaper than using M mobile cards?

lets see:

From the first situation, we know that using M Mobile cost us 868 php/ month plus texting every 5 min and waiting at least 20 seconds to connect a call.

Following my suggested option, we can refer to the computation above, using the same network unlimited call registrations will cost us 650 php/ month. But now we have to add the price of the new sim card, probably 150 php as maximum. Still, the cost is 68 php cheaper per month than using M Mobile. And also the hassle of changing your phones sim card which is probably 20 seconds at most and only done once. Furthermore, the additional expense of a new sim card is only one time cost.

Therefore I conclude, there is still much easy and cheaper way to have unlimited calls to the same or different networks than using MMobile cards.

In my opinion this is a nonsense product, it has no practical use. It looks like this useless product is just a front of a pyramiding scheme lurking behind. I think this company is not about a new and improved system of cell phone communication product but its more on the networking/recruiting money creation.


The article above is not in any way an accusation, It is just my thoughts and opinion from my own research, critical thinking and common sense. I am not a professional in any field so this writing may not be treated as such. 

If you wish to add a point, suggest anything, agree or disagree with me, your valuable comments is very welcomed below... :)

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

My Jinga juice inc Philippines scam or not?

jinga juice scam or not
jinga juice scam or not?

This is another newly launched company, just July this year, spear headed by Mr. Gary C. Norman, a popular personality in MLM/Networking industry. They are selling health drinks with wheatgrass and Guyabano (a local tropical fruit abundant in the Philippines). Their compensation plan is Binary, a controversial model that is has been commonly used by MLM companies. I would assume everybody is familiar with it so I will not expand on that. Let me go directly to my perceived issues.

Issues of concern

The first thing that caught my attention aside from the controversial binary pyramid shaped model is the products price, which I think is ridiculously high. Although the retail price is double that of the distributors price, It is important that we consider it because it will be the basis of weather or not it has a fair market value. It is in the 8 point rule of DSAP to have a product that has a fair market value. The product has to pass this point so that members can earn mainly via selling, not recruiting otherwise they are considered as an illegal pyramid scheme.

Let me make it clear that I am not a DSAP officer or have any authority to judge any product if it has fair market price. But I will try and use my common sense and give my opinion, my guide question is very simple,
Am I willing to pay this certain amount for a juice, coffee, tea or milk?

Here are the prices:

Jinga juice drink- wheatgrass and guyabano extract
1box/12 sachet= 780 php

Jinga 4 in 1 coffee- coffee, sugar, cream, wheatgrass
1box/10 sachet= 400 php

Jinga milk tea with guyabano
1box/12sachet= 780 php

Jinga grapeseed oil.
1 medicine bottle= 1,200 php

Now, if I am going to ask myself am I going to pay this kind of amount for these sort of products? My immediate answer will be hell no!! I believe its way too expensive. How much is a kilo of guyabano fruit? Is it imported? I can even grow it in my backyard!!
And there is no way that its healthier to drink a processed powdered juice drink of it than eating it as a fruit.

How about wheatgrass? Although this plant is not a native here in the Philippines, it is very common and widely farmed across the world. Wheatgrass is a food prepared from the cotyledons of the common wheat plant, there in nothing special about it, so it should be expected to have a not so special price.

Wheatgrass Health Claims

Proponents of wheatgrass make many claims for its health properties, ranging from promotion of general well-being to cancer prevention and heavy metal detoxification. These claims have not been satisfactorily substantiated in the scientific literature.[1] There is some limited evidence of beneficial pharmacological effects from chlorophyll, though this does not necessarily apply to dietary chlorophyll.[5][6]

There are a number of other small studies and pilots on the possible benefits of wheatgrass juice. According to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center,[7] there may be a need for further study of wheatgrass therapy for ulcerative collitis; they cite a small pilot study which showed regular wheatgrass juice therapy significantly reduced rectal bleeding and overall disease activity.[8]

It has been claimed that wheatgrass helps blood flow, digestion and general detoxification of the body. These claims have not been reliably substantiated. However, in one pilot study of children with thalassemia (a hereditary form of anemia which often requires blood transfusions), of the patients who were given 100 ml of wheatgrass juice daily, half showed reduced need for transfusions. No adverse effects were observed.[9] Another small study of transfusion-dependent patients suffering from myelodysplastic syndrome responded similarly to wheatgrass therapy; that is, the intervals between needed transfusions were increased. In addition, the chelation effect (removal of heavy metals from the blood) was studied for the same patients; the wheatgrass therapy showed a significant iron chelation effect.[10]In another pilot, which was not placebo controlled, breast cancer patients who drank wheatgrass juice daily showed a decreased need for blood- and bone marrow-building medications during chemotherapy, without diminishing the effects of the therapy.[11]The food has demonstrated in vitro cytotoxicity to HL-60 (Human promyelocytic leukemia cells).[12]

Nutritional content

Wheatgrass proponent Schnabel claimed in the 1940s that "fifteen pounds of wheatgrass is equal in overall nutritional value to 350 pounds of ordinary garden vegetables",[2] a ratio of 1:23.[3] Despite claims of vitamin and mineral content disproportional to other vegetables, the nutrient content of wheatgrass juice is roughly equivalent to that of common vegetables (see table 1).

Table 1. Nutrient comparison of 1 oz (28.35 g) of wheatgrass juice, broccoli and spinach.
Nutrient                         Wheatgrass Juice            Broccoli            Spinach
Protein                                860 mg                            800 mg                 810 mg
Beta-carotene                    120 IU                             177 IU                 2658 IU
Vitamin E                           880 mcg                           220 mcg               580 mcg
Vitamin C                          1 mg                                 25.3 mg                8 mg
Vitamin B12                      0.30 mcg                          0 mcg                   0 mcg
Phosphorus                       21 mg                               19 mg                  14 mg
Magnesium                       8 mg                                 6 mg                    22 mg
Calcium                             7.2 mg                              13 mg                  28 mg
Iron                                     0.66 mg                            0.21 mg              0.77 mg
Potassium                          42 mg                               90 mg                  158 mg
Data on broccoli and spinach from USDA database.[4] Data on Wheatgrass juice from indoor grown wheatgrass.[2]

Wheatgrass is also claimed to be superior to other vegetables in its content of vitamin B12, a vital nutrient.[citation needed] Contrary to popular belief, B12 is not contained within wheat grass or any vegetable, rather it is a byproduct of the microorganisms living on plants.[13] Analysis of B12 content in wheatgrass has confirmed that it contains negligible amounts of the compound.[14]


Another common claim for wheatgrass is that it promotes detoxification. The limited data in support of that claim applies to most green vegetables.[15]



This article is not an accusation, this is just my thoughts and opinion from my own research, critical thinking and common sense. I am not a professional in any field so this writings may not be treated as such.

If you wish to add a point, agree or disagree with me, your valuable comments are welcomed below.

Is this a legitimate MLM/Networking or a recruitment based pyramiding scheme? Read my other post and you decide.. 

Friday, 19 October 2012

TodayAdz scam or not?

Todayadz scam or not
Todayadz scam or not?  is a PTC website officially launched March this year. This website promised to pay10 Php per click and and guarantees 20 advertisement per day giving you a net income of 200 Php. And you can easily do this in 20 minutes. Information about their company background is not readily available. I visited their official website ( and as of this time their FAQ page and Contact us page is not working.

I cannot help but compare this to a Adszense. An earlier PTC site very similar to TodayAdz that has a very bad reputation of scamming people.


I mange to grab a picture of some of their legal documents which I think is questionable.

 Im sorry that it is blurry but its the best I got for you. I encircled the part of it that I want you to notice. This is suppose to be the SEC registration of todayadz. What is written inside the red circle I made should be the name of the company registered and this is it:


Is this a Joke??? Where is the name of TODAYADZ in that document??? Are they posting some other company's  registration tricking us to believe that Todayadz is SEC registered???

 This picture above is their DTI document. I marked some parts of it with red circles for you to take note of those writings. See circle number 1, it indicates the dates Todayadz is valid to engage in business, If you look closely it states 3 September 2012 to 3 September 2017.
But wait, I thought their official launching was last March 2012??  Does this mean it was not really an official launch?? Does this mean all business that took place after their March launching and before 3 September 2012 is invalid and illegal?? Is the March 2012 launching a fraud??

Now I want to turn your attention to circle number 2. (read it clear below)

 "This certificate is not a license to engage in any kind of business and valid only at the place indicated herein"

And where is this place indicated herein?? There is only one address we can see in that document and that is.

 If this is the case then I believe that todayasz should only be operating in that place. But that is not what happens. In the nature of their business they are operating all over the country and even worldwide. Does this mean they are operating illegally?? Is that office address even seen in the map?? I do not know where it is, but it looks like its not even a city in Camarines Sur.

I am not a lawyer but do you think you need one to understand it?? For me, its just a case of understanding simple English and being logical.

Compensation plan

Todayadz's compensation plan is the most lucrative Ive seen. But I do have some very serious doubts about it. After you registered by paying 880 Php you mainly earn through clicking 20 ads daily worth 10 Php each. Sounds very good to be earning 200 Php a day in 20 min until you discover what I think they fail to mention or intentionally avoid mentioning to you. You can only do a total of 60 clicks from the time you register, earning you only 600 Php (not even a ROI) and in order to withdraw your earnings and click another 60 links you need to first recruit and fill your first level downlines which is no less than 5 people. This I think is a perfect example of a deceptive trick to lure people in and pay the registration fee, until its too late for people to discover its not what it seems.  

Another big WOW on their compensation plan is what they call the signing bonus. Have a look at the picture below.

I do not know how you react to this, you may say "WOW, I have to decide what to do with a 200 million" but for me its the opposite this is like shouting "Todayadz will not last long so stay away!!!". There is just no safety net in here and this can be highly unstable.

To summarize everything. I find that Todayadz is a pyramiding scheme.
A true PTC/advertising company works this way. Advertisers pay an advertising company/PTC to advertise their business then the PTC website pays us to participate in getting exposure of the advertisers. They to pay a fee to be a premium member to prioritize us to participate in a premium advertisement that pays more and also in case that there is limited amount of advertisement available. But still the money comes from the Advertising companies clients/sponsors.

What about Todayadz? how do they work?
They claim to be an Advertising PTC website but by the way they work I do not believe so.
This is how they work. Unlike other PTC site you can earn and participate without any money. In todayadz you have to pay 880 Php. Although they pay you 10 Php per click it is only limited to 60 links. It does not even cover the amount of your registration fee and worse, you are required to recruit 5 people below you first before you can withdraw your earnings and and continue clicking another 60 links.

With this system of Todayadz where do you think the cash flow is? Is it from the Advertisers or from recruiting people? To me its like paying yourself to be advertised to and in order to really earn I have to deceive a lot of idiots doing the same.  And yet they call themselves an Advertising PTC company. They claim to LOVE ADVERTISING but clearly its not what they are doing.

Have a look at this picture I always see at the end of their presentation:

For me this shows how a very blasphemous hypocrites they are. I do not believe they do not know what they are doing is wrong. Its horrible for me to see this. The use the Bible or the word of God to make money immorally.

New Update (Nov 20, 2012)

They always point out their ratings in as a proof that they can be trusted, now, here is their new rating..

Is this a status that we can trust?

Update 12/15/2012

Their registration now have gone up to 1,000 Php from 880 Php due to the addition of some products

Unfortunately, the system is still a pyramiding scheme in my opinion. I aim to explain it as simple as possible why and I think an illustration can do it best.

Here is a diagram of how it supposed to work
todayadz advertisers
todayadz advertisers

This is how Todayadz work



This is clearly not and accusation. The article above is purely my thoughts and opinions as a result of my own research, critical thinking and common sense. I am not a professional in any field so this writing may not be treated as such.

If you wish to add a point, suggest an edit, agree or disagree with me. Your valuable comments are very welcome below.

Is TodayAdz scam or not?

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Vital C scam or not?

vital c scam or not
vital c scam or not?

Vital C is one of the many Networking/MLM companies that exploits one form of vitamin C which is a salt called sodium ascorbate. The company have been around for years founded by Mr Richard L. King. As of the time of this writing they already have a wide range of products but still their main product is the Vitamin C supplement. The major advantage of sodium ascorbate than the usual Vitamin C is its higher PH level compared to Ascorbic acid, which means less irritating and can be taken in higher doses. It can even be safely administered via IV. 

What is the problem with Vital C?

With sodium ascorbate form itself there is no problem. It offers a more bio-available source of vitamin C and sure enough it has wide range of advantages compared to the much cheaper form of vitamin C (ascorbic acid). The main problem here is the regulation, caution and education with the disadvantages of sodium ascorbate that is not stressed by Vital C.
I heard a lot of stories told by its distributors that Vital C has no overdose, anyone can can take is as much as they want and even encourage people to take ridiculously high doses of it for optimum health. For me it looks like they do not know what they are doing or they do not care about the danger they put people into, all they are after are the sales of their product.

I visited their official website to look for any dosage instructions or warnings but I did not found any. Instead I found some claims that I think is questionable.

see pic below:

This picture was taken from their official website: 
I marked it with red lines and circles to take note of those terms that I think is controversial and a proof that there is an advertisement of unregulated intake.


Why is it important to regulate sodium ascorbate?

Sodium ascorbate does not only comes with benefits. It also comes with considerations, warnings and side effects. This is the part where I think Vital C failed to let people know or maybe they do not want you to know. But I believe you need to know.

Read this article from

Sodium ascorbate and other forms of vitamin C are important for the health of bones, connective tissues and blood vessels, and help the body to absorb iron needed for the production of red blood cells. The Linus Pauling Institute notes that vitamin C also acts as a highly effective antioxidant, preventing damage to essential molecules in the body.

Humans do not have the ability to make vitamin C, and must receive it through food sources or nutritional supplements. The FDA recommended daily allowance for vitamin C is 75 to 90 mg per day. Sodium ascorbate supplements benefit those who do not eat a diet high in vitamin C. Sodium ascorbate is preferred over ascorbic acid by those who want to avoid food acidity. This chemical can be added to many foods without affecting their flavor, although sodium ascorbate taken by itself carries a slightly salty taste.

Because sodium ascorbate contains sodium, this form of vitamin C should be avoided by those following a low-sodium diet. A sodium tipsheet provided by the USDA Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion cautions those trying to avoid sodium to limit their intake of sodium ascorbate and other food additives containing sodium. Talk to your doctor before taking vitamin C supplements, because some medicatons and health conditions can affect the way vitamin C is absorbed by the body.

Taken in high doses, sodium ascorbate can lead to negative health effects, including diarrhea, skin irritation and chest pain, according to the Linus Pauling Institute. The recommended upper limit for intake of all forms of vitamin C, including sodium ascorbate, has been set by the FDA at 2,000 mg daily. Prolonged high levels of sodium ascorbate can also damage the kidneys, upper respiratory tract and gastrointestinal tract. Some people may experience an allergic reaction, particularly if taking high doses of vitamin C. Talk to your doctor before taking sodium ascorbate if you have a history of kidney or liver problems or are currently pregnant or breastfeeding.

From the article above, we learned that sodium ascorbate should be moderated in various medical conditions that requires a low sodium diet. From this, two questions pops out in my mind. One, what are these medical conditions? Two, how common are these? I believe that the more common it is the more people is at risk of this what I thought to be a wrong advertisement practice of Vital C. I did my due diligence and these medical conditions came out. 
Hypertension, Congestive Heart Failure and Kidney failure. 

Now, does this medical condition looks rare to you?


Sodium ascorbate's disadvantages

Disadvantages is not only for ascorbic acid vitamin C, it is also present in sodium ascorbate. Even if Vital C did not mention any, it does not meat that there is none. 
Here below are some of them:

Blood Pressure Effects
One disadvantage of sodium ascorbate is its sodium content. Upon ingestion, the compound into broken into two components: the ascorbate that acts as functional vitamin C, and a sodium ion. As a result, consuming sodium ascorbate counts toward your sodium intake for the day, and excess consumption of both sodium ascorbate and sodium-containing processed foods may lead to high blood pressure over time, according to the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University. If you already suffer from high blood pressure, limit your intake of sodium ascorbate, or consider taking a different type of vitamin C supplement.
Kidney Stones
Another possible disadvantage of sodium ascorbate supplementation is an increased risk of kidney damage and the formation of kidney stones. Your kidneys contain thousands of specialized structures, called nephrons, that act as blood filtering units. Cells within the nephrons form filtration barriers, keeping nutrients in your bloodstream, while transporting waste products into the urine. Increasing the amounts of chemicals in the blood, such as through high supplementation with sodium ascorbate, can put a strain on your kidneys as they filter your blood. The University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) explains that high levels of vitamin C, including sodium ascorbate, lead to the formation of crystals within the kidney, eventually causing potentially painful kidney stones. You can reduce your risk of kidney stones by limiting your vitamin C intake to 1000 mg per day, according to UMMC.

Genetic Mutations
In cases of high levels of supplementation with sodium ascorbate, you may experience serious health effects. One major disadvantage of high sodium ascorbate supplementation is an increased rate of genetic mutation. At high doses, sodium ascorbate acts as a carcinogen -- it can induce the development of genetic mutations in your cells. If you regularly take high doses of the supplement, your cells may develop cumulative mutations that may eventually lead to abnormal cell behavior. The Linus Pauling Institute explains that gene mutations due to excess vitamin C or sodium ascorbate supplementation can lead to cancer, as well as birth defects in a developing fetus. You can prevent this harmful side effect of sodium ascorbate by taking the supplement at a dosage recommended by a medical professional.
Article reviewed by Brandon Nolta Last updated on: Apr 26, 2011

If you did read the articles it will now be clear that there are lots of the claims Vital C make that needs changing. Have a look at this another screen shot from their website:

 As you can see in the picture above, again I marked those phrases with red lines that I want you to take note of. I found it very wrong to encourage pregnant women to take HIGH doses of sodium ascorbate with the study presented by Vital C company that is more than 60 years old . I did not even see links of that said study as a reference. 
In addition, The article above that discussed the disadvantages of sodium ascorbate is updated (Article reviewed by Brandon Nolta Last updated on: Apr 26, 2011). And as you can see, it is a complete contradiction to what Vital C advise to pregnant mothers. A quote from the article about Genetic Mutation effect of sodium ascorbate clearly states "In cases of high levels of supplementation with sodium ascorbate, you may experience serious health effects. One major disadvantage of high sodium ascorbate supplementation is an increased rate of genetic mutation" and "Linus Pauling Institute explains that gene mutations due to excess vitamin C or sodium ascorbate supplementation can lead to cancer, as well as birth defects in a developing fetus".

This evidence convince me more that Vital C only cares about the sales of their sodium ascorbate vitamins and is willing to deceive people by using outdated study results that only benefits them.


My final words

Please do not get me wrong, I do not intend to bad mouth anyone but I need to present the facts in this situation. I need to let people be aware about the dangers brought about by wrong advertising practice. This is also not against sodium ascorbate, this is about the exaggerated health claims and excessive intake advice of Vital C that will potentially harm the public. 

The discovery of sodium ascorbate is wonderful, and it really has a lot to benefit peoples health. However, when abused it will also harm us. So I truly belive it must be regulated. 
Furthermore, this better form of vitamin C is more expensive than the common form ascorbic acid. And I am afraid this might not be easily accessible for the poor. They are the ones that need it badly. 
With this problem I think I maybe of help. I found out that you can easily make your sodium ascorbate at home using the cheap ascorbic acid and baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) 


How to make sodium ascorbate at home 

Things You'll Need

  • Bowl
  • Ascorbic acid powder
  • Baking soda

1. Mix 2 tbsp. ascorbic acid powder with 1 tbsp. baking soda.
2. Add a small amount of water. The mixture will begin to fizz.
3. Mix gently until the fizzing stops. What you have left is sodium ascorbate. 

Tips & Warnings
  • Dosing remedies may vary. Be sure to check with your health care provider before taking any supplements.



This article is not an accusation but is just purely my thoughts and opinions as a result of my own research, critical thinking and common sense. I am also not a professional in any field so this article should not be treated as such. 

If you wish to add a point, suggest an edit, agree or disagree with me your valuable comments are welcomed below. :)