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Vital C scam or not?

vital c scam or not
vital c scam or not?

Vital C is one of the many Networking/MLM companies that exploits one form of vitamin C which is a salt called sodium ascorbate. The company have been around for years founded by Mr Richard L. King. As of the time of this writing they already have a wide range of products but still their main product is the Vitamin C supplement. The major advantage of sodium ascorbate than the usual Vitamin C is its higher PH level compared to Ascorbic acid, which means less irritating and can be taken in higher doses. It can even be safely administered via IV. 

What is the problem with Vital C?

With sodium ascorbate form itself there is no problem. It offers a more bio-available source of vitamin C and sure enough it has wide range of advantages compared to the much cheaper form of vitamin C (ascorbic acid). The main problem here is the regulation, caution and education with the disadvantages of sodium ascorbate that is not stressed by Vital C.
I heard a lot of stories told by its distributors that Vital C has no overdose, anyone can can take is as much as they want and even encourage people to take ridiculously high doses of it for optimum health. For me it looks like they do not know what they are doing or they do not care about the danger they put people into, all they are after are the sales of their product.

I visited their official website to look for any dosage instructions or warnings but I did not found any. Instead I found some claims that I think is questionable.

see pic below:

This picture was taken from their official website: 
I marked it with red lines and circles to take note of those terms that I think is controversial and a proof that there is an advertisement of unregulated intake.


Why is it important to regulate sodium ascorbate?

Sodium ascorbate does not only comes with benefits. It also comes with considerations, warnings and side effects. This is the part where I think Vital C failed to let people know or maybe they do not want you to know. But I believe you need to know.

Read this article from

Sodium ascorbate and other forms of vitamin C are important for the health of bones, connective tissues and blood vessels, and help the body to absorb iron needed for the production of red blood cells. The Linus Pauling Institute notes that vitamin C also acts as a highly effective antioxidant, preventing damage to essential molecules in the body.

Humans do not have the ability to make vitamin C, and must receive it through food sources or nutritional supplements. The FDA recommended daily allowance for vitamin C is 75 to 90 mg per day. Sodium ascorbate supplements benefit those who do not eat a diet high in vitamin C. Sodium ascorbate is preferred over ascorbic acid by those who want to avoid food acidity. This chemical can be added to many foods without affecting their flavor, although sodium ascorbate taken by itself carries a slightly salty taste.

Because sodium ascorbate contains sodium, this form of vitamin C should be avoided by those following a low-sodium diet. A sodium tipsheet provided by the USDA Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion cautions those trying to avoid sodium to limit their intake of sodium ascorbate and other food additives containing sodium. Talk to your doctor before taking vitamin C supplements, because some medicatons and health conditions can affect the way vitamin C is absorbed by the body.

Taken in high doses, sodium ascorbate can lead to negative health effects, including diarrhea, skin irritation and chest pain, according to the Linus Pauling Institute. The recommended upper limit for intake of all forms of vitamin C, including sodium ascorbate, has been set by the FDA at 2,000 mg daily. Prolonged high levels of sodium ascorbate can also damage the kidneys, upper respiratory tract and gastrointestinal tract. Some people may experience an allergic reaction, particularly if taking high doses of vitamin C. Talk to your doctor before taking sodium ascorbate if you have a history of kidney or liver problems or are currently pregnant or breastfeeding.

From the article above, we learned that sodium ascorbate should be moderated in various medical conditions that requires a low sodium diet. From this, two questions pops out in my mind. One, what are these medical conditions? Two, how common are these? I believe that the more common it is the more people is at risk of this what I thought to be a wrong advertisement practice of Vital C. I did my due diligence and these medical conditions came out. 
Hypertension, Congestive Heart Failure and Kidney failure. 

Now, does this medical condition looks rare to you?


Sodium ascorbate's disadvantages

Disadvantages is not only for ascorbic acid vitamin C, it is also present in sodium ascorbate. Even if Vital C did not mention any, it does not meat that there is none. 
Here below are some of them:

Blood Pressure Effects
One disadvantage of sodium ascorbate is its sodium content. Upon ingestion, the compound into broken into two components: the ascorbate that acts as functional vitamin C, and a sodium ion. As a result, consuming sodium ascorbate counts toward your sodium intake for the day, and excess consumption of both sodium ascorbate and sodium-containing processed foods may lead to high blood pressure over time, according to the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University. If you already suffer from high blood pressure, limit your intake of sodium ascorbate, or consider taking a different type of vitamin C supplement.
Kidney Stones
Another possible disadvantage of sodium ascorbate supplementation is an increased risk of kidney damage and the formation of kidney stones. Your kidneys contain thousands of specialized structures, called nephrons, that act as blood filtering units. Cells within the nephrons form filtration barriers, keeping nutrients in your bloodstream, while transporting waste products into the urine. Increasing the amounts of chemicals in the blood, such as through high supplementation with sodium ascorbate, can put a strain on your kidneys as they filter your blood. The University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) explains that high levels of vitamin C, including sodium ascorbate, lead to the formation of crystals within the kidney, eventually causing potentially painful kidney stones. You can reduce your risk of kidney stones by limiting your vitamin C intake to 1000 mg per day, according to UMMC.

Genetic Mutations
In cases of high levels of supplementation with sodium ascorbate, you may experience serious health effects. One major disadvantage of high sodium ascorbate supplementation is an increased rate of genetic mutation. At high doses, sodium ascorbate acts as a carcinogen -- it can induce the development of genetic mutations in your cells. If you regularly take high doses of the supplement, your cells may develop cumulative mutations that may eventually lead to abnormal cell behavior. The Linus Pauling Institute explains that gene mutations due to excess vitamin C or sodium ascorbate supplementation can lead to cancer, as well as birth defects in a developing fetus. You can prevent this harmful side effect of sodium ascorbate by taking the supplement at a dosage recommended by a medical professional.
Article reviewed by Brandon Nolta Last updated on: Apr 26, 2011

If you did read the articles it will now be clear that there are lots of the claims Vital C make that needs changing. Have a look at this another screen shot from their website:

 As you can see in the picture above, again I marked those phrases with red lines that I want you to take note of. I found it very wrong to encourage pregnant women to take HIGH doses of sodium ascorbate with the study presented by Vital C company that is more than 60 years old . I did not even see links of that said study as a reference. 
In addition, The article above that discussed the disadvantages of sodium ascorbate is updated (Article reviewed by Brandon Nolta Last updated on: Apr 26, 2011). And as you can see, it is a complete contradiction to what Vital C advise to pregnant mothers. A quote from the article about Genetic Mutation effect of sodium ascorbate clearly states "In cases of high levels of supplementation with sodium ascorbate, you may experience serious health effects. One major disadvantage of high sodium ascorbate supplementation is an increased rate of genetic mutation" and "Linus Pauling Institute explains that gene mutations due to excess vitamin C or sodium ascorbate supplementation can lead to cancer, as well as birth defects in a developing fetus".

This evidence convince me more that Vital C only cares about the sales of their sodium ascorbate vitamins and is willing to deceive people by using outdated study results that only benefits them.


My final words

Please do not get me wrong, I do not intend to bad mouth anyone but I need to present the facts in this situation. I need to let people be aware about the dangers brought about by wrong advertising practice. This is also not against sodium ascorbate, this is about the exaggerated health claims and excessive intake advice of Vital C that will potentially harm the public. 

The discovery of sodium ascorbate is wonderful, and it really has a lot to benefit peoples health. However, when abused it will also harm us. So I truly belive it must be regulated. 
Furthermore, this better form of vitamin C is more expensive than the common form ascorbic acid. And I am afraid this might not be easily accessible for the poor. They are the ones that need it badly. 
With this problem I think I maybe of help. I found out that you can easily make your sodium ascorbate at home using the cheap ascorbic acid and baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) 


How to make sodium ascorbate at home 

Things You'll Need

  • Bowl
  • Ascorbic acid powder
  • Baking soda

1. Mix 2 tbsp. ascorbic acid powder with 1 tbsp. baking soda.
2. Add a small amount of water. The mixture will begin to fizz.
3. Mix gently until the fizzing stops. What you have left is sodium ascorbate. 

Tips & Warnings
  • Dosing remedies may vary. Be sure to check with your health care provider before taking any supplements.



This article is not an accusation but is just purely my thoughts and opinions as a result of my own research, critical thinking and common sense. I am also not a professional in any field so this article should not be treated as such. 

If you wish to add a point, suggest an edit, agree or disagree with me your valuable comments are welcomed below. :)



  1. It really disgust me that they publish testimonials suggesting to cure diseases as serious as cancer and use it as an alternative to doctors medicine and procedures. Its highly unscientific, dangerous and exaggerated!

    how about the negative testimonials? of course they do not publish it but it exist. and guess what? I have one!

    I have one stroke patient that I put on a low sodium diet. His blood pressure was a great concern because it remains high even with low salt diet and hypertensive medication. It was a mystery at first why his BP never goes down. Until I discovered that he has a friend selling him Vital C and encouraging him to take high doses of it. When I read the label there is the sodium!!
    I immediately ordered that he stop taking it then his bp became normal. If I haven't discovered it and stabilized his BP on time he might be dead right now.

    there goes my story, do you think they will include it in their testimonials?
    of course not!!
    and nobody will know about it and so a lot of people will be at risk not knowing the dangers of taking high doses of sodium ascorbate.

    I also appreciate the author of this blog that he teach people how can they make sodium ascorbate at home. this will save poor people lots of money than buying Vital C which is very expensive.
    one point though, many people mistakenly use baking powder. The correct one is BAKING SODA not baking powder.

  2. My father in law have been taking Vital C for a year now, but his type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure got worst! And just recently he undergo a bypass operation coz of a clogged artery...Is this the power of Vital C?!

  3. yes, power to kill.. haha..

    Vitamin C is good, Sodium ascorbate form is Good.

    ONLY IF PROPERLY REGULATED which I think Vital C failed

  4. Vitamin c is very basic nmn... since baby nga nag tiki2 na. sodium ascorbate, calcium ascorbate, potassium ascorbate, marami pa. iv known people na hindi maganda ung epek sa kanila. regardless of the brand... iv known then first hand na gumaling from cancer and gall stones at marami pa. well, there are two sides of the coin always. we cannot please everybody. besides, vitamins or medicines... are just ways to increase wellness. dpt on the first place pa lng, we should be aware of our health. HEALTH IS BETTER PRESERVED THAN RESTORED.

    I BELIEVE WHATEVER PRODUCTS WE TAKE, PREVENTION IS STILL BETTER THAN CURE. It's not only vital c who has these claims. I think lahat ng sodium ascorbate company have these.

    besides, our information technology is so great already. nano tech... what we learn for the past 100 yrs are very different na. as in updated... ganun na ka sophisticated. besides, reference pg uusapan, magkakatalo na lng kung sino at kung anong field of expertise nila, at kelan na research. kasi bka wala pang microscope nun.. heheh. just joking.. benefit of the doubt.

    lahat nasa internet na. wala nang secrets. yumaman or maging healthy... Everything with risks. But you'll never know unless you take risk. I think that's one irony of life.

    i'm very much open to opportunities and something new. really appreciate the good and bad. dts y i investigate... it really pays to be educated. mahirap kasi kng sino pa ung walang alam, sila pa ung marami sinasabi. kng tatanungin mo, ituturo sa nagsabi...

    its information age. we should be informed. not just relying to opinions and negative impressions. im speaking for myself.

    1. i was pregnant.. taking sodium ascorbate of 5,000 mg and more from 4months onwards. bt js 500-2,000mg for the first trimester. as advised by my ob and medical consultant. i bore a very healthy 7.5 lbs baby boy. normal delivery.

      i was overdue for 1 week. but my baby was fine. very clean. my room mate, also bore her son overdue 1 week and her baby ate dirt, feces, and dirt materials inside. antibiotic was administered.

      im now pregnant for my 2nd baby. pls pray for me. hope all pregnant will bear a healthy child.

    2. Congratulations with your baby, I am glad to know you followed what your OB and medical consultants recommend. They know best than what is advertised. Also, your dosage may not be applicable to other pregnant mothers, It might be lesser than that, it is still best to consult their individual doctors before taking anything. It is very dangerous to assume and do what is advertised by companies like Vital C with the motive to make more sales.

      Testimonials are very subjective, not a very good basis. The best way is to read the labels printed by regulating body such as BFAD. What it is, what it is for, what it does and does not. If it is not written there then don't assume.

      If a person with cancer taking Vitamin C survived cancer, It is very ignorant for us to Immediately conclude that Vitamin C cures it. We never know what is happening inside his/her unique body and chemistry.

    3. Sodium if not coupled with chloride cannot initiate increase heart muscle contractility. Of course sodium causes depolarisation. Heart muscle are myogenic and the opening of the sodium channel is generated by virtue of the voltage gated sodium channel and the calcium -sodium tandem channels which creates the starting potential. When sodium ion gets inside the cell, chloride ion follows to create a partial re-polarization of the membrane, thus adding up more potentials to contract. When chloride is not controlled, it will surely increase heartbeat thus causing hypertension.

      After sodium has influxed, potassium ions flow outside the cell because the channel is opened when depolarization has occured. This will bring more repolarization thus there will be more potentials created. Now after this, the sodium potassium pump has to take place in order to restore the polarized state of the heart cells.

      Sodium ascorbate cannot initiate increase hypertension

      Sodium alone is not responsible for creating the heart cell potential to increase heart rate contraction.

      Dr. Jose Micabalo Oclarit

    4. bakit yung source mo galing sa

      eto, hinde ako nagkukunwaring doctor. you can check if what I am saying is true or not, this fact is readily verifiable in the internet.

      Its the fact that sodium attracts water, if you have that in your blood of course your blood increase in volume causing high blood pressure, its not about the cardiac muscle contraction as explained in a jargon way above in an attempt to make it look valid just because its using technical terms..

    5. TAMA! extra mile research ka muna DOCTOR...wag ka muna dakdak marami ha...

  5. Reading your blog almost caused me to stop taking Vital C , but so far I'm feeling good than before and to add , my allergic rhinitis was gone. What you have implied above is TAKING SODIUM ASCORBATE in HIGH DOSAGE. i.e about pregnant moms , you've pointed out about taking it in high dosage. Probably one of the reasons why a woman who gave birth to a healthy child can't stop from herself from commenting. I commend you for taking the extra-mile to research, but I was hoping that you should not be biased in giving your opinions. Vital C did not claim to take more than the allowable 2000 mg for pregnant woman.

    1. tell that to vital c distributors. they will even force you to take 1 kilogram of vit C a day just to sell their stuff or to recruit you.. lol

  6. We can't always rely with personal opinions, testimonials, personal researches over the internet, even though it pays to educate ourselves and ask for 2nd or 3rd expert opinions. However, it is always best to ask the Experts, just like Dr, Oclarit, who actually recommends and prescribes vitamin c in the treatment of different illnesses. What kind of brand, be it an ascorbic acid form or the sodium ascorbate form, that is up to us.

    Inquire or message Dr. Jose Micabalo Oclarit directly in Facebook.

    He specializes in Molecular Biology and Applied Biochemistry, Medical Physiology, Genetic Engineering, Natural Products Chemistry and Pharmacognosy.

    He's a distinguished scientist and a professor for the scientific community (a teacher of doctors) both international and national. Currently he is also Professor of Medical Physiology & Biochemistry at the Mathias H. Aznar Memorial College of Medicine of Southwestern University, Cebu City. So, if you want to personally consult or inquire from him, you can also find him there.

  7. i was a vital c user...and i believe to their products...until now im a user of their vitamin c and i found out that i was so energetic all day unlike addition to this my appetite was also improved...i was also diagnosed pneumonia in both doctor told me to take co amociclav...but instaead of taking...i take vitl c vitamin c and after 1 month of continous taking when i reundrgo medical x ray my infection in lung was gone.....proud to b a vital c user

  8. Helo there everyone im one of the satisfied user of vital c and also a dealer in 3 long years up to present i take 4caps everyday pag may fever ako vital c pain every time i get sick.. coz im so afraid with doctors theres one time my brother rushed me go to hospital coz i got so sick in a month i take bio flu.robitusin.pain killer.but still my fever my cough dicongested was very bad that was 2009 march,1. doctor gave me i dont know what kind of medicines but i dont want remember coz every time i tink about that i get scared and everytime i get sick i go my private doctor or i feeling sick i take biogesic.robitusin for cough.for pain i forgot na some medicines coz of vital c i only take in 3years .the next day i almost die when i take the medicines doctor gave to me.i feeling so terrible that time.i just fight im my mind and i trust god im so thankful im still alive. actually im almost bed riden coz i take ascorbic acid and iron ferousulfate.but still my kidney stone atack me so painful i almost undergo for 2days in the hospital but we dont have budget its too expensive i was so sick but becoz of vital c im feeling ok now my back whole body wow i thank god so much my health is better now thats why im still trusting with vital c i have so much more to say for vital c juz c for ur self...god bless more vital c please dont be afraid taking vtal c we have different body but im satisfied taking vital c for life

    1. Ms. Lovely taga saan po kayo.naghahanap po ako ng dealer ng vital c? Taga binan laguna po ako,baka matulungan nyo ako san makakabili.

  9. sorry to disappoint, but that story is not so believable, especially you are selling those stuff.. I need some more convincing than that.. :)

    1. Everybody has their own personal story and experience using Vital-C. If you dont believe,then be it. We dont care about your opinion.

    2. as i have said before im not a dealer,im just a user of their products...and i found out that their products was really good...not only their vitamin c but all their products...and i dont care about those nonsense people who dont want to believe it...cguro sa ibang networking ka at gusto m sa inyo kami gumamit ng produkto sorry to tell but i dont want to use other products anymore except these vital c..


  10. Vital C-they are after the SALES !!!they are not much concernd on the health issues of theier prosfect clients.--

    1. kung sales lang concern e di WAG KA BUMILI, tapos simple lng diba..

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    Also, thanks for permitting me to comment!

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  12. Doctors Profile

    Ariel T. Baira, MD
    Medical Director
    Vital C Health Products, Inc.

    Dr. Ariel T. Baira is currently Vital C Health Products Inc., Medical Director. He has been with the company since its early inception during the last quarter of 2007.

    He obtained his Doctor of Medicine and premed course (Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology) at Far Eastern University Dr. Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation in 1982.

    His specialization is in Obstetrics and Gynecology and he is presently a regular staff in the Dept. of Obstetrics & Gynecology of Asian Hospital & Medical Center since 2002.

    He was given the opportunity to go abroad in 1993 as one of only two Filipino medical doctors in Belau National Hospital in the Republic of Palau, Micronesia. When he came back in 1997, he got the chance to be a part of a study of the aging male population offering a solution to Erectile Dysfunction and was given the privilege to have training in Sydney, Australia in 1998. He then continued his practice both in female and male reproductive health.

    He took up and finished a Masters degree in Business Administration in Healthcare Management from Ateneo Graduate School of Business at Rockwell, Makati in 2005. Realizing that his specialty is female-dominated, he then decided to widen his medical practice by going through several trainings in complementary and alternative medicine since 2003.

    He is also a Consultant in the Center for Advanced Complementary Medicine in Manila. He is also a former Training Director for 2 Medical Transcription schools in Metro Manila and was also responsible for the development of a trainor's manual in medical transcription and prepared a transcription courseware during his stint as a training director in med trans.

  13. Jose M. Oclarit, Ph.D.
    Medical Consultant
    Vital C Health Products, Inc.

    Dr. Jose M. Oclarit was born in 1957 at Saray, Salay, Misamis Oriental, the 3rd child out of 10 children. At present he is a Professor of Medicine and Biochemistry and the Director Research at the Matias H Aznar Memorial College of Medicine of Southwestern University, Cebu City, Philippines. Also he is the Vice President for Product Research and Development and Medical Consultant of the Vital C Health Products, Inc.

    In 2008, he became connected with the Integrated Health Care Center in Colton, California, an alternative but biointegrative health care center in the United States of America. He had a hands on 32 different modalities of treatment and diagnosis in treating cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases under the guidance of Dr. Ariel Garcia and Dr. Vigilanda M. Solijon. Until present, he remains the Medical Consultant and Biochemist of the Center. In 2011, he was one of the Professors at the Intergrated Health Center who had offered the degree of Doctor of Natural Medicine.

    In 1979 he finished his Pre-Medicine and Marine Biology degrees from the Mindanao State University, Marawi City and 1987, his Master of Science in Physiology from the University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City. In 1994, Hiroshima University, Hiroshima, Japan conferred on him his Ph.D. in Applied Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with his study on the Chemical and Biological Studies of Bioactive Compounds Obtained from Marine Sponges of Japan.

    Dr. Oclarit have also obtained post doctoral degrees in 3 major areas: (1) molecular biology and (2) fatty acid analysis (1996-1997) at the National Institute for Advanced Science and Technology) in Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan; and (3) calcium regulation related to depression and other neurological disorders (Nov. 2001 – February 2002) under the tutorship of Dr. John Crayton and Dr. Lukasz Konopka of the Edward Hines, Jr. Hospital for Veteran Affairs, Hines, Illinois, USA.

    In 1996, Dr. Oclarit received the National Outstanding Young Scientist of the Philippines Award in the field of Applied Biochemistry). This is the most prestigious award for science in Philippines, awarded yearly by the National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST), the highest collegial body of Philippine Science affiliated with the Royal Society of London, England.

    Dr. Oclarit was a professor of Applied Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the Department of Biological Science, MSU-IIT. He was an adjunct professor in Oncogenesis, Medical Physiology, and Neurophysiology at the College of Medicine, MSU, Marawi City. For 5 years he had been a visiting scientist at the National Institute of Advanced Science and Technology and the Chugoku National Industrial Research Institute, Agency of Industrial Science and Technology, both in Japan.

    Dr. Oclarit has been invited to speak in international scientific meetings. He was a speaker and a participant in the International Conference on OCEANS (May 11-14, 2009 – Bremen, Germany); the Alfred Russel Wallace International Conference (2008 – Indonesia); the International Faith and Learning Seminar (2008 – Loma Linda, CA, USA; the International Conference on OCEANS (2007 – Scotland, UK); the International Symposium on Biotechnology: Basic and Application (2003 – Spain); the International Symposium on Marine Bioprocess Engineering (1998 – the Netherlands); the Asian Network on Microbial Researches (1999 – Thailand; 1998 – Indonesia); and the 7th Asian Chemical Congress (1996 – Japan) and speaks several times in Asia Paific Ministerial Council Meeting held in Indonesia in 2011

    Dr. Oclarit has also been given international travel and grants to visit China, Germany, the USA, London, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Japan, Spain, France, Thailand, Singapore, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and Dublin, Republic of Ireland

  14. Dr. Amelia S. Arcilla

    Patient 1. One week history of swelling and pain of both ankles and feet. Vital C was prescribed, 1 capsule 4 times daily in 2 days time. Swelling and pain subsided. Patient 2. Male, 47 years old suffering from depression, anxiety, insomia and high blood pressure. Prescribed with Vital C capsule 4 times daily, after 1 week blood pressure went down and became stable to 130/80 (initial BP before Vital C is 160/100), sleep improved, anxiety lessened significantly. Patient 3. 7-yr old male with skin disease or skin asthma. Skin appeared, coarse with white spots, after taking Vital C for 1 month 2 times daily, skin lesions disappeared.

  15. Diosdada B. Esconde
    Licanan, Lasang, Davao City

    Ang laki ng aking pasasalamat sa Vital C! Meron akong Breast Cancer (R) III-B at Bronchitis. 9 years na akong naghihirap sa ganitong sakit. Ang pinakamasakit, lumaki po ito, namaga at pumutok. Ang daming dugo at nana (pus) na lumabas. Ang sakit po talaga at hirap na hirap ako sa pag papagamot dahil sa kakulangan ng pera. Ang butas na sugat ng aking breast nung umpisa ay kasing sukat ng 25 sentimong barya (coin) hanggang sa ito ay lumaki. Nung pinasubok sa akin ang Vital C ni Ms. Mary Jane Anillo, agad ko itong ininom! Sinimulan ko ang pag inom ng Vital C ng 15 capsules 3x a day noong June, 2009 hanggang ngayon. Lalong lumabas ang dugo at dumi sa sugat. Hindi ako natakot at tinuloy-tuloy ko ang pag inom! Pagkalipas ng ilang buwan, lumiliit na ang sugat, at ito?y natutuyo. Ang pamamaga ay nawala, ang sugat ay tuluyan nang naghilom! Hinding-hindi ko po makakalimutan ang tulong na naibigay sa akin ng Vital C!

  16. madalas po, na may dugo ang dumi ko pag dumudumi po
    ako pwede po ba akong magtake ng vital c?

  17. Brilliant review, thank you! I am a big advocate for the Vital C range, actually I highly rate all of the Image Skincare products, they are high quality and seem to suit my skin type. I usually stock up on my Image Skincare supply on from

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  20. sodium ascorbate is the best and most bio-available form of vitamin c. this review is flawed since according to research, there are no proven side effects of sodium ascorbate. Sodium in sodium ascorbate is not sodium chloride which affects blood pressure. these are all myths and no proven scientific study. haha i should say.

    I am not from vital-c, rather, i am promoting another brand. it does not matter what brand I am promoting but the benefit society will get :D

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  22. Dont Listen to Lies....Vital C is the best and we have been using it and helping lots of people.


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