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Todaysnet Online Marketing Scam or Not?

todaysnet scam or not
todaysnet scam or not

A newly launched company caught my attention. They call themselves TODAYS NET ONLINE MARKETING CO. I still don't have the names of the owners of this company as they are not readily available. This could be a RED FLAG. However, I have a strong belief that the name that appears on their mayors permit is the owner. Mr or Ms. RV Calamaya, who's name also appears as a registrant name in domain name, their official website.  Unfortunately, that is all we can get, a name initial and a family name, not a very good sign.

Office address:
Unit-A, 2nd Floor 167 RCB Square (RPLACE) Casamilan Commercial Building, Commonwealth Extension, Greater Lagro, Novaliches Quezon City
Official website: WWW.TODAYSNET.BIZ
Investment needed to join: 200php




If you notice those red circles. Those are the signs in my opinion makes this a dodgy company. Fist, all we can get from the owners info is only name initials and a family name. Second this permit is only valid until the end of this year, which is only a month from now. And lastly they only have one employee which I think is almost impossible to operate this kind of business. Or, this business permit is inaccurate.


Still the same red flag I found in its mayors permit. It is only valid until a month from now.

For me if you are going to build a serious business, at least register your domain for three years. The domain www. will expire in September next year. This is not a very good sign. 

Compensation Plan

I do not have much to discuss about their compensation plan. Its pretty simple and straightforward, There are only 3 ways to earn.

1. Direct Referral
2. 3-Pass UP
3. Force Matrix

I don't think I would need to expand more, Its plain and simple, its all about RECRUITING.
And do I have to say what kind of business this is? For those who want to hear it, Yes! For me it is called a PYRAMIDING SCHEME.

The first time I encountered this company I thought this would be another variation of adszense and todayadz but I was wrong. I realized that Todaysnet (200php) was more like in the middle of Supreme Wealth Alliance (2,500php) and Gold Club 50 (50php). All of them, are for me, a Pyramid Scheme, they all are just about recruiting and having ebooks as a sort of product. But what is the value of ebooks? For sure there are those that are high quality that is worth your money but there are also a lot of them that you can get for FREE. The question now is, what kind of ebooks does this dodgy websites have? Are they that premium? Or you can just get them for free?

They argue that they are valued because of master resell rights but what happens to a master resell rights bought over and over? will there still be value for that? Lets take for example Supreme Wealth Alliance and their library of ebooks with master resell rights. No one can stop a member to download all those ebooks in the library and distribute it in the internet in an exchange for an email or even totally free.

It seems to me they are exploiting this new ebook technology because they know many of us are still ignorant of the facts behind this new innovation.

I can't help but remember an old funny story about poor parents living in the mountains that can not even read and write, selling their Carabaos and parcels of agricultural lands because their children studying in the city are asking money, for their school projects called Verb, Noun, Night Out, Iphone and Ipad.

We all laugh at those poor ignorant parents but this time, with these websites and their ebooks we should be laughing at ourselves. This time the joke is on us. It is now up to you if you will be like those poor parents, be fooled and give the money or choose to be clever and wise and never let anyone put a dung over your head.


The article above is purely my opinion as a result of my own research, critical thinking and common sense. This may never be considered as an accusation.

If you want to share your own opinions, agree or disagree with me, your valuable comments are highly appreciated below. :)  


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  2. Please BEWARE of SCAM FRAUD by Economic Frauds Detection & Prevention Inc.

    Economic Frauds Scam -

    Around May 23, this year my office received a call from a representative (he refused to mention his name) from Economic Frauds Detection & Prevention Inc. telling us that someone had filed a damaging complaint against our company, although he would give no further details, and we have no knowledge of any such complaint. During the conversation, he suggested that we should make a payment of $650 and in return that they will not make the complaint public as it would damage our reputation. We told him that we would think about it, because it is a corporate matter, and we don't have the discretion to make payments for reasons like this without approval from our bosses. Up until this week, they have been calling us about it continuously. They even threatened to make our company famous with the information that they have by exaggerating the complaint and posting it publicly on their site and all over the internet. They even gave us their site name, which is, and asked us to check for ourselves what had happened to other companies that refused to settle with them in the past.


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