Thursday, 6 September 2012

Amway, Scam or Not?

Amway Scam or Not
Amway, Scam or Not

Amway is the oldest existing MLM company. They have been in business since 1959 in the United States. Now they are operating in more or less 100 countries worldwide. At present they have millions of distributors worldwide most of them from India and Thailand. Their products are mostly in health and wellness industry, best selling is the vitamins supplement called Nutrilite. I expect most of the people already knew about Amway so there is not much I can discuss. I will just go straight to the point here.

If networking or MLM companies don't last long why is Amway still in business today? 
Surely many people have made money on this but how many didn't?

Is Amway, Scam or Not?


  1. Amway is still in business because it's gotten too big to bring down. They donate millions of dollars to people in power who can protect them. In fact, up until several years ago, the head of the FTC (the department responsible for shutting down scams like MLM) was associated with Amway. The MLM industry as a whole has many political connections. Look it up. These officials in power receive too much money from them to want to bring them down. On top of that, investors love MLM companies because profits are almost always increasing. Why? Because as long as more people join an MLM company, profits will always increase. Only in MLM do you have this situation.

    MLM companies, in theory, can't last long because if you look at the numbers, they'd run out of people to recruit. If you start with just 1 person today and that person recruits just 2 people within a month and those 2 do the same and so on each month, the entire population would be in MLM in under 2 years! The reason why this hasn't happened is because of the extremely high failure rate.

  2. yes, only very few of the amway population is rich, those who are sitting in the top of the pyramid.

  3. Sa gumawa ng site nato,ask ko lang?

    Magkano binayad sayo ng amway para hindi ka maglagay ng bad or good issue sa kanila?


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