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Richter Phil Global scam or not?

Not many of you maybe familiar with this MLM company because they are very new. Its called
Richter Phil Global. 

Company's History

They started with a clinic named Richter Alternative Clinic (RAC) it was established on 14 May 1994 in General Santos City, Philippines with a single proprietorship. They offer outpatient services using alternative modalities such as Hydrotherapy (Colonics), Iris Analysis, Herbs and Food supplements.

In 1998, they  expand their branch in Davao City, A Major City in Mindanao Philippines. By the year 2000, their branches can now be found in Visayas area specifically in Cebu City and in Luzon, Metro Manila.
In the year 2001they claim to be practicing holistic and scientific approaches to treatment. They now use the aid of standard medical laboratory test such as MRI and CT scan. However, They still use alternative controversial exam and monitoring like Live Blood Analysis and Iris Analysis.
And just this year 2012 they lunch the company Richter Phil Global.

Products and services

These are photos taken from one of their advertisement:

check points:
-I have second thoughts with this therapy, if they remove the bad bacteria are they going to retain the good ones? I'm not sure if its good to mess up the normal intestinal flora.
-they talk of these bacterias causing cancer, respiratory illness, headaches, high blood pressure, abdominal pains and digestive problems. what bacterias are these and are these serious claims supported by research?

 check points:
-in steam bath what is catarrh of th upper respiratory tract?
-I agree! vitamin C is an immune system booster but are you sure it is better given intravenously? do any approved research supports that vitamin C cleanses and detoxifies the blood?
-biotens therapy have long been used as pain management but it is not AN ALL AROUND EXTERMINATION OF PAIN.. from what I know its is used only as a form of distraction from pain. it distracts you from your feeling of pain by delivering tiny tingling zaps which feels good rather than concentrating on your pain. In addition, I don't know any study that says it recharges the body and increase your resistance against fatigue and diseases. 

check point:
-what is that bacteria that destroy good blood cells and damage organs? I also don't think electricity chooses what to destroy and its only bacteria. for me its just like heat/fire kills bacteria, but not only that any living thing with high intensity of it they are dead.
- in the description, biozapper helps eliminate destructive bacteria by use of electric current then why is it especially effective for the likes of asthma and allergy? these are generally not bacterial.

 check point:
- I really doubt all this claims they have with their products. this should be regulated by some government body and produce some paperwork proving this claims before publishing it to the public.

-Iris analysis is a controversial way to diagnose a disease. real doctors do not use this.
-Coffee Enema??? Is that what I think it is??? coffee into your asshole??? 

Compensation Plan

This article about their compensation plan was from their sulit ad post: 

With an enrollment fee of Php1,880.00 to this new mlm, not only you'll have access to Richter's Health and Wellness program and products, but you will also get to earn while taking care of your health from the various earning ways the company has designed for you.
As an enrolled member, you are entitled to receive. . .  .
1.   Direct Selling Income - 15 to 25% on all products and services
2.   Referral Bonus - you are to get Php300 pesos on your direct referrals
3.   Motivator Bonus - you are to get Php200 pesos on the people you motivate
Note for #2 and #3, You can get both the Referral and Motivator bonus (Php500 per pay in) if the person who pays in was referred by you and at the same time, it is you explained to him/her how the business works.
4.   Entry Uni-Level - aside from the bonuses mentioned above, you will also receive Php50 for every person who joined your network down to your 7th generation.  For example, you recruited 3 persons under you, and they did the same down to your seventh level, your Entry Uni-Level computation will look like this;
First level - 3 x 50 = 150
Second level - 3 x 3 = 9 x 50 = 450
Third level - 9 x 3 = 27 x 50 = 1,350
Fourth level - 27 x 3 = 81 x 50 = 4,050
Fifth level - 81 x 3 = 243 x 50 = 12,150
Sixth level - 243 x 3 = 729 x 50 = 36,450
Seventh level - 729 x 3 = 2187 x 50 = 109,350
That's a whopping Php163,950 for you one time just by sponsoring 3 people under your network. Just imagine if you will do this on a 5, 7 or 9 duplication model.  You do the math!!!
5.   Global Fund - for every enrollment, Richter allots Php50.00 for global fund.  This will be distributed among the enrollees who gets to sponsor at least 4 people in any given month.  If you sponsor 4 people, you are entitled to one share, 8 gets 2 shares and 12 sponsorships gets 3 shares.  There is no limit here, sponsor as many people as you want and get more shares.  A fraction of 4 sponsorship doesn't count though.
Global Fund Example -  Global Fund for the Month Php5,000,000.00
Number of Qualifiers - 100 Distributors
Php5,000,000.00/100 = Php50,000.00/share
6.   Personal Rebates - every time you make a  purchase, a point will be credited to your name.  All points accumulated by your members down to infinity, will also be reflected in your account.  The bigger and more active your group is, the faster you can reach the position waiting for you.  And the beauty about the system, no points will be lost, there is a chance that you will be pushed up (if your downlines are more active than you are), there is no time limit to accumulate your points.
Vacant Positions with the respective rebates;
Distributor - 15%
Gold - 25%
Ruby - 30%
Platinum - 36%
Diamond - 40%
Once you have 3 gold distributors under your name, you will be promoted to Ruby, 7 golds will make you a platinum and 9 gold will promote you to Diamond.

7.   Overriding Commission - this type of income I believe is very basic among networkers.  Higher minus lower rebate from all of your first level downlines.
8.  Leadership Bonus - in other companies, once your downline/s catches you on the same position, you're just gonna have to live with that.  But with Richter, we have something called Leadership Bonus.  Once your downline catches your position, you will get 0% overriding commission yes, but you will be entitled to a leadership bonus of 5% for all your first generation that catches you on the same level, 4% on the second generation, 3% on the third, 2% on your fourth and 1% on your fifth gen.
9.   Monthly Uni-Level Income - every purchase made by anyone under your network, an amount shall be credited to your account.    For example, if all of your downlines down to the seventh generation of your network, you shall be credited php25 for all the said transactions.  Computation shall be as follows;
First level - 3 x 25= 75
Second level - 3 x 3 = 9 x 250 = 225
Third level - 9 x 3 = 27 x 25 = 675
Fourth level - 27 x 3 = 81 x 25 = 2025
Fifth level - 81 x 3 = 243 x 25 = 6,075
Sixth level - 243 x 3 = 729 x 25 = 18,225
Seventh level - 729 x 3 = 2187 x 25 = 54,675
That's a whopping Php81,975 for you monthly as long as there is product movement and just by sponsoring 3 people under your network. Just imagine if you will do this on a 5, 7 or 9 duplication model.  You do the math!!!
10. Performance Bonus - this bonus starts at the Ruby position and will entitle the achiever a 2% additional income for a job well done.
11. Car and Travel Fund - again starts a the Ruby position, 2% will be given to Ruby, Platinum and Diamond position holders that they could spend for car and travel.  Since you will receive cash, there is no limitation as to where will you use the money, be it in your children's education, a new house or just another asset vehicle.
12.  Profit Sharing - this earning starts on the Platinum position.  The Platinum distributor is entitled to a 1.5% share while the Diamond level is rightful for a 3% share.
All of these are real, no scam no hype!!!  You can doubt all you want of course, but doubting will not make your life better.  If it would, then I rest my case and put my hands down but that is not the case.  It is working for your goal, focusing on what you are to do and putting effort on things.  No get rich quick scheme here, just pure business opportunity.

We invite you to join us on business orientation meeting every weeknights.  You'll also get the opportunity to taste the products that we offer and decide if it is good or what.

A business kit of Php3,888.00 is also available.  It comes with a different set of products and 500 personal point value making you a distributor the moment you sign up!!!  How good is that?

Did you notice something?
It is only in number 1 that they mention of direct selling the rest up to number 12 its all about referral, recruiting and positions. red flags should be raised by now..

 If this is a scam this is serious.. not only you will be financially sick there is a great possibilities you will be seriously ill..

I need your feed back now

Is Richter Phil Global scam or not?


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