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Organo Gold Coffee Scam or not?

organo gold scam
organo gold scam

Organo gold is an MLM company started by Bernardo Chua. Although this company is based the U.S.A. the founder is not new to the Philippines.
Bernardo Chua teamed up with Shane Morand his co-founder and Holton Buggs their vice president, a veteran MLM executive and a black American. Possibly the reason why Organo Gold is popular mainly with the American Blacks. Another name worth mentioning is Josephine Roxas, the Philippines's Country manager of Oregano Gold.

The company exploits one of the worlds most consumed beverages and traded commodity which is coffee. They claim to make coffee healthy by adding Ganoderma (reishi mushroom) into the coffee mix. An ingredient that have been used for over a thousand years in traditional Chinese medicine. 

Compensation plan

Summarizing the compensation plan there are 7 ways to earn:

1. selling organo gold products to retail costumers and earn profits of up to 100%. Paid daily and/or weekly. 
2.  sell OG promotional product and earn immediately from $20-$150
3. build your downline one on the left and one on the right. potential earnings for you is $50,000. Paid weekly
4. Bonus from products ordered and re orders of your downlines 9 levels deep. Paid monthy
5. earn a percentage of the Unilevel Bonus earned by your Personally Sponsored Distributors, up to 4 levels deep. 
6. Become an OG Leader. You can earn additional bonuses as deep as four generations of qualified sapphire distributors and above.
7.The ultimate reward. qualify in sharing 3% of Total Worldwide Unilevel commissionable volume


As you can see from the summary, the compensation plan is very lucrative. And personally for me I would raise a red flag half way just because of that. 
But what really makes me give it a one full red flag are the numbers 3 to 7 in the compensation plan. Where would they get the money to generously compensate all those useless layers 4 to 9 levels deep? There is no other source I see, it would either be the costly fee paid to join or an overpriced product, and possibly both. Another thing that would make me think the products would be priced ridiculously high is the packaging they use. 
Although I am not really sure of this, I posted a picture below and its for you to decide if a substantial portion of the product price is paid for the package it comes with. 

To me it looks like it is a carton of an expensive bottle of wine. 

For a more detailed compensation plan 

If you did visit the detailed compensation plan in pdf file format, I don't want you to miss the Income disclosure written in a faded ink at the foot of pages 5 onwards. I do not know why this is written in a way that it could be ignored when it is one of the most important detail for people to consider when making a decision. But just in case you did miss that, here it is below, bold and clear

Income Disclosure: We estimate that, in Canada, the average plan participant
will earn between $200.00 and $300.00 per year.

Does $200 -$300  per year income still looks attractive to you? Well, this is the reality! The chances of you being successful and earn tens of thousands of dollars is only 2%, about 1 in every 48 people. This is worst than betting all you got on one of 38 numbers in an American Roulette casino game.


Company Issues

For a good background check of a company one must know all issues the company is facing. One of well known issues involving Organo Gold is the accusations of Jay Noland, a co-founder of Oregano Gold who got terminated from the company. Here is a list of his accusations: 
1) The Lawsuit 
2) Breach of Integrity 
3) Deceptive Trade Practices 
4) Lies and Back-Stabbing 
5) Multiple Business Centers owned by the People at the TOP 
6) How the company was put together
7) How some people are not getting their checks and/or products on time 
Interestingly alarming audio calls made by Jay Noland about these allegations are available for everyone to hear. Visit:( Also, a Class Action Lawsuit is planned to be launched by a group of cheated distributors against Organo Gold. If you are one of those victims you can contact the group in this email

Be it clear that these allegations are not yet proven so it will not be a basis of judgement against Organo Gold. However, I feel that the public has the right to know and that this will be an essential consideration for their decision if this company is right for them.

Why I think Organo Gold will fail in the Philippines

Filipinos love coffee like Americans do and it has been around in the Philippines for a long time. Saying that, there is a huge demand for coffee here, but so is the fierce competition.
Will Organo Gold stand out from the competition? Is ganoderma coffee mix unique to Organo Gold? My answer is a big NO, there is nothing unique to Organo coffee that other competitors do not have. I am proud to say my coffee brand is a lot better than organo gold.
Jimm's coffee better than organo gold
Jimm's coffee better than organo gold

This coffee brand is available in retail outlets and not involved in a MLM scheme. I would predict Organo gold products will be no match in terms of competitive price against Jimm's coffee.

Jimms coffee have more healthy herbs than organo gold
Jimms coffee have more healthy herbs than organo gold

 If Organo gold is advertising their coffee as healthy just because of Ganoderma addition, take a look at this picture on the right. See how many more herbs aside from Ganoderma are in Jimms coffee.

I hope I have shown you enough and hopefully it is clear to you why I believe organo gold products will not likely prosper here in the Philippines. If they argue that you are paying a huge extra just because of the business opportunity that comes with Organo gold then that could be another red flag and is a ground for considering Organo gold as a "product based pyramid scheme". A rule states that for a MLM company to legitimate the product must have a "fair market value".


The article above are my personal views and  is the product of my own research, critical thinking and common sense. I am also no expert in journalism or in any field. I am just an ordinary bloke expressing my own thoughts and opinions. Therefore this can not be used as a professional reference.

If you wish to add points, suggestions, agree or disagree with me your valuable comments below are very welcomed 

Is Organo Gold Coffee Scam or not?


  1. Haven't heard about this yet, good thing my mom love her Jimms 7n1 coffee than this, definitely I wont recommend this to her!!!

    Btw, can you pls take a look on Nutratech, I think their previous name is Nutrisense International and now they were called Nutratech Global, I want your insights about that company too..thanks looking forward for your artcle.

    1. Thank you for the comment,

      Unfortunately my list is full right now but for sure I will put Nutratech Global on the line..


    2. Organo Gold reviews your surprise, you find out that the negative outweighs the positive. Why? Because there are so many allegations that Organo Gold reviews is a scam. Here are some topics that you may have encountered online that feature Organo Gold reviews Scam and top reasons why not to join: Organo Gold reviews.

    3. Organo Gold is not a SCAM! Can I lose weight while drinking your coffee??? So far, my blood numbers have all been right in place, and I have lost over 70lbs. just by adding this coffee to my daily day. I have not changed one single thing to my daily day! You are just jealous that others are making money where you are not,and to say that there is "sexual innuendos" going on, its against company policy! Drinking is against the policy anywhere we have a meeting and OG does things top notch, cross all T's and dot all i's. I Love ORGANO GOLD!!! Go OG!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. All the information posted here by those people that are critically against Organo Gold are obviously thoughts that are coming from outsiders. If you are an insider of Organo Gold and you personally know the product quality, the price, the cost of joining, the compensation plan, you will certainly just smile at these cynical posts and comments. :)

    2. toinks, pag insider one sided, syempre kahit kasinungalingan sasabihin para makabenta.. ahehe..

    3. Kapag insider ka, informed ka. Mas malawak ang nalalaman. Hindi porke insider, one-sided. Am I clear on that? Ang problema sa mga critics dito, comment lang ng comment na kulang naman pala ang alam nila about Organo Gold dahil outsider sila.

      Yung owner ng blog na ito, alam ko ang gusto mangyari nito eh. Blogger din ako bro. Sinasakyan nyo ang mga trends sa keywords search sa Google, at mga hilig ng mga cynics and critics on discussing what will be the next potential scam. Maraming mga ganito sa internet, kaya nga kapag nag search ka sa Google about a certain company, out of 10 search results, 7 dyan ay about scam, kahit na yung government mismo ng country kung saan nag-o-operate ang company na yun e declared nila na hindi scam kundi legitimate ang company na yun. Itong mga ganitong mga website, sometimes, nakakasawa ng basahin or tingnan. Lalo na kapag nabasa mo yung post...

      Just like for example, in the post about by this blogger, tinitira nya yung disclaimer dun sa pdf presentation ng OG compensation plan na in Canada daw, the average OG distributor will earn too little. Alam nyo ba bakit nilagay ng Organo Gold yun? Naiintindihan nyo ba kung ano ang "income disclaimer"? Na kapag iniligay mo dun e malaking income, sasabunin ka ng government for putting up big income claim.

      Alam mo itong mga critics na ito, sala sa init sala sa lamig. Kaya kaming mga business-builders, after defending our positions on this, hindi na namin pinag-aaksayahan makipag debate sa mga ganitong tao kasi useless lang e, unproductive. Hindi dapat pinag-aaksayahan ng panahon ang mga ganitong debate.

      Yung mga OG distributors na makakabasa nito, scratch nyo na ito, diretso na kayo sa kung ano mang activities ang plano nyo gawin ngayon, may maganda pa kayong ma-a-accomplish! ;)

    4. How about the People?17 December 2012 at 20:45

      para sa inyo na insider bakit nyo pa kailangan ng info? syempre business nyo na atupagin nyo at panu mang recruit ang problema sinasabi nyo ba sa mga nirerecruit nyo lahat sa seminar for example?

      yang income disclaimer it is actually very good that it was emphasized here, that is the kind of truth na hinde lalabas sa mga recruitment seminars nyo.

      again for the insiders walang silbe itong debate na ito pero FOR THE GENERAL PUBLIC / PEOPLE this a very important venue to get honest whole picture information. I believe this is what this website is for, DEDICATED TO THE PEOPLE!

    5. But try read at what the author's have emphasized in his/her post. He even used the "disclaimer part" to paint negative picture of Organogold business as "not a viable business"...

      "Income Disclosure: We estimate that, in Canada, the average plan participant
      will earn between $200.00 and $300.00 per year.

      Does $200 -$300 per year income still looks attractive to you? Well, this is the reality! The chances of you being successful and earn tens of thousands of dollars is only 2%, about 1 in every 48 people. This is worst than betting all you got on one of 38 numbers in an American Roulette casino game. "


      Sagot ka ng sagot, hindi mo naman iniintindi kung ano ang sinasabi ko dito.

    6. That is his opinion, what we have to do is decide if it is a lie? or does he have a point? for me he is just using his common sense and he is just stating the fact.
      this are his/her points.
      1. $200-$300 a year average income is not attractive.
      2. 2% chance is equal to 1 in every 48 shots and is not a very good probability to bet on.

      now based on these points, is the author just simply telling the truth or not?

      Now if you think these points are pointless then prove it wrong show your points,

      this is what this blog is for, presenting your own views, agree or disagree. let the people have a choice, a second opinion, and decide which one to believe.

  3. Nag research ako ng organo gold, ang daming kabalbalan nakita ko. mga negro from USA pala may pakana nito. dapat mag ingat tayo dumating to sa Pilipinas, ang daming reclamo. hide ko to gawa gawa lang. kahit ang ilagay mo lang so search bar sa google "organo gold" tapos basahin mo lahat ng website sa first page, ang daming reclamo, lawsuits at anu kung anu anu pang scam ng organo gold.

    hinde ako naninira, sinabi ko lang kasi yun nakita ko, kung sa tingin nyo sinungaling ako suggest ko po, subukan nyo mag research. :)

    1. I tried searching "Organo Gold" in Google, and it's true, there are websites listed in there (2 out of 10 in the list) that are saying things against Organo Gold. If you try check out what those websites are really saying, and if you are personally know everything about Organo Gold, you will just smile at those allegations. :)

    2. Im sure may dahilan yun kung bakit may lumalabas yung mga yun. if there is a smoke there is a fire. kailangan pa rin mag ingat sa organo gold.

    3. Try look closer anong klaseng content meron ang mga websites na yun. More than half of those websites listed high in Google with keywords "Organo Gold Scam" are not actually saying Organo Gold is scam. They are actually defending OG. They just used the keywords "Organo Gold Scam" because they know a lot of people researching Organo Gold when they use Google, they will type in "Organo Gold SCam" words on the search bar. So, since maraming nagse-search sa Google using those keywords, kapag ginamit mo ang keywords na yun sa site mo or sa blog mo, chances are mapapansin ka ng Google at ilalagay ka rin nila sa top search results nila. See? Meron silang goal kaya nila ginagawa yun. Can't believe this comment of mine, try mo ikaw mismo galugarin mo ang Google at basahin mo isa isa ang mga content ng mga websites nila and you will see that what I am saying here is true.

    4. Masasabi mo ba na walang kahit isang point ang mga sinasabi ng blogger nito? anung points yun at why?

    5. bakit Mr. Magtibay isa ka ba sa mga executives at alam mo talaga ang history ng company?... or isa kalang din sa mga nauto ng companyang ito ? .. Hay naku mga tao nga naman .. pag pera na pinaguusapan ang dali dalingg mauto..

    6. low life ng jimms mo bruh.natikman ko na.saka blogger ka ,hindi ka marunong magsearch duh..googable ang info.

  4. kung sino man ang gumawa nitong site nato.

    wag mo e compare ang JIMM'S coffee sa ORGANOGOLD coffee.

    hindi sila magka level lokal ang JIMM'S kaya expect mo hindi ganun ka QUALITY.
    unlike ORGANOGOLD imported kaya expect mo na BEST QUALITY PRODUCTS.

    1. syempre sbihin nyo yan para maka recruit kayo.
      ang problema totoo ba yan? toinkzz... haha..

    2. gusto mo ba malaman na totoo ba?

      e di subukan mo product namin sa ORGANOGOLD,para malaman mo kung totoo ba o hindi.the best experience is to TRY...

      punta ka sa office namin or magkita tayo,para ibigay ko sayo yong product namin sa ORGANOGOLD.

      O ano DEAL??? CHALLENGE kita...

    3. what do you mean by quality? tastier? healthier? or both?

      taste can be subjective and can vary from person to person,
      maybe a taste contest by people can determine that.
      health content can be be compared using laboratory results.

      And for God sake! Just because Jimms coffee is local we should NEVER expect it to have inferior quality. That is clearly an ignorant stupid statement. It is only a sales pitch of a snake oil salesman, A SCAMMER!!!

      Get the proper facts!! stop the lies and deception!!
      jimms coffee has already proven itself here and clearly captures the taste of most Filipinos.

      In what grounds can you say Organo Gold has Higher Quality than Jimms Coffee?

      has there been a taste contest between the two? do you have any laboratory results comparing the two?

      If your answer is no, then you are just what ive just said. A SCAM ARTIST!!

    4. Nagawa na ng organo yan person to person na taste yun nga lang starbucks katapat namin hindi JIMMS
      Sorry I'm not a salesman,I'm a CLOSER BUSINESSMAN

      We are not looking to market in the phil only,but globaly.we are proven worldwide we capture the taste in every person,not unlike JIMMS only here in the phil.

      KOSHER aprove ang products ng ORGANOGOLD. Malamang hindi mo kilala ang KOSHER,kasi pang lokal ka lang.

      Gusto mo e contest natin ORGANOGOLD COFFEE vs. JIMMS COFFEE payag ako jan.
      kaso lang hindi namin ka level ang JIMMS ka level namin STARBUCKS.

    5. Bwahahaha...

      Starbucks daw ka level???


      Sa tingin mo sino dito ang pagkakatiwalaan ka?

    6. challenge kita ORGANOGOLD COFFEE vs. JIMM'S COFFEE

      PASARAPAN ng LASA at kung sino ang mas HEALTY COffee

      pang pinas lang yang JIMM'S !!! unlike ORGANOGOLD pang


    7. Tama yung sabi ng na sa taas mo, Do you have lab results to prove organo gold is healthier? Just because you say so its the truth. Im sorry but you can not easily fool anybody nowadays.

    8. why criticize OG??if para sayo mas masarap JIMM's..gusto mo lang kasi ata magka topic ang blog mo OG pa ang sisiraan.bakit may yumaman na ba sa jimms FYI hindi kami mukhang pera .mukhang pangarap kami.. at huwag kang painosente kasi i know nagtatrabaho karin para magkapera.

  5. Organo Gold is it the next big MLM winner or failure that is what we are going to tackle with this review. MLM is a concept that has been so challenging to make clear because it has been misunderstood not only once but numerous times. So, to get instantly to the point, what does the term MLM really refer to? Factually speaking, MLM or Multi Level Marketing is one of the major methods used by a company to sell as well as distribute a manufactured goods or service to a consumer. It has been termed by many as the wave-of-the Eighties. It has been considered as a answer for many along with regards to their financial livelihood. Accordingly, it became and created a rapid noise to the the people. But with the actuality that there are so several companies via this method of marketing, which one might be the best one for an individual to join up in?Organo Gold is a network marketing company that distributes a powerful coffee blend. The business started their pre-launch less than a year ago. It was opened up for business on September 2008. The merchandise, coffee blend, is commended by the company to feature a mushroom that promotes safe health and well being. The capacity behind Organo Gold’s healthy coffee is Ganoderma. This Ganoderma has a great history and has been labeled as “The King of Herbs”. This herb is known to give benefits like – building an individual’s immune system, oxygenating the body, boosting staying power and providing the body with natural antioxidants.
    Like all any other MLM companies, Organo Gold, has its identifiable compensation plan. It has designed 7 ways to allows its members to be paid. The various ways to earn on this company are – retail profit (paid every day for personal sales & weekly for internet sales – rapid Cash), fast start bonus (paid on a weekly basis, as a sponsor you will earn a fast track bonus of , or per pack), Dual group Bonus (paid weekly – fast and long term cash), Uni level Bonus (paid monthly – promotes strong team development), generational bonus (paid monthly – promotes building relationship) and worldwide bonus pool (paid quarterly – grow with the company).

    With the fact that Organo Gold Company has recognized its name for reaching sales of 1 million dollar per month and having a distinctive product which is measured to be the second largest targeted commodity next to oil and second only to water in consumed beverages, it is no question to facilitate this could really perhaps help an individual to succeed and accomplish ones portion of existing. It is also a crystal clear truth that a company only assists an individual by bringing a good product and providing a compensation plan to compensate you nevertheless to have success means that it still depends on the individual. It depends on you! You’re marketing tactic and knowledge is the number one tool that you can use to be successful. You exhibit to have the right set of skills and techniques to be able to market the product of whatever company you are planning to engage in. After all, this is a marketing industry, which method that a fine recognized marketing strategy is what it entirely takes. With that you can then market Organo Gold or any company you choose to be involved with and you’ll be chased due to the reality you possess the marketing skills to truly be triumphant.

    1. Yes indeed.. We know we love coffee and ganoderma is good for us.

      BUY JIMMS COFFEE.. hahaha..

      it is way much cheaper and even have more miracle herbs than the Overpriced MLM product organo gold coffee..

    2. hahahaha jimms coffee daw???

      pang LOKAL lang talaga taste mo!!!

      di katulad ko,pang HOLLYWOOD!!! ORGANOGOLD COFFEE THE BEST


      alangan naman jimms best coffee in the world,eh dito lang yan sa pinas kilala. hahahahahaha

    3. Best coffee in the world??? Bwahaha..

      Mahiya man lang kayo sa starbucks!! Tingnan natin kung mas bibilhin ba ng tao yang overpriced coffee nyo! haha..

      Puro kayo claims wala nmang laman! Wala nga kayong lab results para masabi nyo better ang organo gold sa jimms coffee.
      For your info mga tao ngayon hinde na bobo gaya ng inakala nyo, hinde yan sila maniniwala sa sinasabi mo lang. dapat may ebidensya. Halimbawa ako, sasabihin ko, Organo Tae Coffee, the best coffee in the world! may maniniwala?? yan mismo ang ginawa mo! ahaha...

      Puro kayo claims halata namang kasinungalingan. NAKAKAHIYA KAYO!! bwahahaha..

    4. hamunin kita!!!

      LABORATORY TEST ntin ORGANOGOLD at jimms para malaman natin kung sino talaga mas HEALTHY COFFEE...

      San gusto mo? sa BFAD o private laboratory test?

    5. before printing the labels sa product dumaan na yan sa Lab, bsahin nlang kaya yun tapos I compare kung sino mas maraming laman.

    6. takot ka pala eh! chalenge kita in front of camera ABS CBN GMA

      TV5 LABORATORY test natin,ng magka alaman na.wala ka palang binatbat eh,puro ka lng coment wala sa GAWA!!!

    7. Sa tingin ko yan dapat gawin ng Organo Gold, mag pa taste contest sila sa public then mag pa laboratory test sila in public then i televise nila. yun lang yata paniniwalaan ng mga tao ngayun.. hinde puro claims at paid testimonials lang.

  6. PYRAMIDS ARE SCAMS! That’s right, if you go to Egypt you’ll get scammed! If you’ve ever taken a geometry class, you’ve been scammed! Triangles are so shady! Listen, if you believe any business with a pyramid structure is a scam, then YOU ARE BEING SCAMMED RIGHT NOW!!! Your job is a scam (CEO at the top), your church, your household. EVERYTHING has a pyramid structure! Even The Good LORD is a pyramid! So stop it with the scam nonsense and come get your money!!! lol I CAN HELP YOU MAKE REAL 100% LEGIT MONEY.

    1. Hoy bobo! ang tinutukoy dito pyramiding scheme! hide pyramid structure! sa sinabi mong yan nagmumukha kang tanga! sino maniniwala sa inyo nyan? panu ka maka recruit nyan? haha..

    2. HOY TANGA!!! palibhasa kasi ang baba ng I.Q. mo,kaya di mo na intindihan ibig nya sabihin.

      na intindihan ko sya,sang ayon ako jan...

      Punta ka sa EGYPT at maghanap ka ng MUMMY!!! yun wlang scam!!!

      TANGA mo kasi!!!

  7. Let the negative comments come in. The more negative publicity OG gets, the more interest it generates. Some will believe, some won't. Kung ayaw mo, huwag mo. We love rejection. The more we get rejected, the closer we are to the realization of our dreams.

    Walang bagay ng mabuti sa mundo. Bakit? Kasi kahit na anghel ka pa, meron at meron hunghang diyan na magsasabi na malademonyo ang mga ginagawa mo.

    Criticize OG, its products, its compensation plan, its management team and its distributors all you want. It won't stop us from doing this business. Because just like being a Filipino, even though you know how difficult it is to live in our country with all the crime, corruption and political circus, you are proud of your own blood.

    1. So you mean you are encouraging people to be Devils because its not a perfect world anyway???

      Is that what you get out of networking? No wonder why they have such a bad reputation. Its because of the doings of people like you.

      In business you dont succeed with more rejection, you have to learn why you got rejected and tweak you ways so that people will like you and invest their money with you. Your ideals are all delusions, its nothing but dreams and will remain as such.

      OG is nothing like Filipinos, its an overpriced coffee distributed via a dodgy system imported to the Philippines by black Americans. Unfortunately, there are always ignorant greedy people like you who are stupid enough to believe those suckers!

    2. ako po ay isang member ng OG sa ganitong pag kakataon hindi po scam ang OG at marami din po akong na encounter na mga negative sa OG at maraming sumisira sa ganitong company.. WE ARE LEGIT.(peace) sa ganitong bagay wag na po natin pag awayan pa.. laboratory tested po kami at ng BFAD.. hindi ko po kinukumpara yung ibang coffee ang OG po ay healhty coffee but not actually healthier coffee why? kasi po inaapreciate din po namen ang ibang coffee like JIMMS at iba pang healthy coffee ganoderma man or iba pang healthy sa coffee ang purpose lang po is makuha ng mga member gusto nila sa buhay sa pamamagitan po ng negosyo na to.. sa totoo lang maraming networking na marami din kasiraan lahat naman po.. kahit sa traditional business meron din kasiraan.. ang sakin lang po.. opinyon man yan or paninira wag ng pagtalunan ok maraming nag sabi na SCAM, manloloko hindi kapakipaniwala...

      BUT sa mga member ng ORGANO GOLD.. hindi na to bibigyan pansin dahil sa ibang company ganon din.. like gano itouch sisirain kami bout this pero hindi naman kami pinapakaen(sorry sa word) at pinapasweldo rumisulta na ako sa organo gold at malaki na ang kita ko at mga downlines ko at mga spill over ko at may coffee hub ng organo gold dito sa lucena city
      ang sakin po.. may kanya kayna po tayong business mag focus nalang po tayo sa kung anong meron tayo.. sa black american na madaming nag reklamo sila po yung mga hindi kumilos nag expect ng malaki but hindi ng tyaga sa negosyo at quit kaya po ganon ang mga sinasabi sa ORGANO GOLD tama n po ok na po ang lahat GOLD MORNING!! AND GODBLESS

  8. haha! Unang una, Network Marketing is already a course sa International Universities at sobrang mahal ng tuition fee.
    Network Marketing is also being perfected by our Universities here in the Philippines.
    there is also no to very little difference when you say Networking and Franchising. Same lang ang system nila if you just educate yourself. in fact, ang tawag nga sa Networking ay "Micro Franchising"..
    Even successful people today (kiyosaki, Trump, Maxwell, Tracy, etc)already realize the beauty of Network Marketing and even write books about their experiences and how much they reccomend them to the public.
    sobrang dami na ang nagkakaresulta, gumaganda ang lifestyle, mas nakakatulong sa ibang tao nang dahil sa Network Marketing, so i dont really know bakit natin nasasabing Networking is "not working". 15 years ago pag nagdududa ang isang tao sa Networking, normal yan. pero sa panahon natin, its already too obvious. parang eraser na nakita mo na nagbura ng ink sa whiteboard marker yet pag dududahan mo parin kung eraser nga ba talaga yun.. lol
    Networking is totally different from a pyramiding scam. Look at Amway, >50 years na sila and they are a networking company. Gnld, ForeverLiving, etc. pero hindi natin masabing scam sila right?
    sad thing is, when networking was rising, so did pyramiding scams. nainterpret ng mga tao na iisa sila, infact they are two different things..
    way i see it, ang Pyramiding Scam, more of Recruitment. recruit lang ng recruit. walang products. walang legalities. double your money etc. the good thing i saw with Organo Gold, pag inaral mo ang business plan nila (sana aralin muna bago mag comment) ay they focus more on product movement. repeat orders. bonus lang ung binary nila. more on products talaga.

    Jimms Coffee is good, mura, masarap yes. kung gsto mo lang maginc customer and enjoy a good coffe experience, edi uminom ka ng Jimms. hehe no problem..
    but if you are looking to earn and invest into a simple,back boned, international,legitimate business na may certified quality products naman, then I bet OrganoGold is a good business for you. =)

    1. Network Marketing is a legitimate business but I do not think it will become a revolutionary model of business.

      Marami ng yumaman? talaga? gaano karami? mas marami ba sa hinde yumaman at na fail? hehe..

      take note, only 3% are successful in MLM/Network Marketing. That is not something MLM can be proud of. That is one of the lowest compared to other business models.

      The point I want to raise here is that where does Organo Gold fall under? Is it a legitimate MLM or is it pyramiding? I do not have the capacity to decide on that however, DSAP has provided us the 8 point rule to follow. If a MLM company fail even just one rule it is considered a pyramiding scheme.

      Now, with Organo Gold I believe they have an issue on two of the 8 point rule.

      first is with the fair market value. The rule says the product must have a fair price. With OG they are overpriced compared to most of the similar products.

      second issue is with the rule that says people must have a compelling reason to buy the product.
      If I am to be asked why would I want to buy an overpriced coffee? why would I buy OG when there are much better products with much lower price?

    2. In response to your comment "With OG they are overpriced compared to most of the similar products"...

      ... Can you find products that are similar to OG's coffee? There's one. DXN's Lingzhi Coffee 3in1. Coffee + creamer + sugar + Ganoderma mushroom. That's the only coffee brand that I found to be identical with OG's Gourmet Cafe Latte.

      Then how much is DXN's coffee priced?

      DXN is at P24.00 per sachet SRP. And mind you, the DXN company is a member of Direct Selling Association of the Philippines!

      And how much OG's coffee priced?

      OG's Gourmet Cafe Latte is only P20 per sachet SRP.

      And do you know what Gourmet word means?

      It means "food of high quality in taste". Then why OG's coffee called "Gourmet Coffee"?

      It's because OG's coffee is made up of Robusta Coffee beans, the highest in quality when it comes to coffee beans. And that's also the reason why Americans, Canadians, and Europeans fell in love with OG's coffee!

      Now that you already know the quality of our coffee, and not to include it is an "imported coffee" (it is commonly understood that imported coffees are priced higher than local coffee), so can you still say our coffee is overpriced?

      Last, when you say that you don't have compelling reason to buy OG's coffee, well, that's you. Others have.

      So, would you mind thinking thoroughly first before bad-mouthing OG and other legitimate network marketing opportunities?

    3. Is that the price a non member pays or the distributors price?

      Regarding compelling reason to buy, I will not give my own verdict. As you said it differs from person to person..

      Just think of this scenario.

      If you were an ordinary consumer (not a member of OG) doing your groceries and you need to buy coffee, you encountered two coffee products..

      OG a higher priced coffee and Jimms coffee a more reasonably priced product. you also find that jimms has more on it (7 in 1) compared to OG..

      which one would you buy??

      which one do you think the "MAJORITY" buys??

      That for me is what the "Compelling Reason" to buy means..

    4. cge bumili ka ng bumili ng jimms coffee for 1 year,ask ko lang sau.


      not unlike ORGANOGOLD,the coffee that PAYS...

    5. Coffee that pays?? eh mga consumers pa nga nagbabayad ng mahal eh, dagdag mo pa joining fee jan sa networking ng organo gold.

      pag nag bayad ka ba at suamali sa networking na ito sigurado ka ba na yayaman ka in one year??


    6. yes YAYAMAN KA kung e work out mo,never giv up attitude klangan.

      wla png 1 year kumita nko 300k per month,until now consistent.

    7. weehh.. turo lang ng upline mo na mag sinungaling ka na kumikita ka ng 300k per month para marami kayo ma enganyo.. haha.. bulok na style yan..

    8. 300k per month UL0l...

  9. Organo Gold CEO Bernie Chua had the brilliant idea to put the Ganoderma herb in delicious coffee.
    Organo Gold

    1. What is so impressive with that? you are just spamming here with your facebook page link.

    2. basta ako i love organogold products,mahal man yan o mura.period....

    3. weehhh... member ka lang ng networking eh..





    1. SO??? may na bago ba? haha..

      "Scam" pa rin ang OG..


  12. OrGano Gold marketing secrets and how to market your OrGano Gold business.
    Organo Gold

  13. OG has the patented method of preperation of their 100% certified organic Ganoderman Lucidum and has 51% share-holder of the largest Ganoderma Lucidum 100% certified Organic in the world. All other Ganoderma-based coffee company does not have the 100% organic certification. Do your research. All other Ganoderma-based coffee are equivalent to only 15% of the effects of the 100% organic mushroom. (Ganoderma lab farms), as they call it, plastic Ganoderma. (15% effective), they make the Ganoderma weaker or lose the power of making you feel better!. (maybe that's why other companies are adding other herbs in their coffee)

    Also, Organo Gold has an exclusive and strategic collaboration with the Napoleon Hill's Foundation.

    Also, in Canada, OG hands out T4a (if you make more than 600$ per year).

    No it's not over-priced. Actually, we can almost say the coffee is free. You only pay for the Ganoderma Lucidum 100% certified organic.

    Also, OG has over 25 certifications in 36 countries....

    OG is on its way to be the most admired company in the world.

    OG is considered to be the great economy regulator of all time! It's easy, it's simple, it's coffee!

    Take care everyone!
    Hmmm...sipping a bottom-of-cup licking good Organo Gold coffee! :)

  14. gusto ko sumali sa OG. i checked it already and i'm pretty sure it's not a scam. How can i join sir?

  15. anyone na interesado at gusto magjoin text me use the product then lagyan ko na lang ng downline 09279582073

  16. Please don't touch the stuff. I took a chance, based on the word of a friend who was 'in the know' - after just 2 coffees and 1 green tea, I had such a reaction that if I were not medically trained I could have died. My daughter had just one of the coffees (supposedly a 'health' coffee that is meant to be okay in pregnancy) and she was rushed to hospital - it brought on, in a previously vitally healthy female, symptoms similar to pre-eclampsia. I have been, after originally running for up to 10kms a day, barely able to walk a few hundred metres any more. Embarrassingly that is shocking for a health professional who teaches nutrition and healthy lifestyle! They have told me I am the first person in 5 years to report such a reaction but similar stories are all over the 'net. So far, in my own network who all joined the week I did, there have been 6 reactions ranging from palpitations to collapse needing hospitalisation (symptoms similar to a severe asthma attack in someone who was not asthmatic). Steer clear of it - the 'coffee' tastes like sour stew and floor sweepings and the company will have you running round and round in circles trying to simply get the poison taken back to them! This all happened in early June and yesterday (July 26) they finally organised a courier to collect, after suggesting I pay to have it sent back and they would pay me back for any unopened boxes - yet they advise you straight away to open all your boxes and hand out samples to get orders! Besides about 1/4 of my initial 'kit' was not even in the box. If anyone else here knows of anyone who has had a bad reaction to this rubbish please follow up by emailing me at or check with facebook - we are setting up a page we initially had to share the 'good' news haha. A friend set it up and is hopefully changing it today.. - we want to get as many numbers as possible as it looks like they just ignore the fact they are making people sick (and broke) - it's cost my daughter and I around 6 weeks' income so far...

  17. ano pong masasabi nyo sa last post na yan? is it true na may ganyang bad reaction sa health?

  18. Nakakatawa naman attitude ng author ng blog na ito, kinukutya nya yun 9 levels deep na unilevel compensation plan ng Organo, too lucrative daw, saan daw manggagaling ang ibinabayad na lucrative commissions kundi sa expensive products? And then bandang huli, kinukutya naman nya yun income disclaimer, masyado daw maliit? Ano ba itong tao na 'to, sala sa lamig sala sa init!

    1. I dont know about you but the point is very clear to me.
      Too lucrative "IF" they get people in buying the overpriced product.. That is just an "IF".. The dream...

      The second point is the reality, what really is happening. How much of the "IF" those sellers promised came true.. Very sadly with all their hard work, they only got around $250 sales on average.

  19. kahit ano pa sabihin nila. basta tayong nasa organo gold ay kumikita at natutulongan ang health natin. dahil tayo mismo ay gumagamit nito. sino ngayon ang losser? tayong may pera o sila na ngawa lang ng ngawa. sinong talunan? tayong nakasakay sa montero na libre natin nakuha sa OG o sila na naglalakad lang sa kalye. ha. ha. ha.

  20. Nakita ko ang marketing sa organo gold..nandito ako sa canada ngayun at gusto kung sumali sa organo gold...can anyone help me here? my email add Thanks...

  21. im barista i know very well about coffee. robusta coffee has more caffeine than arabica coffee beans. the best coffee in the world is arabica though its still good to blend it with robusta.

  22. Lahat naman ng MLM e maraming kumokontra, mostly e mga kakumpitensya rin ng mga products, hindi lang nila sinasabi kung sino sila. Kasi kung talagang may ebidensya ang mga Anti MLM (sa products) e maraming program sa TV para isumbong, kung sabihin nila na "hawak din nila"..e hindi naman siguro lahat ng media programs e hawak ng OG. Mas mabuti pa nga dun para malaman o mabulgar yung mga sinasabi ninyong mga Anti na Scammers ang OG, pero kung dakdak lang kio ng dakdak kumbaga, comment lang ng comment wala ring mangyayari, show your evidence in public para magkaalaman kung sino talaga ang may mali. Walang attorney dito na na magtatanggol kung sino ang tama.

    Sa mga anti OG, sino ang may utak, sino ang magsusumbong para mailalantad ang katotohanan, kiong Anti lang ang makakagawa niyan, wala ng iba. Kung hindi niyo kaya, hanggang sa sama ng loob nalang kio, magka-bubbles pa yang bunganga niyo sa kasasalita sa upuan habang nagco-comments.

    C'mon mga Anti OG, show your evidence, napakaraming TV programs, kung talagang totoo bintang niyo sa kanila, then prove it. Pero kung meron, xempre BISTADO sila at magkakaroon ng liwanag sa madilim na utak

  23. I was not a coffee drinker because of the palpitations I get: Nescafe, Great Taste, Kopiko.
    I used wear correction eyeglasses / graded contact lens everyday.
    My mom has osteoarthritis and her knees swell despite the fact that she's following her doctor-prescribed medications.
    it came to a point as well that the simple task of walking was already a nightmare to her.
    knowing her condition, a friend of hers recommended that she try one of their supplements: OG SPORE. Out of desperation, she tried. after a month, her knees got better - and she finally could walk without "ouch".
    I also tried drinking their coffee, as she claims that her eyesight got better. Actually, she rarely uses her eyeglasses nowadays. so i gave the their coffee a try.

    I got NO Palpitations and now, i can last a day without wearing my eyeglasses or contact lenses.

    And so I was convinced.
    OG is not a scam.

    As for the allergies encountered by the others. I think it is not impossible.
    Some people can die out of eating PEANUTS!!!!

    same with ganoderma perhaps. we are all responsible in finding out what's good for our body and what's not.

    On the business side of OG, it is NOT in anyway, can be identified as a pyramiding scam - because you can earn WITHOUT recruiting anyone. :)

  24. Please BEWARE of SCAM FRAUD by Economic Frauds Detection & Prevention Inc.

    Economic Frauds Scam -

    Around May 23, this year my office received a call from a representative (he refused to mention his name) from Economic Frauds Detection & Prevention Inc. telling us that someone had filed a damaging complaint against our company, although he would give no further details, and we have no knowledge of any such complaint. During the conversation, he suggested that we should make a payment of $650 and in return that they will not make the complaint public as it would damage our reputation. We told him that we would think about it, because it is a corporate matter, and we don't have the discretion to make payments for reasons like this without approval from our bosses. Up until this week, they have been calling us about it continuously. They even threatened to make our company famous with the information that they have by exaggerating the complaint and posting it publicly on their site and all over the internet. They even gave us their site name, which is, and asked us to check for ourselves what had happened to other companies that refused to settle with them in the past.

  25. Please BEWARE of SCAM FRAUD by Economic Frauds Detection & Prevention Inc.

    Economic Frauds Scam -

    Around May 23, this year my office received a call from a representative (he refused to mention his name) from Economic Frauds Detection & Prevention Inc. telling us that someone had filed a damaging complaint against our company, although he would give no further details, and we have no knowledge of any such complaint. During the conversation, he suggested that we should make a payment of $650 and in return that they will not make the complaint public as it would damage our reputation. We told him that we would think about it, because it is a corporate matter, and we don't have the discretion to make payments for reasons like this without approval from our bosses. Up until this week, they have been calling us about it continuously. They even threatened to make our company famous with the information that they have by exaggerating the complaint and posting it publicly on their site and all over the internet. They even gave us their site name, which is, and asked us to check for ourselves what had happened to other companies that refused to settle with them in the past.

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  27. Rather than getting involved with this kind of business or scam why not settle a legit job for the meantime?
    BPO is booming and salary packages are competitive. Yes I'm talking about the call center industry. If you don't have any idea yet here is a good start for a little research.

  28. Rather than getting involved with this kind of business or scam why not settle a legit job for the meantime?
    BPO is booming and salary packages are competitive. Yes I'm talking about the call center industry. If you don't have any idea yet here is a good start for a little research.



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