Saturday, 1 September 2012

Grace Adele, Scentsy Family Scam or Not?

grace adele scam or not
grace adele scam or not
 My cousin from the U.S. asked me some opinion about the fastest growing MLM in USA called Grace Adele since she knew I write about MLM/ networking schemes.I haven't heard of it so I googled it. I end up in a women's fashion website selling bags, clutches and accessories. Its kinda hard to see where is the networking element and I almost decided to stay away from thinking I might end up horribly writing about women's fashion. lol,
After searching the whole site and did a few research. I found they are affiliated with Scentsy Family which distributes their product via direct selling. True enough Grace Adele is distributed that way. To be come a Grace Adele distributor the fee is $199. They call it Consultants instead of distributors. Consultants then sell their products by hosting parties, open houses, fairs and shows, fundraisers or through a personal websites. Possibly even ebay.
I can compare it like the successful networking company AVON that is product focus and less on recruitment. However, like any networking company you need to recruit enthusiastic people to build the business.
I can not find out what the compensation plan is as you need to discuss it with a consultant and its not possible for me.
I have little knowledge of this so every bit you can share is valuable

For my cousin, I need you r advice people.. what do you think of this?

Is Grace Adele, Scentsy Family Scam or Not?


  1. This is definitely not a scam and is far compared to other MLM or networking companies out there... You are right to equate this with AVON, they both have a market on women and they are famous for their unique products.. This should be most appropriately called a Direct Selling company because they are product committed and the main objective is selling products..

    1. I agree that Grace Adele should be properly called a direct selling company than MLM or Networking company. When people hear about them they think of women's bags and clutches. recruiting someone is never emphasized in this company. Its more on their products and selling them.

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