Sunday, 2 September 2012, Herbalife, Awise Scam or Not?

herbalife scam or not
herbalife scam or not

Herbalife has a big name in MLM companies and is one of the biggest and oldest.
 However, It has many critics due to its product claims and even law suites from its products link to liver problems. In addition to that it uses MLM model of distribution which is highly unpopular. Its main office is in California USA and its products are on weight management, nutritional supplement and personal care. The efficacy of herbalife products on weight loss can be seen on

Here in the Philippines I suspect it is hiding its name using this url The website does not work without the /username. It ensures you have to be under somebody of their members. Three of those I found are abbot (, solutions ( and
alpha ( When you register through this urls you will be abbot's, solutions's or alpha's downline. In this website you only have an intro video about work from home not disclosing the company behind and a form to fill up your personal details. I registered just to try and find out, after registration they sent me a link to my email it was another video about wellness industry still not mentioning the company behind. All you can do now is wait for a text to an appointment to this
Awise 2nd floor, Villa bldg, Jupiter St. Makati ave, Makati City.

 Although herbalife is subject to many criticisms they have been around since 1980 and is registered in NYSE.

But why do they have, Awise as a cover? If they are a good company why do they need such deceptive tactics?

 What do you think?

 Is, Awise, Herbalife Scam or Not?


  1. nangyari na din sa akin to pinag mukha nilang parang ordinary na trabaho networking pla.. sinasayang lang nila oras ko..

  2. I saw that from in sulit advertisement, so is it really herbalife? from the description in the ad post it looks like its not a networking company

    1. looks like its not but it is. if you want try it then go for it. but remember, we already warned you

  3. haha grabe to. a word of advice.. advice lang ito, aralin mo kasi. ang determining factor, kung yung product worth your money. naka gamit ka na ba ng sabon na 150 pesos lang pero 2 months tumatagal? makakita ka niyan sa isang totoong MLM. Pero dahil nga sa tingin ko, talagang ganun talaga, its up to you. let the rich be rich. bayaran ng fix salary ang mga employees kahit lumalaki ang income ng company. Just so you know, employees use soaps too. 30 days full money back guarantee sa product. wag lang ubos ang condition kahit gamit na. kahit ubusin mo sa pagrecruit ang mga tao sa mundo, sa tingin ko hindi naman sila magagalit sayo, kahit ikaw lang magrecruit. Or pwede din naman na, wala na lang kitaan sa MLM. gamitin lang muna na MLM para mapromote ang product tapos kapag gusto na ng mga tao yung brand. alisin na yung marketing plan. tapos lahat ng percentages na "kailangan" iqualify naman e mapunta na lang sa may mga may-ari. bumili na lang ng mga stores. 1 time investment lang naman, tapos maghire ng bantay minimum lang naman din. tapos lahat ng remaining profit sa boss ulit. you know 60% profit na patong ng MLM companies na nalalakihan ka? na linalagay sa marketing plan? over price? actually maliit ang 60% , alam mo ba na majority ng commercial brands soaps use SLS or sodium lauryl sulfate sa mga sabon nila na napakamura lang talaga na ingredient and is proven na hindi maganda. pwede mo isearch lahat ng sinabi ko. tapos iblog mo ulit pero wag mo burahin ito. most soaps nauubos na yan 1 week pa lang, it costs around 30-35 pesos.

  4. It’s about time that people know about the company so they can disregard the so called Herbalife scam. Every single network marketer that joins a particular marketing program has one of the following issues: not enough money to continue advertising various products, not enough cash, not enough leads, and so forth. Herbalife is different.

  5. Ang tindahan na nagbebenta ng jack&jill products hindi pwedeng sabihin na ang pangalan ng tindahan nila ay jack&jill's store, hindi sila employee ng jack&jill, distributor sila ng jack& jill so pwedeng Neneng's Sari sari store na lang...ganito kasi ang distributorship sa LEGAL na MLM!!!

    So ganun din, hindi pwede gamitin po nila HERBALIFE kasi hindi sila employee ng Herbalife, mga INDEPENDENT po siilang distributors...I checked, AWISE is a legal SEC registered corpo ng distributors ng Herbalife.

    Sabi ninyo Makati ang address nila. Hindi po pwede magtayo sa Makati ng illegal Ortigas po pwede kaya andun sila lahat. Mga pyramiding!!! Left and right, binary yan ang illegal.

    Bago po kayo manira, siguraduhin nyo lahat ng facts ninyo ay tama.

    May karma po kasi sa mundo...kamusta ba ang buhay ninyo ngayon?

    1. thank you for your opinion..

      kahit naman hinde jack and jill ang pangalan ng store, at least people know what they are buying. I don't believe herbalife prohibit independent stores/distributors to tell to their customers that they are selling herbalife products. I might be wrong but I think herbalife or anything that relates to networking was intentionally covered. Ive been to the process and experienced first hand how discrete they are. They want you to have an appointment with them and discuss it to you personally.

      Ang systemang ito personally for me is not right.
      Its a form of deception. you are wasting peoples time asking them to come not knowing what to expect.

      Im not against MLM but people have the right to know what they are going in to. I feel that those independent distributors should precisely disclose what they are offering so that only people who are interested in networking will attend and will not waste others time especially those who are not into it. I guess its all down to respect, Those who think networking is the answer, Go ahead and join. and for us who are not into it, please have respect and dont deceive us..

      those facts are from my own personal experience at napulot ko lamang sa internet in my research.. if its not true then sisihin nyo si wikipedia.. :)

      I dont have all the answers so thats why im asking the public what they think.. hinde po ako nanira or nambintang... basahin nyo po mabuti at malalaman nyo po na nanghihingi ako ng opinions at nag tatanung lamang.. tingnan nyo sa last part..

      I know may karma sa mundo kaya eto po ako,
      OK lang naman buhay ko.. Im an employee having honest salary and I do have investments that im earning rents from.. hinde po ako nanloloko at nang uto ng kapwa.. :)

  6. Huh Grabe medyo nalito po ako infanct na research po ako kc I'm looking for homebased job and I found a-wise nag fill up ako to join, search ng konti para malaman ko ang background ang company and whoalaaa I found this very interesting convo;) sino paniniwalaan ko? Need more time ;) we need peace on earth:)

  7. Buti na lang, di me nagpunta.

  8. This is not simply networking or MLM. This is a health opportunity (inner & outer nutrition for looking good and feeling healthy) and business opportunity as well especially for looking for part-time/full time jobs. You can see amazing results through before and after testimonials. Good and proper nutrition is AWISE's business through Herbalife. Many people's lives change because of losing weight (obese), gaining weight (underweight), and revitalizing cells (skin cells thus removing skin problems i.e. pimples, burns, excess fats etc.) and overall appearance of the body). Leads to your business as becoming distributor can also be manifested in community service through Weight Loss Challenge, Nutrition Clubs that save and improve lives. Feel good, look good with Herbalife. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists can attest too because they themselves are Herbalife distributors & supervisors. Come in to AWISE and see for yourself. Our health is wealth kaya why not diba?

  9. Not a scam. People who say this is a scam lacks understanding of the busines. Wait i am being too nice...ok, to put it out blantly, to be honest, people who say this is a scam are STUPID! There.

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