Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The OPN, Sitetalk unaico, iTel global group scam or not?

opn scam
opn scam

OPN Ltd got my attention as it gains popularity here in the Philippines. I visited their site  and read the articles in it. They first discussed about how web 2.0 and social marketing is important and trending nowadays. They also present themselves that they are into social media business. But not only that, what intrigues me is that they are also an MLM company. Although they do not directly used the term MLM or Networking they made mention of business opportunity and direct selling. I researched more about this and I found out they are linked to sitetalk unaico and iTel global group. These connections are heavily bombarded with negative attacks in the web. Some the sites I found are  and this blog discussed in details the companies and persons behind them. Also, I personally don't like that they compare themselves with facebook and attempts to surpass its success. They are nothing like facebook, they are a MLM company while facebook is a pure social media website that is a far more powerful tool than them for growing your business and is most importantly FREE.

While it is true that they are growing exponentially they are mostly targeting developing countries like Bangladesh and India. It makes me think they are avoiding established cyber laws from 1st world countries because they know they will break it. Another thing is I think that poor people in these developing countries are easy prey when the promise of easy money and get rich quick are the bait.

This article is purely my opinion and views if you wish to agree or disagree with me you are very welcome to comment below.. :)

 Is The OPN, Sitetalk unaico, iTel global group scam or not?


  1. Please BEWARE of SCAM FRAUD by Economic Frauds Detection & Prevention Inc.

    Economic Frauds Scam -

    Around May 23, this year my office received a call from a representative (he refused to mention his name) from Economic Frauds Detection & Prevention Inc. telling us that someone had filed a damaging complaint against our company, although he would give no further details, and we have no knowledge of any such complaint. During the conversation, he suggested that we should make a payment of $650 and in return that they will not make the complaint public as it would damage our reputation. We told him that we would think about it, because it is a corporate matter, and we don't have the discretion to make payments for reasons like this without approval from our bosses. Up until this week, they have been calling us about it continuously. They even threatened to make our company famous with the information that they have by exaggerating the complaint and posting it publicly on their site and all over the internet. They even gave us their site name, which is, and asked us to check for ourselves what had happened to other companies that refused to settle with them in the past.

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