Sunday, 2 September 2012

Text Cash Network, Scam or Not?

Text  Cash Network, Scam or Not?
Text  Cash Network, Scam or Not?

There is a new type of MLM utilizing text message advertising. They claim to be the likes of the multi million dollar company's Groupon and living social. You need to give up your phone number and agree to to receive 5 advertising text a day. In addition if you refer people get them to give up their phone numbers you earn from them. To register as a referral agent is free but there is an optional upgrade to become VIP member. Its main lucrative offer is that you go up in the pyramid until you reach the first upgraded member and become its downline leaving all free members below you. If those free members below you upgrade after you then they up until they will be directly under you and the same cycle goes on after.

Now my inquiry is that can they really deliver what they promised? Text Cash Network is a new company just launching, they operate in 142 different countries, it means 142 different markets and promised to deliver 5 text ads a day. Now lets compare it to the already established Billion dollar company Groupon. It operates in only 44 different countries and sends 1 offer per day. One offer a day is only what this big company's  pool of advertisers can support. How can a new company Text Cash Network Surpassing Groupon 5x over basing to what they promise to deliver?

I did sign up just to experience it first hand as it cost nothing anyway.. But I can not say anything yet as of now. For those who wants to try you need to sign up through a referral link so here use mine:

One note though, I only encourage you to sign up to try and experience it first hand so you may write a good comment on this post with your experience. I discourage you to upgrade or spend any money however I can not stop you from doing so. If you do I am not responsible and do it in your own risk.

People needs to know, will this be the next multi billion dollar company that will topple down Groupon?

Or is Text  Cash Network a big Scam?


  1. This company is associated with controversial figures: Phil Piccolo known by many as a serial MLM scammer and a one-man Internet crime wave, Data Network Affiliates (DNA)website have been associated with penny stocks scams and securities fraud,
    Joe Reid an associate of Piccolo who helped DNA was a Text Cash Network (TCN) speaker.

    Both DNA and TCN are on Ponzi scheme forums like MoneyMakerGroup

    Both the TCN site and the DNA site are using Alexa charts that provide viewers the same sort of fundamentally meaningless comparisons — while the sites accent the word “free.”

    be careful with this website they Text Cash Network is more likely a scam..

  2. Ive seen their site and it annoys me that they are comparing themselves with big companies.. it called brand leeching.. text cash network must be a scam

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