Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Betterware and Kleeneze UK, Scam or not?

kleeneze scam or not
kleeneze scam or not

betterware scam or not
betterware scam or not

I've received a facebook message from a friend residing in the UK. I've lived in England for around 3 years so I am familiar with betterware and kleeneze catalogue that sometimes come posted in  newspapers They sell almost anything; from household, beauty, garden, health to decorations. I didn't mind it and even bother opening it ever. I don't even have the idea they are a networking company. But in my friends place the situation is different. He receives these betterware and kleeneze catalogue everyday. My friend told me there must be 4 or 5 distributors in his neighborhood of each company. After these distributors dropped their betterware and kleeneze catalogue in his post they came back to check on him if he ordered something or just asked for their catalogue back so my friend will have keep all those redundant catalogue and wait if someone will pick them. In my case before I am always at work so I seldom encounter one of them but my friend is a computer programmer so he use to be working at home and have to deal with them almost everyday. This has become a headache for him. Another thing that he discovered is that their products are overpriced compared to similar products available at stores.

The question now here is why do these companies allow to have saturated distributors in one place? Do they really care about the members able to sell their products or they just want their membership fee? The products are over priced, now it is understood that the distributors must earn something but is it really the case? Or is it because those useless layers/levels above the distributors have their comissions as well?

Are Betterware and Kleeneze UK becoming a Scam or not?


  1. Lets not hate the distributors they are the victim here.. did you know why they have to get those catalogue back? because they are paying for it, its not free by the company.. its the company itself is the big scam

  2. with kleeneze you buy the books so they get there money,you walk around in all weathers & hope you get orders enough to cover the cost plus make a profit for yourself.when you stop you cannot return the books you cannot sell them.i was told to dump them so you are dumping money as you have bought them off is clever they get there money you hope you get yours.

  3. You are so right. I was a kleeneze distributer and I worked extremely hard, even building a team in the process and receiving a GOLD reward, but it doesn't end there, you still have to put in all the time God sends.

    When I decided to call it a day, mainly through shear exhaustion, they had the audacity to say that I owed them money.

    I have to tell you that I told them where to go and where to put their money.

    There is only one earner and that is the company, and I mean both Kleeneze and Betterware.

    Advice:- Either try to get a job or work for yourself, that way you will be sure of getting something for your troubles.

    1. I tried betterware but unprofessional & team leader on my back for lack of sales,if the customer does not buy I cannot sell I stopped with them. trying kleeneze now better company but you pay for starter kit and hope you get sales to cover it ,they get there money you hope you get yours.i will keep going for a while see if I can earn the amount they claim I can. or is it too good to be true.

    2. Those things are always too good to be true. It is always the company and the people at the top that make the money. They hook you in by showing you all the videos of rich people with big houses etc.


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